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After Twilight and company's (sort of) success with Discord, Celestia and Luna decide that it's time to reform another villain. But then something completely unexpected happens and Twilight now has a young amnesiac Sombra living in her castle.

A\N cover art by the wonderful Pixel Spark. Big shout out to her and her stories!

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Adorable story.

Sounds very similar to Past Sins...loosely based?


I LIKE IT! Take my rainbow words of appreciation

5642225 I'm afraid not. At least I don't think. I've never read Past Sins. Don't think I want to.

This chapter was very sweet.

Mother of Celestia, I need to cuddle this Sombra. So much.:rainbowkiss:

Nice story

This is really cute.

The chapter was very good.
slight thing that kinda came off a bit odd was Pinkie's conversation with cheerilee. I realize it was meant to be awkward, but it came off kind of dark. A small thing but the rest was quite enjoyable.

5855979 Right there with you but:rainbowkiss: ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

This chapter has the colt Sombra came off a bit Gary stuish fact not any other pony have yet question why he was name after a tyrant of Crystal Empire of fact he look like mini verson of him?

6233739 Well, the way I saw it, not many ponies knew about the Crystal Empire. In fact, its known that there wasn't any written material on the Empire (most likely due to actions taken by Celestia and Luna) before it returned. So since its a recent return, and the fact that this was a painful time in their lives, I don't believe knowledge on Sombra is very widespread. Including what he looked like. Also, I believe that the ponies that live in Ponyville are a very welcome folk in general plus he's kind of a colt. I don't think they're going to do anything to him.

5718344 I suggest to read it and make a comparison.

This chapter was very sweet and Sombra's past is interesting.


Love this can't wait for more :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Awwe this was so sweet!! Ferrets are awesome.

D'awwww.....is so cute! :rainbowkiss: love this story!

"I am not a mother." She grumbled at the farmer. "I'm only looking after him for a while."

Sorry Twilight, but that's what the Pinkie Sense says.

You're not willing to try going against the Pinkie Sense again, are you? :twilightoops:

Of course things conspire once more that Celestia, after doing the initial summoning of Sombra from beyond the grave, does nothing again while Twilight does everything :trollestia:

Man, you'd think they would at least come up with a name other than Sombra for him. Sure, somepony or other might inadvertently name their kid Sombra, not knowing of the tyrant of the same name, but considering Twilight actually fought him, that secret would come out pretty quick if anypony had half a brain and knowledge of the events in the Crystal Empire.

Rarity's comments about Twilight homeschooling Sombra as a possibility, I certainly expect her to come to that logical conclusion. Given Sombra's magical surge earlier in Canterlot, leaving him at a regular school simply wouldn't be feasible, especially with the likes of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon around.

I imagine Equestria doesn't have that much in the way of fiction. Cadance simply lacks any sort of genre savviness at all. I mean, I could tell all the way from Chapter 1 that Sombra was the guy who built the library :trixieshiftleft:

At least we get the general timeline of when this happens, basically right after Twilight's Kingdom.

I always think of colt Sombra as looking an awful lot like this


You'd think Twilight would realise Spike was trying to delay her for a party or something at the castle. After all, she did the same thing to Pinkie Pie in Party of One. And her failing to zone in on Sombra's going from barely speaking a word to speaking like an adult in a short time just means she's going to be surprised later, perhaps unpleasantly so.

Twilight her eyebrow a little.

probably meant to say she RAISED her eyebrow?

C'mon Twilight, after that ending you can't deny you're a mom anymore! :pinkiesmile:

Too much cuteness.

I imagine Mr. Cake will have a few choice words for Pinkie about surprising him while he's carrying cake around.

6434207 He may. Also thanks for your comments.

why is they no words in this chapter

What happened with chapter 7?

6435310 sorry sorry and sorry again. I was having complicated technical difficulties. I assure you that I will get the real chapter seven up as soon as I can. Again, sorry.

when are you going to update.

6608258 As soon as I can. Hopefully in the near future.

Don't really think there's guns in Equestria, so maybe Rainbow Dash should have a little bit different analogy than a bullet :rainbowwild:

When they were attempting to come up with names for the snowpony, I was honestly expecting Sombra to settle on Radiant Hope and have it trigger a memory of sort. Then again, his memories are coming back in more innocent ways, such as the one Crystal Pony game.

On that note, either Cadance is a slow reader, or Sombra didn't leave just one journal but a whole shelf full of journals. It's been what, a couple of weeks since Twilight adopted Sombra and Cadance still hasn't gotten through all of Sombra's journals?

6671114 Well, there are the responsibilities of running an empire that hasn't been around for a thousand years that cut into reading time.

Good to see Rainbow Dash not take responsibility for her actions

6712929 In your opinion, is that bad?

6741714 I'm going to have to reread the chapter, I cannot remember what happened

6742919 Sorry I didn't reply immediately. Also, I'm working on a Hearthswarming chapter and its going to be so cool! I hope you enjoy it.

6741714 After rereading, I guess it was because of how she casually dismissed Twilight

Also: I am enjoying this story, I just need to stop letting the little things get to me.

6742933 Glad you like it. I've plans for this story. World building sorts of plans.

The whole fourth wall segment early on in the story is really unnecessary.

Nice chapter, though it breaks pretty sharply from that Adventure tag and goes heavily slice-of-life. I don't think there's a real need to describe everybody's individual decorations they brought with them, and especially not the colour theme of their ornaments: that just feels like a superfluous detail.

6762376 It's a Hearthswarming chapter and I thought the fourth wall bit was pretty clever. I'm kinda proud of the dialogue I put in there. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.

Like I mentioned in the last chapter, describing everyone's gifts makes it a little bit wordy and lingers on it too long.

Good to see that the Equestria-equivalent of Santa actually exists. Not that that's surprising, given it's a magical land of harmony and pastel-coloured ponies :rainbowkiss:

6763431 I didn't know how gifts worked in the world and the Wind Giver is something I came up with.

The chapter was very nice. The transition into the fourth wall break could have been a bit smoother, but it was overall very nice. Looking forward to the next one.

I agree that he is dangerously close to Gary Stu. We shall see how that plays out.

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