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A Question · 7:20am Jun 9th, 2016

This blog post has been a long time coming, I think, but it's something I've refused to even consider for... too long, really.

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I'm a person.

I did horsewords a lot for a while, but I've since made some moves towards original fiction. Recently, however, I've decided to take up some of my old projects and try to give them proper conclusions. The biggest of these is Our Little Homeworld, a massive, complicated crossover epic which I've been working at on-and-off for the better part of either three or four years (I'm terrified to check). It's a bit silly, to be honest, but I can't say I'm not proud of it. Give it a read if you're a fellow Homeworld fan or just enjoy science-fiction-y romps. I can't say its perfect, but it's not bad. My other stuff is pretty good, too, though I should warn you I've put Postclassical on hiatus for the time being. Letters should get a conclusion sometime before 2016.

Barring a possible OLH sequel way down the line (I made a lot of plans, way back when) I don't have any intention of starting new ponyfic. Sorry, but as people who've touched my fics will no doubt have noticed, the themes I tend to aim at are a little heavy to mix with MLP, and there's a part of my mind that balks at discussing them in the context of colorful ponies. Not that other people can't/haven't done it well, but it's just not what works for me. If you're interested in what I've written outside of the ponysphere, PM me! I don't have much posted in public, but I'd be glad to share my own work, or just give you reading recommendations if you're starved for good stories.

I'm not the best person at the social-being, but I try my best to respond to comments and I'm not averse to conversation by any means. Criticism is welcome. I'm not perfect, and I like to think growing up with the internet has given me thick enough skin to bear the blizzard.

In any case, thank you for reading! Dream the dreams and stuff!

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Do you use Skype, by any chance? I think we'd enjoy IMing each other about random sciency nonsense.

1697330 Hahaha. xD I'm so sorry.

1697258 And now that mental image has been forever associated with the ion frigate.

Just... Kushan Ion frigates, whizzing around the battlefield, trailing fire.

With Kerbals haphazardly strapped to the sides. Laughing.

1697213 It just struck me as a silly ship one day. Like in Kerbal Space Program, when you take the largest engine, the smallest fuel tank, the smallest command pod, and build this downright stupid vehicle that propels the little Kerbal so fast he experiences reentry fire as he's leaving the atmosphere. It does one thing so well you almost don't care that it can't do anything else. xD

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