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Or hyperspace 30 collectors next to a mothership in multiplayer and kamikaze them.

Also, multi-bean frig is best pony. It's like a cute heavy cruiser! That does barrel rolls!

Moved our convo here. Cant be cluttering up my story. :facehoof:


So yah, psch, that's Homeworld two. HW one is where the OG OP is!

Amassing a fleet past the fleet size restrictions by salvaging all of the enemy ion frigates is hilarious.

1047347 Haha just thought I'd say hi! :yay:


Well that was random

hiigaran is best pony

Dammit, I want your avatar picture. Homeworld is one of my favorite games.


I don't wanna!

715262 get on your knees BITCH


Oh god, you're Mutton Bash in disguise?

We're all doomed!

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