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After the malfunction of an ancient transportation device, the Captain of a spacefaring warship finds himself alone on a planet full of unusual and impossible creatures. His curiosity eventually leads to the discovery of age-old mysteries, and perhaps age-old enemies...

...But what do they have to do with a few special objects on this planet?

Set in the universes of MLP and the Homeworld series, follow Captain Soban as he tries to reunite with his people and solve the once-thought-solved puzzle of the Progenitors, while keeping himself sane in a world that spits in the face of physics.

Chapters (18)
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I guess I'll start off with the generic "'tis my first fic"...Anywho...

Feel free to assault me with cake if it's shit. I don't mind. There are a few parts that I wasn't happy about, but what can I say? I tried to write it so that fans and non-fans alike can enjoy it. I will be dropping more references in future chapters as well, because lets face it...Homeworld!

And to Homeworld fans: You finally have what Sierra and Relic could never deliver...HW3 (oh yes, because THIS will end well...)! Anyway, I've stuck to most of HW2 canon, but let me know if something is incorrect.

Well there you have it! A HiE fic where the H does not stand for human!

You get a favorite just on the premise alone. I'll give this a read later.

You are toying with my childhood here... Be weary of how you go about this...:trixieshiftleft:

Having played through Homeworld, Cataclysm, and Homeworld 2 dozens of times each, written mods for all three, and bought the strategy guides just so I could read chapter after chapter of backstory, I'll just say - Curses, you beat me to it! Homeworld-MLP has been on my to-do list forever. Better that someone finally does it that having it gather dust on my bucket list.

Marvelous! This was executed very well!

One complaint though would be with the beginning and end. Very, VERY minor issue with the presentation.

Also, you should put down that he is Captain Soban of the Kiith Soban somewhere in the starting.

Try something prettier... like.

>>>NAME & TITLE: Captain M. Soban<<<
>>>CURRENT VESSLE: Manaan Flak Friget, Ferin Sha Fleet<<<
>>>STAR DATE: 20/12/9525 GSY<<<
>>>ENTRY: #00001<<<




Great start. I am curious about what they find out there on the plains. Keep up the good work!

ill give it a fav just out of me wanting to read this later. like Discord said, you are playing with my childhood as well, make wise decisions. You dont want this story to end up like "Beyblade goes to equestria" (Actual spelling of the title btw) I still puke when I think of the horrible grammar in that one. Anyway, Its looking good so far. so I dont think I need to worry.

I've only played the demos of Homeworld, Homeworld 2, and Homeworld Cataclysm, can someone elaborate on what the Abbasid are?


on one moment you have Homeworld saga, which already has a DEEP back story and rich heritage. A game that is in the record books for "game of the year", Still playable and still surpassed Alot of "current" titles in terms of replayablity. You sir are good at what your doing, so keep going. (still squeeing in excitement)

The next moment you have the MLP universe, which is very unexplored territory as the pony's only have Steam punk Airships, thus your Very far into the future with regards in the MLP universe. (just a thought)

(Why would you crash your state of the art ship that cost you around 5000 RU's to build, Thats like over 1 Trillion in dollars with earth money, adjusting for space and inflation.)

I ask if you can describe the ship, Im an artist and would like to draw the scene of the ship crashing towards Equestria.

Keep up the good work, Sincerely a Die Hard Homeworld 1 and 2 fan


I've never played Homeworld, but damn...awesome idea. I'm unfamiliar with a lot of names but the way you presented the ponies against the Captain was awesome. Can't wait to read more.

I promise I'll read the final version of this once I get a spare moment. Too much stuff to do!

I'm glad it's getting a good reception so far. :raritywink:


Never play with your childhood, unless your childhood plays with you...


I actually had two or three other ideas on how to approach such a HW story. One of them included the dreaded HW storyline with ponies...yeah, that idea stayed in my head for a good 30 seconds before I applied a generous amount of hoof to face. I actually saw another HW fic, but it was exactly that kind of story. Pity. Now I can't say this is the first ever HW fic.


Yep, those were one of the things I wasn't entirely happy about. However, the way I saw it was that if I made things too obvious by saying 'this is the name of the person talking', and 'this is the ship in question', etc, then it would detract from the matter-of-fact, no-nonsense format of a more military style. As for the date, I went for the more 'Star Trek' approach for two reasons: Firstly, as GSY is supposed to be a universal time scale for the galaxy, there is no way to tell which races and planets use the same number of days in a month, months in a year, and so on. Secondly, the Star Trek style of logs is done in such a way that if there are multiple logs on the same day, subsequent logs are tagged as 'supplemental'. Been a while since I watched ST, so correct me if I'm wrong on that. I will definitely agree that the formatting is still out of whack.


The name alone makes me WTF. In any case, at least my grammar is excellent, so I doubt anyone will have to cringe at that.


Homeworld is best pony. Period.

I'll try to give a more detailed description of the frig in the next chapter, but considering the design of most Hiigaran (and Kushan) ships, they will all sound so similar. The Taiidan had some interesting designs, even though some of them just made you want to WTF (that sensors array looks like a hand).

Oh, as for why you'd crash the ship, I did mention near the beginning that the main engines were out, so...yeah.

Holy mother of Luna's nipples, this comment turned out to be longer than I thought!

1. :ajbemused:
2. I have never watched Star Trek in my life... and I couldn't care less really. I just find that if he was in the military of sorts they have to keep a strict record of everyone or anyone that use any of their services, including the audio logs. So everything that is known about the person would be written down... for security purposes. Also, I used the Red and Black color mode, because those are the colours of the 'Kiith Soban', where he is situated. Maybe I/you should add Mission/Op details as well, like the name and kind (Diplomatic, Escort, War, Research, guinea pigging etc).

Point taken. I did purposefully avoid any font formatting just to keep things simple (and I don't see it being use anywhere else), but I could add it in at a later stage. Little busy at the moment with the next chapter, but surprisingly, I've managed to shoot through a lot of it already. I just like to scan through the 'final' product at least five times to make sure there aren't any major issues.

Oh yes, apologies for that horrible joke of mine!

1303626 Only thing I have a problem with is that he seems a little to mellow with 4 legged medevial equivalents (with magic) handling his stuff without his permission. Of course, mabye that's just the type of character he is. Intresting story either way, looking forward to the next chapter.

Oh my Luna, Homeworld is one of my favorite things in the world; I'll be holding you to a high standard here. I almost passed right by when the angel moon emblem caught my eye. Lets see what you got, reading now.

The legendary Captain Soban amongst technicolor ponies? You've got a fave. One thing I'm worried about is how you'll handle dialog, seeing this chapter completely devoid as such. Either way this is an excellent start, and I can't wait for the next installment.

On another note, there is a terribly sad lack of good Homeworld fanfiction, and I thank you sincerely for contributing.

I want to know what Berry Punch and Soban did.


More, please!



Partly why I chose Soban was because we all know him, but not much is known about him, or even how he talks. That makes it easier to write. The way I see Soban is that he is completely calm under pressure, with just a tiny hint of sarcasm and humor.


True, true. Right now, he doesn't have much of a choice. Without a crew, he won't be going anywhere and he would remain trapped on that world. Of course, we all know that isn't an issue!


Take him to a Vagyr facility, and he MIGHT talk. No guarantees on that though...

1307301 Oh fuck, I can imagine it now.

Maury: Equestria.

Soban...you ARE the father!

*Laughs hysterically*

Bah! It has to be Jerry Springer! And Berry's other coltfriend needs to be there to throw a chair at Soban.

...Then a massive brawl ensues, and security is forced to restrain everypony!

This thing writes itself!

ETA on the next chapter is about 2 days or so. Comparing the two chapters, I'm concerned with the quality of the upcoming one, but you guys can be the judge of that. Maybe I'm better at doing first person past tense than third person.

In the meantime, amuse yourselves with something unrelated to this story...When Karan sees this, she will shit bricks RUs:

Okay, C2 is up. I'm saying it now, I like C1 better. Also, for those who haven't played the game, this chapter introduces a significant chunk of stuff from the game, allowing you to understand more about the HW universe. Fans might just find those sections to be unnecessary add-ons.

*shrug* Can't please everyone.

Woo! The plot thickens!

Were other Progenitor ships warned, hmm?

This promises to be quite intriguing!

Especially the moral conflict on the issue of killing.

Here's a mind-fuck for you: Pegasi would make better fliers of the Higaaran fleet due to the fact they are used to navigating in all three dimensions.


Interesting story sir, can't wait to see what your plans for this story will be.:twilightsmile:

Fourth Core!
Great job man, Keeping it canon with Homeworld 2 and MLP. Sweetness to the max.
(What are the colors of the Manaan again? I want to draw a scene of the battle of Movers over equestria.)
Gotta say as a side note, when i got to the Karos graveyard for the first time, the junkyard dog and the movers scared the living crap out of me. Took me awhile to formulate a plan to defeat them. It was intensive.

keep up the plot twists and its odd how the movers went so close to the planet, wherever they came from, to attack the frigate.

I wonder if its possible to incorporate magic talismans to increase the effectiveness of the frigate.

From a game perspective its possible. Adding a Cloaking talisman or an Energy Talisman would theoretically work as a module as if on a battlecruiser.

Im just being a fan boy of Homeworld. I play at least once a week. (for a 2003 game, in 1920 x 1080p, It looks gorgeous)

And for those that dont know or have not played homeworld.....here is the frigate in general




Hey, Hey Hey. Back the fuck up.
That's Teal'c's line.


Regarding the colour scheme, all Ferin Sha ships, being Sobani, have the black and red scheme (refer to mission 2 of HW2). However, I'll leave the colours to the imagination here. In C1, it was mentioned that the outer layer of armor was burned off during entry, so the paintjob would have been a little more than scratched!

As for other possible additions, I'm going to steer clear of that for one reason only: Mary Sue. Obviously the good thing about this story is that none of the characters (including Celestia) can be as such. However, as the frigate is one of the central themes (if you will) of the story so far, I need to watch out with making it overly powerful (hint for the next chapter?).

Also, while that is what the frigate looks like, the information on it is incorrect. It was called the assault frigate prior to the release of the game, before they changed it to be a specialist anti fighter ship, and hence, 'flak frigate'.


It's official! Teal'c is disguised as one of the mane 6! Now you just have to figure out which one...


Yes i remember the color scheme and his orginal ship was acually a marine frigate. (but who cares! its your story!)

also i didnt care for the stats in the link that i provided, it was just to show the shape and look of the ship if people never played homeworld 2. And now if you will excuse me, Im gonna draw up that battle with the movers.....


Yup, a marine frigate, though I mentioned why he was in a flak frigate somewhere in the beginning of the first chapter.

I wish I could draw...

This is so awesome!
And epic and stuff! ^^

Like the dialogue. You've done an excellent job with the ponies' personalities as well haha. Imagining them all on a giant ship and Pinkie pushing all the buttons and messing up everything is amazing.

Again, this is coming from someone who's never played Homeworld. Keep it up, Hiig.

The legendary forth hyperspace core!

You sir, have made me play HomeWorld 2 again. You're glorious you know?

Ps... Who else read the system analysis in the hiigarian mothership voice?

"...Auxilliary power disabled
The mothership is standing down"

After Bentus, Balcora is the saddest scene of the game, especially as the PoH drifts off.

EDIT: Also, HW2 with the REARM mod is bloody amazing. If you havent played it, do so. Such a well executed mod

1338085 fluttershy. she has the deep voice.


Thats it, we need an animator to ponify this scene!

134135 I was disappointed with that scene; he didn't say Indeed.

Actually, canon puts the Battlecruiser at around 5-6km long, corvette class craft at around 44m long, and fighters the size of modern jets... with the 'Banana' (mothership) being a ~26km tall monster of machinery, armor, electronics, etc.

Other than that, damn fine job. Damn fine.

For some reason, ship size has been disputed quite a bit, especially on the Relic forums. I suspect the dispute came about from the way the lengths were measured, along with using the door of the heavy corvette in the final cutscene of HW1 as a scale based on human dimensions. Even in the images below, you can see that while the dreadnought lengths are the same, Sajuuk is closer to about 4.5 Km in the first image, whereas the second shows it to be just under 4. I kinda saved myself the hassle of being specific by writing the generic 'almost 5 km length' in the chapter, though. I can provide a few links below, showing what the general consensus is on sizes (because it's quite hard to get an accurate measurement in game with the move function):

http://pacifistguild.org/media/upload/eve%20vs%20homeworld%20ships.jpg (MASSIVE IMAGE)

Also, because my current computer is too crappy to run HW2, i had to find a very rough indication of the distances from YT, which agrees with the images above:

http://imageshack.us/a/img819/1343/screenshotfrom201209262.png (check the move order distance)

Yay for excessive analysis!

Hmm, maybe I should just shut up and thank you on your compliment instead...

Yay! C3 is done!

...and Pinkie needs a bigger role. Hmm...I wonder if pink ponies can serve as a replacement for fusion reactors...

...well fuck.

At least it's not the Beast but still...fuck.

Keep it up!


uh-oh, the keepers have arrived, time to power up the flak cannon and start shooting or go into suicide runs against them

“You've got confetti in your ear.”

Trying to comprehend Pinkie?:pinkiehappy:


It'll just make your ears bleed confetti. :raritydespair:


Is what is going through Soban's mind


...And now this is playing in yours.

In fact, Pinkie pulled out a boombox 30 seconds prior to the last line, and played it.

That's eerie. That song popped into my head right at that last line.

Shit, this is going to be messy. Keepers: You SERIOUSLY don't want to even tango with them.

Invincible? That doesn't begin to describe it...

1. You mind fucked all the damn homeworld guys with the 6 hyperspace cores theory. Its so crazy that it WORKS.
2. Ponys make the best crew members
3. KEEPERS!? don't you know that, it was one of the hardest levels to beat? you had 1 or 2 (cant remember) keepers that shot 4 ION beams at you that did more then enough damage to destroy a frigate in one shot, never mind a destroyer, and they did small micro jumps when there health went down lower then 45%. The only way to destroy it was to take out 3 power relay gates or when the Bentusi had to commit SUICIDE just to destroy them.
4. Its true that even in the game, Shields were ineffective to use, The Defense Field Frigate was only really used in conjunction with destroyers and battle cruisers from my experience as it blocked the Ion beams and torpedoes from other ships. But frigates and fighters would just go through the shield and shoot from within, Waste of RU's.....

SHIT JUST GOT REAL! This story has me on my edge of my seat....

Karen Sijet would be so proud.

You mean the guardians of Twilight?


Now that I think about it, there are a lot of tracks that would be highly appropriate for scenes so far...And plenty more for scenes in the future. Though which ones specifically, I shall not say


Nah, she's still shitting bricks of RU's

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