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King Sombra is a lot of things if not patient, but even he has a point where things go from bitterly trapped to unbearably boring. Torture would be nice! If she had the guts to entertain him in the old fashion way. No such joy for him...just bored, alone and still dead set on his vengeance, even if it is unanswered for...

And yet...

For the first time in over fifty years...

He heard a knock on the door...

(Mind blowing art by futuristicspacetiger )

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 105 )

Well, this seems nice. Definetly worth watching over.
Just one thing thought.

The crushing sound of silence became a deep rooted fear for him, so when he lacked the energy to sing or hum,he simply swung his arms on his chains, just so the silence wouldn't take him.

Don't think ponies have arms.

So I quickly ran to check the status and was relieved that it's marked incomplete, because despite being somewhat generic in the start, I'm hoping it blooms into a unique and interesting story. :ajsmug::scootangel::trollestia::moustache::eeyup:

I think that NOW it would be possible to "help" him change, not be integrated into society type of change, but no longer needed to be immobilized to be contained type of changed, I kind of feel sorry for him now...

I am quite intrigued... Please continue!:twilightsheepish:

Are you kidding me! I LOVE IT! :heart:

Have a quote that ALMOST works:

And so it came to pass that the players took their final places, making ready the events that were to come. The madman sat in his empire of dust and ashes, little knowing of the glory he would achieve, while his saviour looked upon the wilderness, in the hope of changing his inevitable fate.

:twilightsheepish: Magnificent story, by the way! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy::moustache:

Have yet another thing that almost works! :pinkiehappy:

You have piqued my interest, sir.

4652137 Soon! And your icon reminds me of things to come in this story.... :pinkiecrazy:

this seems interesting

Really interesting I must read more

This has my attention now. Very nice.

Lol I get it. All other princesses are dead/dying-soon so Sombra is her only chance for a friend who won't die of old age.

The hay...where's Discord in all of this..did I miss something? o.0? :unsuresweetie:


Discord could come into play later, but much later.

AWWWWWWW! The part Celestia and Luna passing away is just saaaaaaaad!:applecry::applecry::applecry:

This chapter is intriguing.

4819647 I actually started reading studies about effects of extreme isolation in order to make this; it had some scary stuff....

I knew I was going to love this story as soon as I read a description.

Good backstory for Spoke. He stole the show from Twilight and Sombra in this chapter.

what happens next!!!!!!
Keep up the good work


PS. this is awesome:scootangel::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Things are going to get intense from now on.

I forsee intense a LOT of screaming, fights and sadness. Though pls don't. keep me waiting:derpytongue2:

When are Sombra and Twilight going to do something intemate in the dirty kind of way?

5254031 When the story demands, I add that kind of tag to give myself freedom to work and let others know that it might be a direction the story takes, not that it will be in the story, just a possibility.

You're saying that normal teenagers wouldn't have kept someone of the opposite gender inside of a dungeon? huh...


"I hate you, Dad! you missed my tea party and you never got me a pony! Oh look, here's one now, and it's the color of my angst." :flutterrage:

Welcome back to the Epiphany Show with your host, Sombra!

5261201 I laughed way too hard at that :rainbowlaugh:

I have read many stories that just begged me to comment... and join.. and fave it... and follow it..... not a stalker, nope.
This one just broke the ice!!
I have joined even though my writing skills are horrible!!
I love stories that make my heart clench and my eyes water, this is by far the best fanfiction i have ever read.
Dont you dare cancel this masterpiece

5303305 Thank you so much! ;3; You just made my day...

And dont worry, this will never be canceled!

to hide bis shock

It's 'his', not 'bis'

You always seem to forget a space after using '...' and use two/four dots instead of three!

But still very interesting so far!

5381956 Fixed, many thanks!

The ellipses I always have trouble with because I used them causally for so long so things like ".." or "...." is more of a speed thing; I'll try and pay more attention in the future, thanks.:twilightblush:

Woaaah, I'd love to read more.... This setup is just too awesome to leave dormant.

Interesting. Let's see what Twilight does to Nash and Sombra shall we?

Spike is putting a lot of trust in Nash, and getting none in return.

Then again, he might be keeping closer tabs on her than he's letting on.

At the end, 'Lier' should be 'Liar.'

The mad king grew weary of madness and became sane once more, only for his past regrets to threaten to drag him back down into the pits of insanity.

5807364 We can only hope he's smart enough to keep an eye out...

And typo fixed, thanks. :twilightblush:

"Lier!!!" she screamed.

Liar, liar, uhhhh...chicken stew I'm hungry.

Oh, look at me being late. Well I was already thinking about getting into animation and that first scene.... lemme tell ya, even if it takes forever I'll try to animate it. Maybe Sombra and the pony who sang with him.

5822156 Ohhhh dear gaaawd >~~~~> My music writing is the woorst, though..:pinkiesick:

On a whim I began to read this, so far I have liked it. I can see this going one of two directions, one is a unique and totally original way, With two being the same way every other story like this tends to go. I have high hopes for this story and with the way it is going it doesn't look like it is going to disappoint.

Just a quick question for clarification, if Celestia and Luna died because of Tireks attack wouldn't that mean Cadence is dead as well? And if that is the case then Sombra has not been denied vengeance once but twice how is that going to affect him? I wonder if Twilight would consider giving the Crystal Empire back to him if he is a good little villain

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