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Bluegrass Brooke

Gonna try this whole writing thing again.


After capturing Sombra, there is little consensus on what to do next. They turn to Equestria's resident villain reformation expert, Fluttershy to be an arbitrator. To reform or not? If only the decision were that simple . . .

Inspired by wonderdania's comic on deviantart. Used as cover art with permission. Thanks for getting me hooked on this ship! I love it. :yay:

Pre-reading by Darkwolfthelycan and my good buddy, Miranda Laufeyson.

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Dang. . . That all. I would love to see this continued, but I think you're kinda swamped already.

Man, this was cute! Plus, it's got so much potential! Again I say, teach me your ways Senpai!

You've done it again, you magnificent ass.

(OH OH PUN PUN:rainbowlaugh:)

Sorry, couldnt help the urge to pun the hell out of your sona.

But srsly, this was really enjoyable.

Just like always I'm hooked and want more

I didn't like this. I can't believe that if Sombra was so evil he made Discord act like that, Fluttershy could make Sombra accept the possibility of reform that fast. Discord is normally always joking, for him to be that serious, it should take a villain far, far, worse than that.

Oooohhhhh!!!!! Evehly is going to be sooooo happy that there's ANOTHER Sombrashy fic out there besides mine!!! :pinkiehappy:

6396500 6396448 6396489 Glad you all enjoyed it! I had so much fun writing it. ^.^

6396502 Thanks for the feedback. It's good to hear different opinions and know what I could improve upon. Yeah, I'll admit I wrote Discord out of character. I prefer to write him a lot more serious/intense than she show as that fits with my AU headcanon a lot better. Canon Discord is something I'm working on, though in all honesty, I prefer a serious portrayal of characters in general, so it's hard for me.

I can see where you're coming from with the Fluttershy acceptance angle. Short story pacing is really hard for me because I write novels mostly. Again, something I'm working on but still have a long way to go. X3 I appreciate the feedback and will keep those points in mind in the future!

Gotta say that I love this story. It just looks so interesting. Will it be on the same continuity as your stories with Discord, Flim, and Cheese Sandwich?

6396502 Personally I think that Sombra had something to do with Discord; probably defeating him easily when he tried to spread his chaos to his Kingdom or something similar; is what I think in least of why he is reacting like that.

I like how you went about this, though I feel Discord went a bit too far. He mutilated the guy, yet, faces no repercussions?

6397544 Lol, I think my depression is leaking into my writing again. I was getting a little bit too much of a kick from intense/bad-ass Discord. :twilightblush: It made sense in my twisted brain, I swear! :rainbowlaugh:

He, he. I'll try to do better in the future.

SombraShy? Well, I admit, even I didn't see this coming. But I like it.

Also, Sombra redemption! YES! I love stories like this.

lost to mere children and their attack dog.

Sombra, you have no idea how right you are.

automatic fave

6397669 To be honest, it does make sense in a dark context, that's sort of the point, at least to me. Discord probably had to prevent Sombra from using magic, and him believing Sombra nonredeemable would have lead to him choosing to remove his horn. Anyway, I enjoyed the story quite a bit. Thanks for posting it.

Personal headcanon has Discord being goofy to counteract past and/or internal weight So seeing him react to something like this is plausible, and from what I've read of your AU (still haven't steeled up the emotional fortitude to read Mere Beasts yet) this reaction has an air of believableness to it.

That said, Discord with a dark avenger/punisher/antihero archetype is terrifying.

That said, what is with Fluttershy being paired up with forces of ancient evil/ ancient semievil? I mean Fluttercord has been around since before Discord's reformation and this Sombrashy is news to me but in the context of fluttercord is only slightly less likely.

Bluegrassbrooke-- making bizarre ships work since Trenderdash~

Seriously, though, why did you credit me as a proofreader? :rainbowlaugh: You were just like "read this?", and was like "YUP THAT SURE IS COOL" X3


Well. All things considered, badass Discord is fine, but badass Discord with no consequences isn't. Otherwise, it was a nice read though.

I hope they can put his horn back somehow.

Well this is going to be interesting.

He had his pride, though that was of little consequence use now.

One or the other.

Fluttershy full-heartedly believed him


A Spirit of Chaos surely had a more humane method of neutralizing his magic then that


Aww such a shame this is only a one-shot :ajsleepy: Really nice read though! :pinkiehappy:

Aw, but no mousie that Sombra was talking to like in the art you were inspired by?

I feel a little bit of dissonance with Discord's powers though, if Discord could have disabled Sombra's magic so easily he could have done the same to Celestia and Luna and Twilight and be ruling Equestria to this day.

i liked this. id love to see this continued X3
but 2 things
1: Discord...doesn't sound like discord. he sounds more like Luna XD
2: ripping off someones horn has got to be as traumatic as losing the top of your skull so sombra should be in agonizing pain. not oh yeah he ripped my horn off...Dick move.
and yeah im disappointed it ended like that. honestly after all that sombra should be the one going "Friendship? Hahahaa No. piss off." and then slowly start to be "well maybe it wouldn't be so bad." and then take it out for a spin. and another disappointment is we dont get to see fluttershy chew out discord for doing something that awful.
all in all great story. hope to see this continued in some way. and maybe ill use the horn thing for my own story sometime X3

I like how you interpreted Discord as seeing himself as one of Equestria's protectors now. As well as being protective of Fluttershy.

It was a good one-shot. I even learned something that was not a friendship lesson from it.:yay:

Howdy there Miss Bluegrass Brooke
I loved the story.

I just wanted you know that I did one of my Let's Reads on it about a week ago:

I had a blast and I really hope that we might get a continuation of the story sometime.
--Twilus Write

P.S. I also did a little review if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCv9EfKtFpc
Cheers ^_^

It's a bit,quick?For Sombra to accept that,I mean.There he was standing in front of one pony that helped almost destroy him,and he just accepts her offer,just like that?I'd personally put a bit more thought into that part.Oh,also,I think Shy would be much more scared of him then to just unlock the locks from his chains,don't ya think?Anyways,8/10 Would read again :D

Whoaaa , it's amazing !

Please make a sequel!!

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