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I was reading this and my monitor started fogging up. Weird.

Hot, hot stuff. :pinkiehappy:

Faved because it's Sunlight ^^

Lovely work. Excellent prose, and sensual moments of genuine intimacy.

Tonight on fimfiction: Rose Quill cooks up and shares some delicious and saucy lewdles. :trollestia: :heart:


It’s funny because I also made stroganoff tonight.

Real talk? This was adorbs.

Call me a Sexually Repressed Post-Catholic Girl™ if you want, but I enjoy lesbian fics that aren't just HARDCORE EROTIC THRILLS--true love is about giggles and cuddles and boob pillows.

Stories like this are refreshing to find amongst the sea of basic smut that's just focused on the horny stuff. That, and it's nice to be reminded that I'm not alone in my crusade to smother the world beneath a fluffy sheet of PureCutesyLesbianSnuggles.


Thank you so much! This is actually a deleted scene from a longer story linked in the description box.

Glad you enjoyed this! :twilightsmile:

I'm generally not one for reading clop... And as such, I have to say, this totally isn't! This is slow, deliberate, sensual, and adorably SciSet. It honestly and, pardon the pun, nakedly captures the essence of two young lovers shyly allowing their passion to bloom. In many ways, it reminds me of the first my wife (then just friend) and I got physical (though perhaps our two heroines here went just a tad further than we did lol).

The love and care, concern for the others wellbeing and comfort, and desire to give their all to each other is obvious and absolutely perfect. Well done!

Long time no see! Glad you enjoyed it. I may do more of these in the future with other established couples. Just gotta find a good place to place them.

Aye, life's been busy... Our little one is almost a year and a half, but he could pass for three! Dunno how he's so tall or strong, but man, he gives my wife and I a run for our money lol!

Not bad. Not bad at all *slow impressed clap*

Cute. Very cute. Thank you Rose Quill.

Only fogged up? Mine's half melted at this point. :twilightblush:

Whew! That was gorgeously written, Rose Quill!

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