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Planet Uma. Universe 6. Age 949.

The Umans are a peaceful race with a passion for the fighting arts, driven by the Saiyan heritage more than two thirds of the population share. At Umajin City's Harmony High School, run by one of Uma's strongest warriors, teenagers learn together, play together, grow together, and fight together.

A new arrival at Harmony High School has a bitter past and selfish ambitions. Sunset Shimmer seeks to topple the social order of her new surroundings and pervert the fierce warriors of Harmony High to her own twisted ends. But she isn't the only one with dark designs...

AU crossover with the Dragonball franchise, set in Universe 6, where the Saiyans are a peaceful race and were never destroyed, in an alternate timeline where the Tournament of Power never took place and Universe 6 was never erased.

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Sunset's old self with Saiyan powers? I'd like to see how that turns out, and how/if she ends up turning over a new leaf in this scenario.

In the words of Lord Freeza himself, this will quite be salboriuos for me.

Well, this should prove quite interesting. Looking forward to the struggles of the stranger in a strange land. And I'm sure Celestia is as well, with popcorn in hand.

A Dragonball Xenoverse story. By MythrilMoth. Starring Sunset Shimmer.

The statue directly behind Sunset, from which she had emerged after jumping into the mirror back in Canterlot, had a highly polished brass pedestal, seven feet tall, with three perfectly smooth sides. At the top stood a gleaming steel statue of a man with upswept, spiky hair, crossed arms, and a fierce, scowling expression. The words "PRIDE AND HONOR" were engraved into the base of the statue.

Toki Toki Town?

"Hi!" a bright, high-pitched voice called from behind her. She turned around and stared, jaw agape, as a girl of the same species as—whatever she was now—descended from the sky, hovering in front of her for a moment before landing with a soft thump on the pavement. The girl had bright pink skin and a massive mane of long, curly pink hair, bright blue eyes, and a cheerful smile. She wore a pleated light blue skirt, a loose white top with a blue naval collar flap, a bright pink neckerchief, sky blue knee-length socks, and glossy black mary janes. She put her hands behind her back and leaned forward, her eyes shining brightly. "You must be new here, I don't think I've ever seen you before," she said cheerfully.


"I thought so," the pink girl said. "My name's Pinkie Pie!"

Oh, hi.

"Nice to meet you, Sunset Shimmer!" Pinkie Pie said. "Just FYI though? You should better hide your sentou-ryoku around here."

Sentou-ryoku? Is that power level?

"Well, anyway, welcome to Harmony High!" Pinkie Pie said, her cheerful smile returning. "And since you're new here, and I'm the first person to meet you, that means one thing! It's time for your official 'Welcome to Harmony High'—"

*Party. She's totally gonna say party.*


Nice subversion of expectation.

Her only warning was a loud yell and a roaring rush of power as a golden aura exploded around Applejack. Her black hair turned golden, lifting on the wind of her power, and her eyes turned a glowing, ferocious green.

Ooh, Super Saiyan. That answer your question, Rainbow?

Being talked about in such dismissive terms was beginning to annoy Sunset. Deciding a tactical bluff was in order, she crossed her arms and fixed the girls with an imperious glare. "For your information," she said archly, "Iamhiding my power. If you want to find outhow muchI'm hiding it, just keep talking like that."

If that's supposed to be a threat, that's going to have the EXACT opposite effect on a Saiyan. Especially competitive ones like Rainbow and Applejack.

"Mmm." The two women lapsed into silence, watching for a time. "For an equine altered by the Supreme Kai's magic, she has a decent amount of potential."

Oh, so Chronoa's behind her transformation. Eh, I can buy it, if Shin can make a giant block of katchin just like that, this isn't TOO absurd.

The shorter woman smirked. "You have a wicked sense of humor as always, Celestia..."

And I am going to enjoy this.

The Saiyans who returned to their homeworld carried Uman herbs and craftworks with them and traded them among their own kind, which ultimately led to a thriving interplanetary exchange between Salada and Uma.

Huh, cool. Also, I'm fairly certain it's SaDaLa. That could be a dub thing though.

Over the next several generations, Saiyan genes permeated the Umans. Now, in the present, an estimated two-thirds of the population of Planet Uma had at leastsomeSaiyan heritage, while pure Saiyans were increasingly rare.

So, like in that Dragonball Z MMO, the name of which I forget.

Its surface refused to yield.

Of course.

Only half a head shorter than her, this being nevertheless radiated a sense of danger and cold menace. Slender but muscular, with an understated and vague feminine shape, the alien wore a short midnight blue dress tied with a black sash. Her arms and legs were banded dark blue except for her pale blue hands and three-toed, clawed feet. Her face, similarly pale blue and framed by darker blue bands, held a stern, forbidding expression and piercing dark green eyes. A helmet which seemed to be part of her body covered the rest of her head; it was made up of some sort of black cartilage or chitin, with short, sharp black horns extending to either side, and a large, perfectly round pale green pearl crest in the center, covering most of her scalp. A long, thick banded dark blue tail lashed aggressively behind her.

So Luna is an Arcosian. Sweet. It certainly works considering Alicorns are supposedly a lot stronger than regular ponies and Arcosians are (usually) a lot stronger than regular Saiyans.

And here it is. Someone had to write this eventually.

Derp. You're right, it's Sadala. My brain slipped. I'll fix it next time I'm at the PC.


It's cool, Salada is close enough to Ensalada, which is Spanish for salad, so it's an equally valid pun.

"Somebody" here being "one of the two people obsessed enough to have made a Sunset Shimmer avatar for Xenoverse". :pinkiecrazy:

You outstanding sunnuvagun. You only went and bloody delivered.


So Luna is an Arcosian. Sweet.

Is that a real thing? I thought they were just "the Freeza Clan". If it is then that's cool.

Yeah, I had a couple ideas. But I'm juggling enough as it is. I leave this in your capable hands.

As far as I can tell (read: the Dragonball wiki), "Frieza race" is the closest to an official name they even have.

Yes, Sunset Shimmer is always safest in my hands... heheheheheheheh...

True, Freiza’s race doesn’t have an official name even after all these years. Personally, I like to use a fan given name for the species called “Frost Demons.” I just found it in an online comic once and it just fits so perfectly.

8676237 8675824 8675716
It fits well enough, since the in-universe lore itself is not terribly clear on what exactly makes one a "demon." There's the ones from Hell, sure, those are obvious enough, but Slug's crew was also considered demons, and as far as I know, so were Slug and King Piccolo, despite both being from Namek. Kami, for that matter, and Dende too, are both gods despite being from Namek, so it appears that being a demon has less to do with whether you come from Hell and more to do with how your attitudes and actions end up twisting your soul towards evil.

"Arcosian" is only recorded as being mentioned once in the original Funimation dub of DBZ, and seems to have been immediately forgotten, so good enough?

Also really not sure about the tags you picked. I mean, Alt. Universe is implied by Crossover, but it's a crossover with an alternate universe, so is it still implied by Crossover? Or is Crossover implied by Alt. Universe here? Maybe it's like the commutative property, and Alt. Universe implies Alt. Universe, but that makes even less sense.

I hate math.

"Frost Demon". I like it. Simple and to the point.
Toriyama wrote by the seat of his pants; trying to find patterns and conventions will only equal a headache, but I do see you point.

This is the guy that came up with Dr. Slump.

Are we sure he was wearing pants to write by the seat of? Did he even have pants?

I chose exactly the proper tags, as I always do because I am very careful with tag selection. FYI, Crossover and AU are mutually exclusive; one DOES NOT automatically imply the other. In this specific instance, we have a crossover (as indicated by the series tags) which is an Alternate Universe setting for BOTH series concerned--for Equestria Girls, it's an AU where the portal goes to the Dragonball multiverse, whereas for Dragonball, it's an AU where Universe 6 was never erased.

"Ah-HA! Like a moth to the flame, I've caught you in my web!... yeah! My web, for the writing guide on this very site states exactly that!"

The writing guide available to us here, naturally, says nothing of the sort, and now I have no idea where I read that AU is implied by Crossover and it's really, really, really bothering me now.

Seven extra characters, actually. And no, this was just something that kinda...happened. Blame Tatsurou.

Probably something some idiot said. People on this site have NO CLUE how the AU tag is supposed to work. -_-

No, I definitely read it in a fan fiction writing guide, and I was certain that was here because this is the only fan fiction writing guide I've looked at in the last 5 years. Or ever, for that matter. Maybe it was updated at some point from an older version? I did find something close here, but it was prefaced that what followed was only the guide writer's opinion, and never touched on AU at all. I really don't want to believe that I imagined it, but that's looking more and more likely.

Oh well. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. I am in agreement now that the applied tags are correct, so now we can all move on to the rest of the story, which is so far shaping up to both be interesting, and actually feel like a Dragon Ball story (which is not as easy as we all might like to think).

"Hah! You an' whut army? Y'all forgettin' Ah'm th' only pure-blooded Saiyan at this here school?"
"Oh, really? Your brother and sister might have something to say about that."
Applejack rolled her eyes. "Okay, so Ah'm th' only one thatmatters," she amended.

HaHA Big Mac is Radditz!

When you described Applejack with black hair, I thought something was wrong in the story. This was a nice surprise.

I'm not at all concerned about Sunset going Alpha Bitch in this AU. She has smarts, but that won't help her climb the social ladder this time. Thus, I feel she'll go through her heel-face turn sooner this time around.

That's my guess, at least. Excited to see more!

First off, Universe 9 has absolutely nothing to do with this story.

Secondly, care to go back to the index page with the chapter list and story description and, if you please, read the entire description, including and especially the part at the bottom? Which says:

AU crossover with the Dragonball franchise, set in Universe 6, where the Saiyans are a peaceful race and were never destroyed, in an alternate timeline where the Tournament of Power never took place and Universe 6 was never erased.

Well...this is certainly interesting. Definitely going to be fun and exciting.
And Spike is apparently an Oolong style shapeshifter. That's unexpected.


in an alternate timeline where the Tournament of Power never took place and Universe 6 was never erased.

I'm feeling a pang of deja vu, but I should really pay better attention to details.

8684131 Maybe Spike went to the same school.

So Tue crystal prep equivalent goes for the armor look. Though I am left to wonder how much communication between universes there is, as apparently an Human has to to equestria. And I also doubt any supreme Kai worth his salt is not being to be HiGHLY interested in a universe outside the 12.

The cover art is my custom character for Dragonball Xenoverse, so...kind of? It's a screenshot from the game--so technically my PlayStation 4 made it. ^^;;

Yes, Sunset. Taste the irony, savor it!

I'm surprised as well of Fluttershy resorting to beating the crap out of people after, what, 4 attempts?
I'm not surprised of her not wanting to fly, though :rainbowwild:

And picturing the girls in Toriyama's style is a challenge on itself. If I was more talented with digital art, I'd draw them in an instant... for free :raritywink:

Can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

You didn't imagine it. I know I read that somewhere before too, but I can't find it. Like you said, it doesn't really matter, but I wanted to let you know you're not crazy. :yay:

Excuse you? And just what is wrong with the Raditz Battle Point Scale?

I have to say that I like what you've done with Spike here.

1. This is a completely different universe, so it stands to reason they'd register and quantify power levels differently.

That's fair.

2. The arbitrary power level numbers from DBZ got incredibly silly up to the point where power levels stopped mattering anymore. It just makes sense for a mixed-blood warrior race to have an easily quantifiable scale that isn't based on constantly escalating and adding zeroes willy-nilly.

True, and there's a point where if you have enough zeroes, people are going to be "Ok, now you're making that up."

By the way, as of right now, seven arcs are tentatively planned for this story. We'll see where things go from there. I mean, it's Dragonball, it's gonna be several hundred chapters no matter what. n.n

And that all suits me JUST fine. Sunset Shimmer, Dragonball, and MythrilMoth. Happy 2018 to me.

In a remote corner of the courtyard of Harmony High, well outside of the notice of the faculty, two freshmen were goofing off. One was a tall, lanky Namekian with orange skin and droopy, glazed eyes that held a perpetually dim expression; he wore loose white breeches with a dark grey sash around his waist, a forest green tunic, and pointy red shoes that, coupled with his pointed ears, gave the overall impression of a particularly dimwitted elf. His partner in crime was a squat, rotund being with blue-grey skin and a bulbous head. His pudgy face and beady eyes gave him a thuggish look, while the larger pair of wide, small-pupiled eyes on the sides of his head made him somewhat resemble a toad. His squat, bulky body was squeezed into unflattering jeans, bright green hi-tops, and a black T-shirt with a pair of scissors on the front.

Namekian Snips and Majin Snails.

"C'mon doggie, show us a fighting pose!" the squat, round alien said in a raspy voice. "I bet you've got some fight in you!" He poked the dog with a gnarled stick.

A Dog. You want, a DOG, to fight you.

"I could eat your mom right now and poop you out five poop brothers that are all stronger than you!"

... See the thing is that's a joke, but you can feed Buu in Xenoverse 2 and he does poop out children. I am NOT joking.

Both boys suddenly stiffened as a massive spike in energy registered on their senses. They turned around in time to see a swarm of glowing yellow butterflies hovering all around them.

Hi Fluttershy.

Their irises contracted to pinpricks.

Correct. I suggest running.

The girl had smooth, pale yellow skin and long, lush cherry blossom pink hair, with wide, soft, expressive blue-green eyes and an innocent, unassuming face. Her arms and legs were slender and graceful. She wore a knee-length forest green skirt with a pink satin belt and an off-the-shoulder sweater with horizontal stripes in alternating shades of pale pink and dark wintergreen, which left the straps of her dark pink bra exposed. Open-toed, platform-heel green sandals with satin straps that crisscrossed up her shins halfway to her knees completed her ensemble. She looked up as they approached and let out a soft, terrified squeak. "V-Vice-Principal Luna," she whispered fearfully.

Hello YellowQuiet.

"Go with Fluttershy, she can show you around," Luna said. "Besides, I won't have time to deal with you and your enrollment today anyway. I have to...disciplinethese two fools." She frowned. "And have the courtyard resodded.Again."

I'm guessing this is a common thing.

//It seems Fluttershy objected...rather strongly.//


The very same.

//Ah, yes. The new arrival. The portal's closed and she's stuck here, but she's already apparently made up her mind to bluff her way into the school.//

Saw right through her.

"I can't push it down any lower than this, sorry." It wasn't a lie—whatever fighting power Sunset's new body contained, she lacked the necessary skill to suppress it. That, and a number of other skills she now knew were second nature to the Umans. Which, apparently, included the ability to fly without wings—a skill Sunset wasmosteager to develop.

I can imagine.

She had lavender skin, expressive purple eyes magnified by black-framed glasses, and long violet hair with a bright magenta streak, tied up in a messy bun. She wore a plain dark blue skirt, a sky blue sweater, and white socks. She looked at the two girls gratefully, holding the purple dog at stomach level. "Thank you so much," she said. "I was in your part of the city looking for a bookstore that has this book I can't find anywhere else and he just got away from me! I came back home to make lost dog posters to put up, but I guess I got lucky and you found him. Umm...thank you."

Twilight, judging by the glasses, Sci-Twi.

*So...that'swhat this world is.*

A malevolent smile twisted her face.

*Now that...isinteresting...*

That's one way to put it.

"Thank goodness," the raspy voice of a young boy answered from behind her. With a muffled explosion sound and a burst of smoke, the little purple dog was replaced by a short, slightly chubby boy with dark purple skin, slicked-back green hair, and bright green eyes who wore baggy red shorts, red and white sneakers, and a puke green T-shirt with the word 'DRAGON' stenciled across the chest in dark green. He took the dog collar he wore around his neck off and massaged his throat. "Don'tevermake me do that again, Aneki," he groused.

Oh, you can shapeshift.

Spike folded his arms. "Because you're literally useless for anything else?" he retorted.


Once Spike left the room, Twilight sighed, rolling idly around the room in her desk chair. She looked over at her bed, where her freshly laundered school uniform was laid out, ready to be put away. She absently fingered the fabric of the black bodysuit and stared at the gleaming purple elasteel armor with her school crest, a stylized purple S with a single wing extending from the top, outlined in gold, emblazoned over the left breast.

Oh, so Crystal Prep wears Saiyan armor, sweet.

"Sorry, that was rude of me not to warn you," Luna said in a somewhat mocking tone. "The gravity in this tower is the same as the gravity of Planet Sadala." She pulled a device from her dress and pressed two buttons on it; the pressure immediately eased up, and Sunset let out a shaky breath, her body trembling.

You're not sorry at all.

"We know what you are," Luna said. "The Principal and I. We know you came through the portal. We know you're one of those equines from that other dimension."

This isn't the first time this has happened then.

Luna raised an eyebrow. "My my," she said. "Something drove you here, something more than simple curiosity. I see." She chuckled. "Tell me, Sunset Shimmer: would you like to become strong? Would you like to see all your ambitions realized?"

You have her interest.

"I'll do it," she said firmly. "I'll become your student."

Luna smiled a cold, chilling smile. "Excellent," she said. "Now, for your first lesson: climb these stairs all the way to the Principal's Office."

You frighten me.

Sunset groaned, but sighed and continued the impossibly long climb.

It'll certainly help you get stronger, so there's that.

Luna chuckled at her reaction. "Senzu beans don't exist in your world, I take it."

Nope. And I wish they existed in this one. If memory serves, don't they taste like fish?

The woman behind the desk wore a crisp gold blazer over a royal purple dress blouse. Her skin was the light, fresh pink of strawberry milk. The massive mane of hair that spilled over her shoulders and down her back shone in thick spikes of pastel pink, green, and blue. Pale violet eyes regarded Sunset Shimmer calmly, curiously.

Hm, so they're not biologically related.


Namekian Snips and Majin Snails.

Got that backwards and also misidentified Snips' race. He's whatever the hell Guldo is.

... See the thing is that's a joke, but you can feed Buu in Xenoverse 2 and he does poop out children. I am NOT joking.

This fails to surprise me.

Hm, so they're not biologically related.

Which is central to Luna's entire arc.


Got that backwards and also misidentified Snips' race. He's whatever the hell Guldo is.

Really? I am off my game today.

This fails to surprise me.

It's a fairly tedious sidequest, but you need to do it to get the unique Main transformation which is, OK, ish, as well as one of the needed plot items for an epilogue with nets you an extra Super Saiyan form, which is, useful if Saiyan isn't your first race in Xenoverse 2, but otherwise, it's not so good. And you can get unique clothes, unique Z or rather, Super Souls and Capsules. None are THAT good, but eh, it's a harmless and non intrusive sidequest.

Which is central to Luna's entire arc.

Should be fun.

Sunset’s lessons officially begin. I think it’s interesting Celestia and Luna automatically know where she came from. How much more do they know about the portal and Equestria I wonder.

The arbitrary power level numbers from DBZ got incredibly silly up to the point where power levels stopped mattering anymore.

That’s right. The whole reason power levels were introduced at all was to show how unreliable they were, since the heroes could hide their true power and surprise their enemies. However, most fans grabbed onto the concept and wouldn’t let it go, wanting to know everyone’s level and believing it was all that mattered to determine the winner of a fight.

I mean, it's Dragonball, it's gonna be several hundred chapters no matter what. n.n

Toriyama wanted the series to end after the Tirek Saga.

//With Fluttershy, finding the owner of the dog. She can get a little bit more experience with our world that way.//

After all, she's going to need quite a few tutorials before she can do combat missions. Far better to grind with fetch quests for now. :raritywink:

In all seriousness, very nice work with Sunset continuing to grasp her situation. I especially like how the principals aren't fooled for a moment by her attempts to blend in. Luna's offer should be especially interesting...

Also, that butterfly-flavored Hellzone Grenade. :twilightoops: Beware the nice ones indeed.

Looking forward to more, especially given how Sunset seemed to recognize Twilight. That raises a few questions in and of itself.

Well, she's seen her around Canterlot, I'm sure. (Actually, that right there is what we call a plothole, but it's one I can neatly fill in...)

So... Snails is a namekian. Welp I'll admit I kinda saw that happening sooner or later. Also, am I the only one reading VP Luna's line in Chris Ayers' Freeza voice?

Look, I'll except a lot of differences between this world and normal Equestria Girls. But Principal Celestia actually entering paperwork and data on Sunset Shimmer instead of just letting random teenagers wander into classes? That's just too big a stretch.

This looks pretty interesting, although basically everything I know about Dragonball is vagueness from the Internet so I don't know much about what's going on.

Hopefully Sunset Shimmer has some talent for violence once Luna shows her the ropes. There's no way she can bluff her way out of fighting forever -- especially since, in a culture like this, surely everyone will be keen on picking a fight with the new student. :pinkiehappy:

Of course, there's the question of whether said alien power would carry over to... Universe E, would you call it? Certainly far enough off the beaten track to merit a different designation system.

In any case, Sunset's settling in, and we get a sense of just how extreme fights can get on this relatively peaceful planet. Plus a few intriguing plot hooks for later. Also, nice justification for Sunset knowing Twilight. Looking forward to more.

Now that was fun and quite interesting. Looking forward to where this goes.

8706598 If the power didn't carry over, that sure would make for a funny scene. Sunset returning, marching into Celestia's throne room, talking a bunch of trash and then grunting and straining for several minutes to summon power that doesn't come.

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