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A Quarter of a Century old today! · 5:21am Aug 2nd, 2016

Would you believe I turn 25 today? I certainly don't.

Anyway, my profound apologies for the absence of New PonyScape, folks. I'm rather afraid my original deadline of end on May was shunted back by my LPC Finals and attempting to find a job.

Either way, I had been aiming to get it out today and hopefully I still will, but if I don't here's a little present from me to you all to say "Thank you". So, please enjoy this extract of the first chapter of PonyScape: A Mother's Love

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Meet the Heroes...

Born into relative comfort amongst Falador's nobility, Aliks spent much of his early life training to be a Wizard, pointy-hat and all. Becoming dissatisfied in later years, he dropped out of education and decided to travel instead, subsequently, and more frequently reluctantly, finding himself in the wrong places just when people were looking for someone to solve their problems for them. Fast-forward to the present, he finds himself the "World Guardian", charged by the God of Balance, Guthix to guard the world from the warlike Young Gods. Having proved himself time and again throughout the Sixth Age, Aliks feels that he has earned a reprieve from "heroing". Fate, however, has other plans...

Daughter of a retired Ardougnese Adventurer and a Kharidian trader, Ayla inherited both a keen mind and an insatiable wanderlust. Fiercely proud of her mixed heritage, she took to traveling as soon as she was able; actively seeking out wrongs to right, believing this to be the best way to honour the Young God of Justice, Armadyl. Meeting Aliks early in her travels, the two have been nigh inseparable since, with Ayla frequently serving as the voice of experience to Alik's naive optimism. Despite being anointed the "Vanguard of Armadyl" in the Sixth Age, Ayla aided Aliks in his campaign against the Young Gods, and remained by his side afterwards.

The younger brother of Aliks, Thom was squired to the White Knights, Falador's elite military. Preferring to march to his own drum, Thom quit the order and took his skills to the road, working as a mercenary where he discovered his true calling; fighting. A self-styled "Big-game Fighter", there's nothing he won't challenge: dragons, demons, even the sorcerous Mahjarrat; the greater the danger, the more he enjoys himself. He even boasts to have ventured to the deepest dungeons of Daemonheim, though he remains tight-lipped on what he saw. Despite losing an eye to the warlock "Nomad", Thom doesn't regret his life in the slightest. During the Sixth Age he lent his war-hammer to his brother's cause, happy to test the Young Gods' mettle in battle.

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