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Flash Sentry calls an Uber.

Just another entry in this ongoing tennis match.

Chapters (5)
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Neece #1 · 1 week ago · · · Monday ·

You know, I've got to ask, what makes you want to write about Flash?
There ain't no rest for the Sentry, upvotes don't grow on trees, you've got jokes to make, you've got fans to appease, but ain't no other character to fleece?

Ok, I got carried away there, but where did this string of fics comr from? :rainbowhuh:

Ask Skirts. I'm just volleying the ball back over the net.

Story Approver

Is this a skirts alt?

And so the rollercoaster continues!

"Boomer wants to fly away, away from here, yes yes yes?" the elk-man asked raspily, his voice deep and harsh.


"Boomer stands around spitting too much!" the elk-man grunted. "Hurry up! Nancy Jane wastes glimmer while you spit!"


"Guitar boomer will not spit while riding in Nancy Jane," the elk-man grunted. "No leaving garbage or gum or turds or things on the floor or seats."

...I swear to god, if Flash’s street address has “East” in it.

As an Uber driver, I can attest, you will see your fair share of loonies if you use the app often. Very seldom does one wait more than 15 minutes for an Uber though. Otherwise, this is a neat little story so far. Would you be interested in checking out my work "Part Time Princess"? One chapter features Luna's misadventures as an Uber driver. Oh, and here's a like for ya.

You are now my friend. Resistance is futile.

Shilic #8 · 1 week ago · · · Monday ·

I feel like I've missed something. Why are Moth and Skirts going back and forth on Flash Sentry fics? What a way to start 2019...

Second chapter in. Took an Uber 180 but I like it! I could almost hear Cheech's voice when I read the driver's dialogue :rainbowlaugh:

Elk man isn’t so bad. I mean... it could be Johnny Cab.

”Mmm- UM! Now that is some pussy buffet! Blue pussy, yellow pussy, pink pussy, purple pussy, orange pussy, white pussy, cowgirl pussy..."

Somepony’s a fan of the original Dusk Till Dawn version of Cheech Marin. :rainbowkiss:

Because being Flash in a mothverse is suffering....
I suspect you are far from the only one (Includes himself in statement)

It is a mystery. I don't think either of us knows what's going on here. It just kind of...is.

I'm tempted to hire thugs to kidnap the both of you and lock you up to see if
1)there are survivors
2) can force a collaboration that destroys the sanity of all who witness it.

However I am a broke whitewashed Mexican.

Honestly? All that would come of that would be we'd couch potato it up watching M*A*S*H and Star Trek reruns all day. Seriously, the few direct interactions I've ever had with Skirts involved one of those two topics.

Well yeah if you wanted to be all realistic about things.

Could be worse. Couldve had a certain Electric Rat as copilot.

Oh the Interrogation. :twilightoops:

The only thing missing from this Uber car, was running on the Space saver tyre for the last 6 months and only on three cylinders.

At least it had a working clutch. and windows, and no pool on the floor.

Give me a bit and I might be able to remember other local taxis Ive been in over the years.

Oh, and when I catch the taxi with my GM freind, he has the unfortunate problem of having to share his house with a dozen territorial incontinent cats. :yay:

The tennis match continues, to a certain peach-fuzzy ball's dismay. Sorry, Flash. Being a magic-adjacent boy is suffering.

Also, maybe try Lyft?

I think I will enjoy this story. Will be fun to see Flash suffer through all the UBER wackos, horrible cars and insurance trouble. Keep it up!


Hey, Squirrel, not rat, I thank you.

As soon as the Uber driver started talking all I could hear in my head was Cheech Marin.

In that case, mission accomplished. :rainbowkiss:

Bangin toons. Cos any other way not only gets her license revoked but Adagio seriously steamed as well?

If it wasnt for the crash skirts, you can park a Classic Mini Cooper drop top Under an 18 wheeler trailer? If you remember to keep your head down? :pinkiecrazy:

Ahh, I miss working on Richter Class sound systems. :moustache:

But now, he has miles to get home, through the extra super snarl up caused by Tacos. Good thing Pinkie hasnt read that Golden Oldie scifi story in which one form of personel transport involved a gas powered pogostick with autogyro blades. I think it might have been Lensmen?:rainbowwild:

yeah that second song was pretty damn fitting.

Flash's heart is gonna give out before this week is over.

"I'm a thousand year old sea monster from another dimension,"

That's an incredibly good point :rainbowderp:

I concur with your depiction of Sonata Dusk as a taco crazed lunatic.

Also: I ship that, FlashxSonata: Flonata Dentry :trollestia:

"I'm a thousand year old sea monster from another dimension," Sonata said in a bored tone. "What's your excuse?"

Darn it, now I want that on a T-shirt. Possibly with Sonata's true form on it.

I also want to see Sonata and Vinyl's cars duke it out in a battle of the bass.

Sonata should audition for the next Fast and Furious film. I still find that you write those two with a weird kind of synergy that just WORK that leave me wanting more.

damn, i'd love to drive with sonata

Great. Now I need an uber

Well flash you mght have just experenced a flash revenge fuck.... just you weren't the target of revenge

Hey Flash, you just got made into Blackmail Taxi:Midnight. :twilightoops:

This keep getting better and better!

Never really thought about the idea of Flash being targeted by a villain of the Mane7 due to his connection to them. Could make for an interesting story.

At least this time Flash had a happy ending. :pinkiehappy:

This is getting better and better with each chapter :rainbowlaugh:

Well...that happened. Not much else I can say.

Kinda surprised he didn't jump ouit of the van while it was in motion... but I guess being inside the van was the safest place.


Well flash you mght have just experenced a flash revenge fuck.... just you weren't the target of revenge

I see what you did there


He got lucky it wasn't Adagio.

Death started the engine. A haunting and familiar classic rock song issued from the car stereo.

Of course Death's car would play this.

Although I was sort of hoping for don't fear the reaper.

Flash, meet Christopher Lee.

Christopher Lee, meet. I KNOW.

Grandpa Angus, meet Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy:

Death? Oh boy, can you even top that?! Hahahahaha!

I was thinking that you were going to bring another ex villain to have her way with Flash but you really outdid yourself. Bravo.

Death started the engine. A haunting and familiar classic rock song issued from the car stereo.

I was thinking he should have had this playing:

It's the government shutdown. We're all having to take side jobs to make ends meet.

Sigh, I work for the government.


Three guesses as to the origins of my handle, Moosetasm, and all of them end with brain filled silver spheres and tall men.

R.I.P. Angus Scrimm

That’s exactly the song I thought should have been playing.


Why would the Reaper want the deceased NOT to fear him though? Think these things through, folks!

If you’re Death (Terry Pratchett Death, if I’m not mistaken), and peeps don’t fear you, then they don't run. There’s one or two books (I think) where the recently deceased tries to run from death, and he is just so... irritated that they run.

On the other hand, if you don't fear Death, you're going to argue with, annoy, heckle, etc. him, and what eternal civil servant of the underworld wants to put up with THAT?

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