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I'm just some 26-year old dude from Canada hoping to become a screenplay writer one day. That's all.


On what seemed to be a typical morning, Pinkie realizes that she had accidentally slept in and quickly runs to school as fast as she could but when she arrives, she finds out that she was in such a hurry that she forgot put on her underwear.

Now she must try as hard as she can to keep a lid on it and make sure no one realizes that she's going commando...

Credit for cover art goes to Dieart77

Includes humiliation, some butt exposure, mooning and of course Pinkie going commando. If you don't like it, don't read.

This is a collab created alongside Brony kaiju soldier and Jmosse

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The others cringed as they saw the car careen and hit a tree, but Pinkie just shrugged it off.

Pinkie, you better have a good lawyer on you. :trixieshiftright:

Comment posted by Szalhi deleted May 1st, 2016

Before going into reading this (been busy updating my own stuff): You need to make a tag change. You need to add the 'Sex' tag (due to the nature of the premise) and remove the 'Human' tag (which the Equestria Girls tag implies).

7176521 Obviously there's no sex here since it doesn't have the Mature tag, but certain types of content under Teen still require the Sex tag. Besides, given the description, it's better if it has it from the outset.

7176531 Ok, I'll add it in

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Jun 28th, 2018

*sees title*

Oh. Not many Mane Six Breezie fics on this site. This should be fun.


What. The. Flying. F**k?!

Ever heard of that one guy using the term "Don't get your panties in a bundle?"
I think he found his match.

She screamed as she went up and then down towards the solid ground below before landing flat on her face, the back of her skirt went upward as a result of her rear sticking up right in the air, thus exposing what she had been hiding all day from all of the students who were right behind her.

The crowd gasped in shock at what they saw; Pinkie’s pink and bare butt, which was the living definition of the term ‘bubble butt’, as it was big, perfectly round and served as a complement to her slender figure. No doubt a result of eating too many sweets.

“Whoa, Snails, look at that butt! It’shuge!.” Snips pointed out, making Pinkie’s eyes go wide with fear after she lifted her head and heard what he said. She gasped in shock and horror when she saw everyone behind her staring and ogling her big behind.

(skip to 1:20)

Poor Pinkie... ah geez.

Pinkie then stopped in her tracks, causing her friends to stop and turn to her. “Like… this!” she declared as she bent over and raised her skirt, revealing her bare butt to a man that was just driving by, causing him to scream and veer away.

The others cringed as they saw the car careen and hit a tree, but Pinkie just shrugged it off. “Huh, I wonder what got into him?” She said

Pinkie's tush can now be considered a weapon of ass destruction.

Most excellent.


I trust Snips and Snails had a blanket thrown over their heads and baseball bat liberally applied, with no witnesses shortly afterwards?

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