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Oh gosh, that plot twist. :rainbowlaugh:

Great story! :derpytongue2:

Woah, this was so cute!

I loved the twist......and then ANOTHER twist! It was awesome!:pinkiehappy:



It was pretty cute. I like that you tried this, although Twilight knows Celestia well enough by now that these (probably) wouldn't be concerns on her mind, and if they were, they would most likely be part of a panic episode, so she wouldn't be so composed. Makes the language a little less ambiguous than it should have been. Once the obvious was out Applejack and Rarity or Rara were the only sensible set left, and Rara has already shown that she's more than willing to throw away social ties to be with Applejack.

Also I knew you were filthy Rarijack trash. That helped.

Beeeesides that, I thought it was pretty cute, and the idea was amusing in and of itself.

Also made me laugh out loud, so props for that.

i half expect it to be trixe or rarity ask luna out

Nice twist! :ajsmug:

Oh yes, the twists are quite clever here. :trollestia:

I am actually upset at that twist XD I love this kind of thing...it was still great!

It's about love. :twilightblush:


I should have guessed the twist at the end.

Except I completely missed the comedy tag.

Still, I feel really sheepish.

Well, that was fun. I knew it wasn't what it seemed, but trying to suss out the truth was quite enjoyable. Didn't get it though. I figured the first friend was either Rainbow Dash or Pinkie. Don't know what I was thinking. You were writing this.

I saw it coming once Twilight mentioned the bad manners part.

Unfortunately the twist was spoiled when I saw the group additions in my news feed, so I saw it coming a mile away. Still, it was super cute and funny. :twilightblush: Celestia presuming she knows more than she actually does is a fun comedic recipe.

I would ask if I'm really that predictable, but I don't think I have plausible deniability. :twilightsheepish:

Tia is not going to be happy in a few hours.

Giggles all around. And it's a Rarijack story, hallelujah!

Celestia's attitude at the end gave me the most giggles. Get over yourself, Princess.

I want to come up with a clever metaphor for how the twist fell flat for me, like you twisted so hard it tore itself in half, but... I'm just underwhelmed, so I won't put any more effort into thinking of something clever than the effort that went into the story.

Calling this Twilestia is a bit disingenuous in my mind. Probably from the halfway point, I figured you were aiming for a twist regarding Rarity and Applejack and my prejudice against that ship makes the twist fall so much flatter.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


Wait... wrong kind of twist. :trixieshiftright:

Hopefully Rarity approves as well. :raritywink:

Well, I knew I'd probably end up disappointing a few people. Can't all be sunshine and rainbows. :rainbowderp:

I do actually write quite a bit of Twilestia; it is probably my second favorite ship at this point. Hopefully you'll enjoy one of my other stories more. :heart:

Seems at least a few other folks did guess it as well by the midway point.

Also I knew you were filthy Rarijack trash. That helped.

The worst Rarijack trash. Though in all fairness, I do actually write a fair bit of Twilestia.

Incidentally, those textual hints were entirely intentional. Twilight doesn't know she's in a ship tease, after all. It all makes perfect sense to her! She knows what she's saying. Clearly.

Glad I managed to make you laugh. :heart:

LOVE the ending! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I was kinda hoping for Applejack and Rara from the way things were starting off; something a bit more off the beaten path. Could have worked up to the "they've saved Equestria" bit, too.

Oh well, wasn't a bad read overall.

Love it hope to read a sequel were Celestia finaly figers out that Twilight really was talking to a friend and gets all sad about it. That is until she decided to go to Luna and ask for some advice about what to do about it.:twilightsmile:

I'm of two minds on this.

As someone who enjoys a good twist, I feel pretty :rainbowlaugh:

As someone who ships TwiLestia big time, I feel pretty :fluttershbad:

Thanks! I'm glad it worked for you. Always happy to know I made someone laugh. :heart:

You mean the one other Twilestia story, Forever and Again and Again? I did like it. I dunno what it is, but the last few shipping stories I've read have just cheated me out of a good ending and left me disappointed and I'm not sure if this is objectively worse than the other examples or if I'm just getting bitter about it.

Well, you know how we dragons are; it is easy to be of two minds on things when our heads are so large. :moustache:

If you're really itching for more Twilestia, one of my most popular stories is a Twilestia piece.

I have to admit, I knew I'd disappoint some of my fellow Twilestia fans with the ending, but such is the trouble with bait and switch stories, I suppose. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Fair enough. Happens sometimes.

And your comment made me realize that I have written a lot of Twilestia stuff that needs to be edited and posted. I had assumed I'd finished more than that. Clearly not. :trixieshiftright:

Though I suppose I write a lot more friendshipping-type stuff with them. Which also needs to be posted. :trixieshiftleft:

*cough* ANYWAY.

Have you read GAPJaxie's Regarding the Need for Sex Education? If you're looking for another Twilestia comedy story, you might enjoy it; it is one of my favorite stories.


Indeed, indeed. :moustache:

And are you kidding, I've had that baby liked/faved for months!

Baited.... and switched. I chuckled. Thanks.

I knew from the start that it really was for a friend, because that's the way to go these days.

I knew the "friend of a friend" was Rarity but I didn't have the right shipping-goggles on so the "friend" caught me off guard, I was thinking Pinkie instead.

Celestia not being as smart as she thinks she is is always something I like to see.

She should listen to her own advice and ask Twilight out herself. I don't really see enough fics where Celestia asks Twilight for dates instead of the other way around.
In fact I can't even think of one such story off the top of my head.

Fun little bite sized fic TD, keep up the good work.

So is celestia going to waiting for Twilight to confess her feelings for her now?


Not a bit. Nobody who writes as many reviews as you do was going to write a such a cliche straight as an entire story.

I have to admit, I don't think I've written a single shipfic that actually shipped Pinkie Pie with anyone. Clearly I need to get on top of that, especially now that HoofBitingActionOverload isn't writing ponyfic anymore. :pinkiesad2:

Gotta have someone carry that torch! :pinkiehappy:

She should listen to her own advice and ask Twilight out herself. I don't really see enough fics where Celestia asks Twilight for dates instead of the other way around.
In fact I can't even think of one such story off the top of my head.

I think one of the major barriers to people writing stories about Celestia asking out Twilight is the power differential between them; Twilight sometimes seems to worship the ground that Celestia walks on, and Celestia was Twilight's mentor (and still is, to a great extent), which can lead to the potentially squicky situation where readers feel like Celestia is abusing her power over Twilight, or at the very least doing something morally dubious where Twilight might have trouble saying no.

That's not to say that Celestia would, mind you (indeed, she'd be very squicked by the idea of abusing her power in that way), which is probably why a lot of people avoid Celestia being the person doing the chasing, so as to avoid the whole moral conundrum. Except in the stories where Celestia's feelings about that are at the center of the story. Of course, Celestia's own concerns about it being squicky might well be why she'd wait for Twilight to make the first move. Though Twilight has been Celestia's date to the Gala. Twice.

Speaking of Celestia asking out Twilight, have you read Sapidus3's Plus One? It is a comedic take on the idea of Celestia asking Twilight out.

Glad you liked the story!

Congrats on the feature!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks! I'm glad folks have been liking this. Always good to see that I wrote something that people found worth spending their time on. :twilightsmile:

Cute. :twilightsmile:

Small thing, right quick:

Twilight shifted back and forth on the sitting cushion...

Shouldn't it be the sitting mat, considering?

Thanks, glad you liked it!

And gah, thought I'd fixed all of those. Clearly not. Fixed. :heart:

I so called it as soon as it went to these sentences.

You see, this friend of a friend is pretty well-known here in Canterlot. She’s elegant and she carries herself with a lot of poise and confidence.

Surprisingly, I did not think of Celestia when I read that.:rainbowderp: I was just like, "Rarity, it's Rarity."

even if they’ve both saved Equestria a few times.

I just knew it was Rainbow Dash or Applejack.

I want a sequel now. Idk why.:derpytongue2:

Because everyone wants to see ponies nuzzling. :raritywink:

I wouldn't mind reading the next conversation between Twilight and Celestia; Celestia trying to tease a confession out of Twilight, and Twilight having absolutely no idea what she's talking about, until eventually the other shoe dropped.

6869913 No, I'm pretty sure it's bc I wanna see how Celestia will be when she realizes she's not getting a marefriend.:derpytongue2::scootangel:

She practically promised chocolates! :rainbowderp:

6869953 :rainbowlaugh:I can just imagine all the scenarios where the truth comes out.

Amusing story, I was actually expecting there to be a time break at the end were two weeks pass, and Luna and Twilight going out, with an irritated and huffy Celestia nearby.

Congrats on featured.

:facehoof:"Oh no, not this again..."
:facehoof:"First Moondancer, then Starlight, now you...?"
:trollestia:"What do you mean?"
:facehoof:"You have a crush on me!"

So Applejack is a faggot?

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