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At a tea party with all of her friends, Fluttershy returns from the kitchen to find her beloved Angel Bunny dead on the floor. Obviously, one of her friends must've been the culprit. That leaves Fluttershy wondering one very important question: "Okay! Who killed Angel Bunny?"

But maybe not for the reasons everyone might think.

Now with a youtube reading! HERE!

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Well that was a nice story. But, I'm just wondering, why is Angel Bunny so evil?

Fluttershy has every right to kill Angel, and you ruined it! :ajsleepy: Oh well, at least she has a new animal to hate. :ajbemused:

I was hoping for that ending the whole time I was reading. I was not disappointed. +1.

So....that just happened:rainbowderp:

This was a thing that happened.

Pause #7 · Jan 7th, 2016 · · ·


"I think the real question is 'Who didn't kill Angel Bunny?'".

6808107 He's the shows ways of representing socialism. It seems so nice and amazing on the outside, but then you when you switch to socialism/let Angel Bunny into your home, you realize that it's actually terrible. It suddenly starts demanding far more than it could ever give, demanding billions in taxpayer money/carrots. Even still, it continues to look lovely to the outside world, which is one the most insidious aspects. It corrupts young minds, making the next generation into socialists/want to pet bunnies. There is one up side however, as shown in the story: the ability to being able deliver the death blow. And like Fluttershy to Angel Bunny, the U.S.A is just waiting for the perfect moment to nuke Sweden into oblivion.

poetic justice :fluttercry: you stole my thunder :applejackunsure: sorry about that

Angle Bunny is Angel's Nice Twin, Applejack. Everypony knows that.


Huh, I guess that makes sense. Sad, it just had to make all the bunnies in the world look worse.

Well, looks like fluttershy's shed is useless now. :trollestia:

6808262 except for the puppy that bit her.

We are gathered here to pay tribute to Angel Bunny XIV, a good friend and loyal companion, who should have been able to duck faster. Isn't that right, Angel Bunny XV?

I killed the wabbit


Seriously, I don't even.

And this is why I'm convinced the desolate wasteland future in the finale was the future where ANGEL won...

6808875 Welcome to the club.

Derpy you little edgelord I love you.

derpy is the best. There's a reason I follow the guy.

funny story. Favorited and liked.

This was awesome!




Should have killed the little bucker a long time ago!!!

I've always figure that Angel was a direct descendant of The Beast of Caerbannog.

The First Evil Rabbit and the Horrible Progenitor of Angle Bunny. The Beast of Caerbannog!

"National Bunny Crunch Day"? I'm reminded of "Weasel Stomping Day".

Faces filled with joy and cheer!
What a magical time of year!
Howdy-ho, it's Bunny Crunching Day!

This is incredible :rainbowlaugh:

I bet the climax of Fluttershy's scheme would have been to lure Angel Bunny into a shed where he thinks he's safe, only to turn on the lights...

...and the shed is filled to the brim with Holy Hand Grenades of Antioch.

I don't know why but I didn't really enjoy this story. Sorry author.

This... this is perfect. This is perfect in every way. The entire time I was all like,

6808197 You really want to live in world without meatballs, ABBA, and IKEA?

I have a better question: It's Angel Bunny, so who the fuck cares?

But seriously, I don't think I've ever laughed this hard at a FIMfiction story. :rainbowlaugh: This was just so perfect. Like. Fave. Follow. ALLA DAT!

Bravo, sir. Bravo! :pinkiehappy:

6810561 Just have Switzerland handle those things, they're practically the same country.

Simply magnificent. Splendid. Perfect. It's glorious!:moustache:

Fluttershy held the letter up so everyone could see it. She pointed to the last line. “Signed, Angle Bunny. Angle Bunny!?”

The note was completely legit up to that point.

“Because I wanted to kill him.” HAHAHAHA!!!!

Wow...I was not expecting that, haha. :rainbowlaugh:

Nobody wacks my bunny but ME :flutterrage:
wait no that's not...:fluttershyouch:

It was Roger Rabbit.

Point ninenineninenineninenineninenineninenineninenineninenineninenineninenineninenineninenineninenine (insert the portal reference video.)

Goddamnit. You had to politicize, didn't you?

AJ done killed tge the wabbit. Good twist.

This stopped being funny as soon as you mentioned Sombra. Then it got slightly funny again with the reminder of "Weasel Stomping Day".

If you were going to include Sombra then mention his horn and found remains or something! ...unless he was in tuned with the Force.

6813316 Must've been Apple Buck season. ...or rabbit season.

Every time I look in the Featured box, I see the same damn name. You name, Mr. Derp.

Where do you live?

Because wherever it is, I'd like to visit that place and see if I can draw any inspiration to write a decent fanfic. Preferably for my character/buddy, Unique.

Oh, and keep the great stories coming. The more of your material that's in the Featured box, the less space there'll be for another cliche 10-minute written copy-paste clopfic!

In fact, you know what? Just just just take a follow from me, yeah? Yeah? YEAH!?! HAVE A FOLLOW YOU GLORIOUS PERSON!

You know, I kinda saw it comming, the note at the bottom of the summary pratically sold it... :applejackunsure:

“Because I wanted to kill him.”



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