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Twilight finds herself desperately seeking Uranus.

Because we all need to let our inner twelve year-old loose every once in a while. Posted in response to a challenge by MythrilMoth and all blame goes to him.

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It was gut-bustingly funny as a comment reply, and just as a good as a story in its own right. Welcome to the ranks of the published, Zef, and the dubious pleasure that comes from having fans of your work waiting impatiently for more :rainbowlaugh:.

Okay, there are litterally millions of Jokes I could make about this fanfic

I could go the simple route and basically have the same reaction I picture most readers will have


I could make a Sailor Moon joke


Or I could simply express the notion that it took someone so long to make this joke


.....Eh screw it I'll just do this

This is... FANTASIC!!!! :rainbowlaugh: This is Twilight's face::twilightangry2:

Good lord...that was horrible!

...in a good way.

This is why censors exsist, but this makes it even funnier. Good job.


This was priceless! One of the best comedies to ever exist! :rainbowlaugh:

See, this kind of thing is exactly why the scientists of the future decided to rename the planet. These kinds of jokes are too easy, and can come too quickly.

Someone should recommend the actual renaming of Uranus to Urectum.

Using that joke once is juvenile. Using it dozens and dozens of times in a row is amazing.

Regidar #9 · Jan 16th, 2016 · · 3 ·

Of course this would be inspired by Mythrilmoth
what with his scatological obsession, and everything

Bruh :rainbowlaugh: this is an instant favorite story for me! I love what you wrote! :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

I uh........I........nope. I got nothin.

I didn't think one could write so many jokes with Uranus. Nicely done!

I'll be honest and admit I haven't laughed that hard at a fic in forever. Great job :rainbowlaugh:

You're fired. Clean out your desk. Take the Moth with you.

I'll be like "Hey, bro did you watch the meteor shower last night?"

My friend be like "Yeah, with my girlfriend. It was romantic. What did you do?"

And I said "Yeah, I did something, watchin uranus":twilightsheepish:

He was like "...wot?..."

yeah, this was awkward and amusing XD good job.

I'm so done right now.

Fun facts of the day!

Did you know that Uranus has a volume that is around sixty three times greater than the Earth? And it has twenty seven known moons orbiting around it, due to it's massiveness?

:facehoof: What? I had to!

I never thought a story would make me laugh so hard. I repeatedly had to stop and grab my heart wondering if I was having a heart attack for a brief moment before continuing.

You horribly funny fiend! You! I will never stop laughing every time I think of this story. I'll be in a funeral or something and suddenly this story pops into my head and i'll get beat up for being an insensitive jerk. So expect some medical bill some time in the future.
This line though....

"Aaanyway, I'm gonna go and photocopy my butt to send to Twilight." Rainbow grinned, smoothing out her tail. "Serves her right for screaming about how much she wants it!"

Could be a whole for a story in itself...

Good job writer!

After reading this and thinking for a few moments on what to comment on this well put together story, I blame this also :unsuresweetie:

I facepalmed so many times at the stupidity of this. :rainbowlaugh:

It was too good. I have tears in my eye and cramps in my abs.... I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Thank you. Just thank you for this. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm too scientific for this story. I couldn't help but keep mentally pronouncing it "YUR-ah-nus." :fluttershysad:

That being said, this was still pretty fun. Especially the end. Other than Uranus not generating its own light... unless Celestia compressed it so much that she initiated fusion, which is probably within her purview. Still, that leads to its own issues. See what I mean about being too scientific for this story?

Love that Luna was the only one that got it. Especially since I was expecting Pinkie, with her not-quite-right mind to understand perfectly.

Yep. I'm still a child.

Thanks for the read.

Oh boy. Finest comedy I've read today! I should check Uranus in the sky if it's still there.

That was good stuff Zef. Good stuff. :pinkiehappy:

Reminds me of something that happened to me at my old job a few years ago...
So the boss comes back to my cage, and goes through my bolt bin looking for a 3/8 coarse thread nut, for some bolts for a truck they are working on. The ones he wanted were in the wrong place.
He calls me over to the bin and tells me that my nuts are two different sizes. He said that if you look at them closely you could see the difference in the size of my nuts. I acknowledged that no, I do not closely examine my nuts, and that it is possible that they are two or more different sizes. He said that the next time he examined my nuts that he expected them to be the same size. I told him I would get right on it.
Much as I didn’t want to do it, I was forced to reach in and pull out my nuts right then and there. And I admit that after careful examination, that my nuts were two different sizes. I spent the next 15 minutes moving my nuts around until they were balanced out. Unfortunately as I was juggling my different sized nuts from hand to hand they fell out onto the floor. I had to laboriously bend to the task of picking my nuts up of the floor dusting them off, and putting them back where they belong. Finally I got my nuts all sorted out and back in place. My fingers were tired from moving my nuts around so much, but I had to admit the effect was worth it.
My nuts never looked better. :raritywink:

Why all of a sudden... I just laughed and spilled my juice all over myself for half an hour, just by seeing the picture of the story, the description and it's title? I'll never know... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This was utterly puerile and immature.

And I laughed.

Somewhere between eighteen hours and fifty years later:

Twilight: "Shiny and Cadence did WHAT!?!?!?!?!?"

This was pure genius, sir. Well done.

Congrats on your first story. I laughed so hard. :rainbowlaugh:

Though this is why if must speak about Uranus, I would pronounce it more like the French since it would be more close to the Latin origin of the name.

Also why was I sure that when it would be Pinkie's turn, she would be more inclined to let Twilight study her butt than the others. Is she that obvious or is their a ton of stories focusing on her plot here ?

Anyway now they can put this story behind them, but this prove that ponies should get to the bottom of these to avoid unwanted innuendos.

Sorry I had to do it.

Thats Yur-uh-nuhs.

Luna rolled her eyes. "I believe she means the planet, Sister?"

Ah, trust the mare who's culturally a thousand years behind everypony else to understand exactly what Twilight's talking about. :rainbowlaugh:

So it has come to this.....

I had to alter how I pronounced the planet, as I pronounce it as "Urine-us"

On another note.


I really shouldn't have laughed at this as hard as I did.

Damn hilarious, and deserving of an instant fav

...I'm not sure whether I should say, "Goddamnit, Zef" or "Goddamnit, Moth."

Damn, this has once again restored my faith in humanity.

hilarious in a way that makes me feel guilty from loving this. Favorited and liked.

we have successfully learned quiet a bit about many a pony, i guess even mares are not immune to the self conscious ideology that is the female figure

Lemme just leave it here

"Darling, I am not that limber," she finally said. She blew out the side of her mouth at a stray lock of mane. "And, I assure you, there are no gems there for me, or any pony to find."

Twilight looked pensive. "I suppose you're right. It's mostly gas. Any solids in Uranus would gravitate inwards to the core."

Rarity raised herself straight up on the windowsill, her mouth gaping soundlessly as no scream of indignation could possibly match what she felt.

:rainbowlaugh: That really has to be my favourite line in this. It's just so utterly perfect for the character.


Urine-us? Who peed in your Khorne Flakes? :twistnerd:

It's only one joke.

But it's also hilarious...

Ooh, you're good.

My inner twelve-year-old appreciates this fic. :rainbowlaugh:

And all the while the inner grammar nazi is screaming "IT'S PRONOUNCED ÖRA-nus NOT yur-ĀNIS!":twilightangry2:

My inner 12-year-old approves.

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