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I dunno if I can be your favorite, but if you like my writing, that's pretty good in my book.


Pinkie wakes up sick one morning, which is just about the worst thing she can think of!

But Fluttershy will be there to make things better. Things are always better with Fluttershy around.

Also, check out the artist's deviantArt gallery! His pony stuff is all adorable, and I just went on a massive upvote spree of all his pictures on Derpibooru. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to see a doctor. I think my heart has melted from all the cuteness.

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It's not that way in the fic. I just couldn't find anything better-fitting for the cover.

Seriously, there's almost nothing for Fluttershy cheering up a sick Pinkie.

I don't think it was smart of Flutters to have sudden somewhat intimate mouth contact with Pinkie. I mean, what if she gets sick too? Then there wouldn't be anypony to take care of her animals. There will be a riot on Ponyville's hooves... A cute snuggly furry riot.

That was a cute story. You managed to capture Pinkie's character in a brilliant fashion, which is quite hard to do. The chemistry between her and Fluttershy was also great, and I couldn't help but smile after reading it. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and thanks for the wonderful story. :twilightsmile:

I don't think she was really thinking about the consequences.

Thank you! I really wanted to make sure I got Pinkie right. That was actually the whole point of the story, and the romance bit just came up after I started writing. I think this one ended up more character-focused than usual and less story-focused. Anyway, it was a ton of fun to write, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! :pinkiehappy:

Hgnnnnng! (Sound of me having a heart attack like I need another one)

That was the plan! :raritywink:

Oh no, not another one! Quick, Fluttershy! Grab the defibrillator!

Oh, my heart. This was way too cute.

Shall I ready the defibrillator again? Fluttershy is standing by.

First-person Pinkie Pie is something I don't see nearly enough of. It doesn't hurt that this is an adorable story, either.

Too late - I already died. Good thing I'm a demon baby - hell gave me an express ticket back upwards.

Yeah, I really wanted to do first-person Pinkie. It's not something that's often seen, and it just seemed like fun to do! (It was, by the way. I've very rarely been as productive as I was when I was writing this. 1k/hour was effortless writing from Pinkie's perspective.)

Thank you!

Okay, well, at least I didn't permanently kill you.

Uh, you're not mad about me killing you with cute, right?

Phew! I don't know what the consequences are of ticking off a demon baby, but I'm not particularly inclined to find out.

Wow. That was wonderful. I think you did a very nice job with Pinkie's voice, here. I really liked seeing this more serious side of Pinkie, but still with that silliness she's so known for. Also, very nice job with the sickness. Gave me flashbacks to times I've had the flu. I found this pretty much by accident and read it on a whim because it sounded cute. Cute it was, along with very enjoyable. Nice work.

Thank you! I really tried to make sure I nailed Pinkie's voice. It seems that I have done well in that regard.

Hard telling. Probably someone who didn't like the ship. Or who wanted to wreck the rating. Or maybe it was someone who just simply didn't like what I wrote.

Really not worth worrying about, I don't think.

I have written a review of this story; it can be found here.

5747339 Maybe they missed the like button?

...somehow :unsuresweetie:

Her face went really red then. Like, I’ve seen tomatoes that were less red than her face. Ripe ones, too, not the icky green ones that taste bad and make you sick.

Wait a second, is that how she got sick?...Because that actually makes a ton of sense.

Or maybe they didn't.
Not everyone's gonna like a story, you know. And some have higher standards than most.

That said, decent effort, TOW. I still have the same issues with this fic that I had before, but there's no denying that your writing is getting better. I'll leave this unrated.

edit: congrats on the feature, btw. About time.

edit edit:

Fluttershy will be there to make things better. Things are always better with Fluttershy around.

Truer words never spoken.

I'm taking a break from Life cereal commercials to read pony fanfiction. :trollestia:

And to be fair, a Not Recommended does not necessarily equal a downvote; Not Recommended means either no vote or downvote, as I don't differentiate between them (in part because of deliberate ambiguity on my part, but also to lessen the sting of a NR; a lot of people get upset when you directly tell them that you downvoted their story). They're about 50/50 either way.

I need.... I need to follow you now.... Thank you for this:rainbowkiss:

The Emperor approves of this sugary sweetness, though lets try to avoid having anyone weaponize this...the death toll would be horrifying otherwise. But here have a magic alien sapient space tree! -don't ask him how it works , go bother Japan for that-

what have you done to me? it's too fluffy! too cute

I hate myself for saying this, but I think I need to watch some tiarawhy to feel normal again

...until the next chapter:fluttershbad:

Awwww.... I may ship cheesypie, but I can't deny the adorableness of this! It's so fluffy and cute and HNNNNNNGH
You also wrote Pinkie Pie perfectly, which is a rare thing. I love it!

I don't think she was sick there, no. That was just a blush.


That said, decent effort, TOW. I still have the same issues with this fic that I had before, but there's no denying that your writing is getting better. I'll leave this unrated.

Fair 'nough.

edit: congrats on the feature, btw. About time.

Only took 18 tries! And I legitimately thought this one wasn't gonna hit feature after it was sitting at 16th non-mature at about 1am.

edit edit:

Fluttershy will be there to make things better. Things are always better with Fluttershy around.

Truer words never spoken.

Darn right. :raritywink:

Thank you for reading!

Yeah, weaponized cute would be horrifying. Diabeetus everywhere. Insulin shortages.

But hey, a better way to go than existing weapons!

I have finally gotten here on my own. I halfway counted, due to collabing with Flint Sparks, but now I am officially part of the club.

Yes, good. The diabeetus is setting in!

You can support rival ships. Heck, I ship Fluttershy with just about everyone. Her ships are all so cute!

And yes, thank you. I really wanted to make sure I got Pinkie right. From what I've heard, it seems that I succeeded on that front.

5748722 It always annoys me when Pinkie's a non sequitur generator that sorta floats outside conversations, creating an impression that she's the friend nopony likes.
...Which you didn't do. I loved how you wrote her!

Yes, that annoys me too. Even the show is guilty of it when she isn't the focus. She's got a lot going on under the surface, it's just that it's hard to show that sometimes.

About time, indeed. I'll just be collecting my hoersfames now.

5748795 It's a shame, really, I feel like she's one of the most complex characters in the show. Now, if only the show would draw attention to it more often...

Simple solution: Season 5 is Pinkie's season. Every episode is about Pinkie. Since they'd all be about Pinkie, they would actually get her right, and it'd be amazing.

Oh. Oh wow.

This is pretty good so far.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Brilliant work, dude.

Truly brilliant.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Not enough Spike. 0/10. Such scrub, author. :trollestia:

Jk, Ily bby.

iknorite? I must hate him or something, since I don't include him everywhere.

Even though I have before.


“And I thought that your last few relationships failed miserably before they even got off the ground.”

Hey, at least she knows what not to do.

That's one way of looking at it. Probably the healthiest way.

Thank you!

5746527 We'd have another bunny stampede!

5748822 That's really saying something too, considering that each of the mane six are more complex than most other characters in fiction I've seen.

This is just too fluffin' cute.

You know considering Fluttershy kissed Pinkie while she was still sick... kinda makes me wonder how Fluttershy didn't catch her cold... I honestly was expecting it... oh well still an awesome read.

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