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In this special, Sunset Shimmer found herself turned back into her unicorn form. She calls for Princess Twilight and her friends to help her find the source of transformation magic.

This is the first of the Equestria Girls specials to crossover with Friendship is Magic.


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Good start to this story.

I only have one basic caveat about it: in just about everything I've watched since Rainow Rocks, Sunset and the girls have been called "the Rainbooms", not the "Equestria Girls".
That's what the franchise about them is called.

Other than that, great story so far.

I'm confused... Is this story an adaptation of an upcoming Equestria Girls cartoon or not?

Did it seem better to tell apart the characters' counterparts when I colored the ponies' names?

It's a story version of my blog on wiki. The link is under the poster.

I’m sorry, but this is really bad. We just go from one scene to the next without almost no context. It really doesn’t help that grammar is otherworldly bad

Good start, but I think we could use more information in scenes, and it jumps from scene to scene really quickly. It still feels much like the synopsis rather than a fleshed-out story.

How would I add more information, this is my first time I write of this site.

Just flesh out the scenes more, make it less abridged. For example, the scenes of the Mane 5 showing the Rainbooms around could have a lot more to them.

Maybe read some other stories on this site, see how it's done.

Most of the first chapter seems fine.

Was quite surprised to seeing how it ended but I see what you did and I like it

Well this sure went down an unexpected road

You should add the song you wrote.

I don't know it allows me to add links in the chapters like how we do on the wiki articles. If you know what I mean.

I meant put the lyrics in. Instead of just saying "they perform the song Friends of Harmony," actually show them singing it.

You'll find a poll in the comments of the song's blog to tell how you liked it.


There're other vote polls on the wiki site above and in the comments section.

I also have a few drawings on derpibooru, tagged fanfic:magic show of friendship

What did you think when I added the song at the end?

Wasn't expecting to see the human 6, and human cmc still stuck as animals without wearing that bracelet but good ending

They're not stuck as animals. They all have bracelets, so they can transform into animals whenever they want to.

This is now one of my favorite stories.

What do you like about it?

The idea of the ponies meeting their human counterparts, how both Trixie's play a part, and to me, if this was animated, it might make a better send-off of Equestria Girls than Holidays Unwrapped.

there's a vote poll on the wiki site of favorite parts, the first part of your comment is on it.

Really? Where is it? i'd like to see it.

click on the wiki link above and look in the comment section.

Found it and did a vote. can't wait to see this on fanfiction.

I thought of writing a shorts series that take place during this special. It'll take time for me to write, here's the site:


Can EG Spike be in the story, to meet his counterpart, and help the girls stop Jack Pot?

I might add him to the short series.

That's a good idea. I gave you an idea at Fandom. And Of course you can add a few changes.

I just noticed that the cover art is edited. The cutoffs on Sunset's mane and Applejack's hat are fixed.

Anyone else could share Magic Shorts ideas if they want. Only write in the comments of the blog site on wiki.

I like to see a sneak peak of the shorts

I notice in some my sentences, there are big spaces between words, which I didn't do. Has that happened before?

This story gets a 6/10 Above Average from me. Great idea marred by terribly stilted writing that devolves into plot synopsis writing at points.

I great way to start off the story.

The humans meets the ponys.

Bout time we get to see the ponies in the human world.

Well, now we know who has the diamond.

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