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Rainbows at night. Strange apparitions in the sky. Seismic disturbances. Bizarre rumors.

No doubt about it...there's definitely something strange going on at Canterlot High School.

Twilight Sparkle is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

But are the Rainbooms ready to deal with this Twilight Sparkle?

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About time someone put this idea into words.

Not bad, but I'm pretty sure a rated everyone fic wouldn't use stuff like "That's trippy", or "holy crap". :applejackunsure:

Ah, so you're going the whole "Humanverse Sunset Shimmer is dead" route. But considering everything human Twilight did to find out, I think it's safe to say that this fic's rating should be bumped up to Teen. :trixieshiftleft:

Twilight's going into Obsessive Mode! ...but I think she has some good reasons to be! XD

Anyway, awesome start!

5304585 Uhh...they're not swear words, and they've been used in cartoons for years. :ajbemused:

5304609 ...how exactly do you figure that? Seriously, you're not making one bit of sense here. In any event, it was approved at Everyone, so...yeah.

"Funny, I could've sworn Sunset Shimmer's period wasn't due for like, another eight days..."
"And how do you know that?" Rainbow asked.
Pinkie giggled. "Silly! I know when all of you have your periods. I keep track!"
"Oh...my. I...don't know how to feel about that," Fluttershy said.

You should feel disturbed that one of your "friends" knows about when you are on your period! :pinkiesick:

"Trust you? I don't even know you! And what little I do know about you tells me your life is a lie."

Human Twilight would be great at Cinema Sins. :twistnerd:

5304613 If they are, I haven't heard of them. And that period comment alone should've warranted a Teen rating. That is definitely NOT something that a little kids cartoon would talk about. I mean, there was an episode of Dexter's Lab that was pulled because had swearing censored with the traditional censor bleeps.

5304633 You're honestly overreacting to this. "Everyone" does not equal "Y-rated". It equals "G-rated". And there's a rather broad definition of what's acceptable for that rating. A mention of periods is not going too far...hell, periods have been topics in books for young readers for decades.

I do understand your concerns, but you're frankly overreacting to...basically everything. If there was a need for the Teen rating, I'd have put it at Teen. In fact, I bumped it DOWN from Teen because the mention of periods, which was a one-off thing, is the strongest thing that's going to be in this story.

Also, once again, this passed moderation at the Everyone rating exactly as it is.

Anyhoobles, this story looks fun, Mythril! AHMMA READIT! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

Is it wrong that I keep on expecting Human!Twilight to suddenly start skipping about in a circle, gleefully chanting "I'm a pony princess" over and over? Or for Pinkie Pie to show up, gasp, immediately figure out what's going on, and throw an impromptu "Double Twilight" party?

Regardless, this story is watched.

Well, this is going to be fun!

Is it weird I have this sudden mental image of Shining Armor showing up to visit Princess Twilight, and tackling Twilight while shouting "Changeling!"?

Also looking forward to what will happen when everyone else meets Twilight. Also, loved that line, "Shining Armor doesn't count."

"Funny thing, there was this pink pony with big blue eyes just like mine and big poofy pink hair just like mine staring back at me."


I see what you did there!

Human Sunset dead? That's just low

5304679 Ooh, does this mean she can throw a Double Rainbow party later, too?

It really is the only way. Sad to say, Twilight just isn't a very good scientist when it comes to phenomena outside of her comfort zone. She basically needs to have the evidence slammed into her face at least once.

In any case, definitely looking forward to more on this one.

Future Twilight reference, YES!

Very nice story so far. Looking forward to more.

5304703 LOL you have great timing I read your comment and that image just after that scene played on the TV here. :rainbowlaugh:

2 things:

1st and foremost - I really need to get around to watching the movies... :twilightblush:

2nd - Even without having seen either movie yet, I can easily tell that this will be fun. :pinkiehappy:

Maybe not "holy crap" but "that's trippy" should be fine, since the show itself uses alcohol and drug references.

You realize that in FiM, Twilight Sparkle broke into the Canterlot Archives to find a spell, and stalked Pinkie Pie for a whole day to try and find out how Pinkie Sense works, right? Nothing human Twilight did here is outside what could happen in the show.

5304990 I'll only say this: one episode of Dexter's Laboratory had a substitute PE teacher say, "What's this crap?" IIRC.


"And how do you know that?" Rainbow asked.
Pinkie giggled. "Silly! I know when all of you have your periods. I keep track!"

Now that might actually warrant a Teen rating. I'm not sure though.

5305107 What's with all the wannabe content police today? :ajbemused:

I'm liking this. Please continue. :ajsmug:

Is Twilight's pony form a unicorn? Because, it really wouldn't make sense for her to be an Alicorn.


Hey, if Pinkie Pie can find an excuse, she'll throw whatever party she wants.

5305155 Yeah, EG!Twilight is a unicorn. It'll be revealed in the next chapter that she looks exactly like Twilight did at the beginning of the series.

girls are all taught that stuff generally between eight and ten years of age. Talking about periods doesn't warrant a teen rating, even if Pinkie's a bit creepy about keeping track of her friends' time of the month :rainbowwild:

Now Tracking. Looks like it's going to be a good read.

5305199 Hey, keeping track of that falls right in line with Pinkie's entire purpose in life. Think about it!

Well, well well. I almost didn't read this, then I realized Mythril wrote it, and the premise seemed solid. I dove in to find a story I want to see updated, as usual. As always, great work, Mythril! :pinkiehappy:

This story has caught my attention :twilightsmile: I can just imagine Human Twilight (turned pony) Suffering from a mental BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

"Horses don't come in colors like that.

... But humans do apparently. :ajbemused:

Princess Twilight sighed. "So this is how I'd have turned out if Celestia had never sent me to Ponyville..." Her eyes were moist with unshed tears. "I feel so sorry for you..."

Judge a book by its cover much? Seriously, they're taking their first impression of human Twilight and extrapolating it to fit her whole personality as if being hostile when being confronted by the unbelievable is not a reasonable reaction. People fear and lash out at what they don't understand; people who may be perfectly kind and reasonable in other situations. Even if this Twilight does turn out to be a stick in the mud, it doesn't change the fact that her reactions to the current situation are reasonable; for all she knows, the princess and Sunset Shimmer could be evil doppelgangers bent on replacing the originals. Heck, I'd probably be wondering if Sunset was responsible for her counterparts death at this point and if I was going to be next.
Also, if I found out the other me was living in the lap of luxury while I lived a mediocre life, I'd be liable to kill them and take their place. And I definitely would be pissed if they said they felt sorry for me. Sorry for what? That you had everything given to you on a silver platter and I didn't? F-You! A quote, "She was born lucky; I was lucky to be born."
Also, about Pinkie keeping track of her friends periods; perfectly logical thing to do. I keep track of the cycles of all the girls in my life; helps me know when to avoid them.

Did you read my earlier comments:

I have no idea what Mr./Mrs. Wannabe Content Police was doing, but I wasn't part of it.

Where's Discord in the picture?!? He has to be their now that he's reformed and all. If the princesses are there why not Discord?


You should feel disturbed that one of your "friends" knows about when you are on your period! :pinkiesick:

Well keeping track of it, yes. But just knowing when you have it... Well if your really really moody at a set time every x number of days/weeks, it wouldn't be too hard to figure out. But keeping track? As in writing it down every time it happens and planned out when it happens in the future? I don't think even Pinkie would do that.

5305432 Sorry, my bad. Just a little annoyed at all that. :twilightsheepish:

5305135 I have to agree with Mythril, it's getting a bit absurd here.

It's just a story, we should really just relax. :ajsleepy:

Already excited for the next chapter!

Hmm, bold move with the adoption angle. Kinda sudden... and Sunset went from shy and scared to wailing in tears kinda quickly. Probably could have stretched that moment out a bit.

But still, I am digging this even more now! Great job!

Princess Twilight isn't "Judging a book by its cover". She IS the book. I think her assumption that Human Twilight is a loner is a pretty good one, since she lived that life herself. She also knows that the Human counterparts have the same personalities as the ponies, so she knows how Human Twilight would act.

Also, Human Twilight seems reasonably smart. She wouldn't think Sunset Shimmer killed Human Sunset because she was three years old at the time. Three year olds don't usually murder people to take their place. Also, they haven't done anything else evil, and Princess Twilight hasn't killed Human Twilight to take her place, so that assumption would be ridiculous for Human Twilight to make.

It's odd that Pinkie Pie would keep track of something that affects her friends moods? The same (functionally) Pinkie Pie who knows how many days till the next birthday of everyone in Ponyville? I'd be more surprised if she didn't.

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