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Brony from North East England. Avid reader of MLP fanfics. Usually like doodling. Stories I may write may reflect what sort of mood I'm in.


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Don't think there be many that read this. You may have noticed the two stories on here have disappeared. Well that's because I've deleted them. I felt that they were poor. I am currently writing something else that is a bit different to what I expected myself to write. I don't know if it's just going to be the one off thing, it will depends if it's popular or not.

I hope to get it done by the weekend though.

Anyway enjoy yourselves.

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Email them here ukponycon@googlemail.com and see what they say.

I meant to come as a guest ;)

Last time I check the amount of weekend tickets that were left were very low. It's in a place called Nottingham.

Maybe I should come to UK Ponycon.

Hi Fiaura

I've added Bone Daddy to my reading list, I've yet to read Luna Wakes up to Marehood, but will be getting around to it soon with having so much stories to read.

As for Bronyscot, it is possible they have you as a Community Guest, sadly I won't be attending the event because I feel that the price for one day is a bit too much. I am however attending UK Ponycon in Nottingham in October.

I have also joined your discord. Though I cannot promise if I'm going to be very active.

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