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Based off Don't Tell Me You're Too Blind To See by Susnet

Sunset Shimmer is tired of having to prove herself in front of those who won't give her a second chance. Her reformation seems more like a burden than anything. After a stressful day at school, Sunset decides it's better she just give up on Friendship. Feeling defeated once again, Sunset takes a late night stroll through the city....only to bump into...herself?

First featured on 4/18/2015!

This story takes place before Rainbow Rocks, making it AU since it branches off into something else, I believe.

Pre-read and edited by GaleSinger
Cover Art by 0Bluse (Bluse)

Chapters (38)
Comments ( 985 )

So this is the story you were writing, eh?

5865831 Yup. I'm a big Sunset Shimmer fan so it took me a while to get the chapter just right.

Wow... And I thought I had problems... Great story..


wow Trixie just wow

Oh my Gawdina Grimmfeathers. That was kinda layin it on thick, dontchya think? Holy crap...

Dear god... it has begun.

Trixie really aughta just go fall off a cliff

Yep........let the amazing stuff begin XD.

Also, yeah Rory is my reaction as well :D

.......Trixie, I do like you but... FUCK YOU IN THIS STORY! :flutterrage:

Why does this song come to mind when I'm reading this chapter of sadness?

EEEEEEKK! I'm so excited \(^.^)/

5871002 Hey, Shaud! Look everyone, it's the author of the story this is based off of! Bombard them with likes and loves!

5871014 ^///^ Aw shucks. I have to say, the ONLY bad thing about this story... Is now I need to get my butt into gear and finish mine!

Ooh, foreshadowing...

Uh oh this isn't going to be good

Ah, yes, the convenience of one of them going by 'Shimmer' so as not to cause confusion...

Rofl, great chapter! Can't wait for more!

Oh, this is gonna be fun. :pinkiecrazy:

Double Diamond. LAST CHAPTER I WAS LIKE 'I wonder if Double Diamond is going to be here?'

5878928 I foreshadowed it....HA HAHAHAHAHA

Ohhh... I get it...

5879997 HAHAHAHA!!!!! More like :twilightangry2: at the moment!

Oh man she's already ruining friendships

Ohhh, tensions a-risin'!

wait a minute... shouldn't Sunset realize she has a doppelganger :unsuresweetie: ? I mean sure she would be confused at first, BUT it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.
at least not if you know about the whole "parallel universe" thing :rainbowhuh:

5881376 This is true. However, Sunset isn't necessarily thinking about that. Before she came into the shop she was having a hard time with her emotions because of Trixie's words. Right now, she's sulking. So her thought process is more on " I'm mad. Friendship means nothing. I don't care about anything." Also, it's really late at night, at around 10, so she's tired as well as annoyed with everything and everyone pretty much.

5881904 momentary stupidity, got it :pinkiehappy:

Jeebus Christmas, this is gunna get hairy :rainbowlaugh:

5870512 ikr :ajsmug: Trixie needs to step down. Oh man, if I were in that room...

Oh I just can't wait to see what happens between Shimmer and Double and Sugar. :rainbowderp:
You had me on the edge of my seat! :derpyderp2:

finally! been waiting to see how they'd react. kind of a let down, really. if i suddenly ran into my perfect double, i'd have gone 100% conspiracy theorist.

Activate the destruction of the universe...

Just kidding. Finally, Sunset met her match... Literally.

Finally! Can't wait for freak out!:derpytongue2:

Uwa! Cliffhanger!:pinkiegasp: I want to know what happens next! :fluttershyouch:

Let the mind f*ck begin...

Let the narcissism begin!

It's gonna be awesome!

At last they meet! :pinkiecrazy:

DANGNABBIT! I did it again! Just like last time, I forgot to add this sorry to one of my libraries, and in doing so I didn't get notifications for updates...

That picture is soo squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

I like that Tavi profile pic

Lol! !!!
I just realised I read shaud's story probably before or around the time I met you

5889200 Dude, how many times are you going to forget to add my stories to your library? :rainbowlaugh:

Answer for EDIT: That picture came just in time. Not many people were drawing Sunset with her revised choice of clothing.

Answer for ANOTHER EDIT: Thanks! It was just too awesome not to use it as my avatar pic!

Answer for FINAL EDIT: Man, you edit a lot. It did come out around the time I first came to this site. Like near Christmas? I have no idea why I didn't see it before! It's an amazing story.

5888963 Yup. I would do that, too. But Shimmer got a blow to the head on the concrete and her nose is bleeding so her thinking wasn't exactly on point.

apparently it (shaud's story) was originally intended as a joke of sorts, but became way more popular than he/she had thought it would

it's funny that I actually saw the channel with all those songs and "the past is not today" was the only one I actually watched.

Honestly I like the new clothing setup/ character design alot more than the old one.

FINAL EDIT: I didn't actually edit this :derpytongue2:

REAL EDIT: "edit"has stopped sounding like a word :facehoof:

the 'Midnight bus' pulled off before even closing the narrow double doors.

I think it should be "its narrow double doors."

Looking at the phone one more time she groaned and put her phone away for the billionth time.

You could avoid needless repetiton by changing it to "her phone" the first time, and then replacing "her phone" to "It" the second time.

the phone buzzed and she looked looked at the screen eagerly.


She placed thumb on the screen and tapped away furiously on her phone.

"Placed a thumb"? "She pressed her thumb on the phone's screen and tapped away furiously."?

But Sugar Belle had never sent a threatening message to her to call the police. And nothing was funny about threatening to call the police.

I think it would be better if it was like this: "never sent her a message threatening to call the police.". also, I believe it should be "And there was nothing funny about"... And I can say for certain, there's nothing funny about that, if you're on the receiving end. Seeing it happen to someone else though?

Though it was the first time this has ever happened, she better not send the message. If what Sugar Belle is saying is true, she would be sleeping in a cell that night. Shimmer deleted her message and put her phone back in her pocket. The girl sighed shakily. what had caused her friend to send such a text? What did she mean when she said she'd arrest her for assault and how was she harassing her?

You need to work on your wording. Mostly at the end of that pharagraph. Too many "her's" and "she's"...
When you say "What did she mean when she said she'd arrest her for assault", you make it sound like Sugar Belle's the one that's going to do the arresting. I don't think she has a badge. I think it should be "she'd get her arrested for assault"
Also, you forgot to capitalize the "What" in "What had caused her friend...", and if you want it to feel more like a kick to the feels, say "best/dearest friend".

She wore a leather jacket and an orchid colored shirt.

Black leather jacket. Can't be much of a bad girl without black leather.

And it begins...

5889973 Wow. You are silly, my friend. I just thought about this. I have to re-edit the dedication of one of my Sunlight stories to your new name. Also, when I saw the My Past Is Not Today video, I initially hated it. I didn't like her new clothes, I didn't think her voice fit her look, the song at first sounded like a mash of words put together...

I didn't like it at all.

And then, I watched it again and actually liked it. When I stopped being a bit sour about how different they made her and whatnot, I actually enjoyed it. Sometimes, it takes that second chance you give something to really appreciate it.

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