• Published 23rd Nov 2014
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(Mis)taken Identity - MythrilMoth

Twilight Sparkle investigates the strange events at Canterlot High School.

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Twilight Follows Sunset

"None of this makes any sense, Spike," Twilight said as she paced back and forth across her lab. "All those things they said...it sounded crazy...I wish I could've gotten a look at that photo they were all talking about..." She frowned. "Could it be they knew I was sitting there? Knew who I was? Know I'm trying to investigate Canterlot High School? No...no, that doesn't make any sense. Why would a bunch of high school girls know anything about...or even care..."

Twilight stopped her pacing to look over her notes again. "But then...how did they know my name? That one girl claimed she was reading a letter I'd sent her..." She shook her head. "But that's impossible...I don't know a single person who goes to Canterlot High, I've never sent any of them letters..."

She frowned. "They knew your name too, Spike. What was it they said? ...they said 'Spike is a dragon'...what does that even mean? Dragons aren't real..." She stroked her chin. "Maybe it's all some sort of code...could they be talking in code? Ponies...dragons...zebras...Equestria..." She shook her head. "Everything except 'dragon' fits with a code pattern...dragon is the odd one out...maybe 'dragon' is code for danger, a warning? No..." She shook her head. "They're just teenagers. They couldn't possibly have constructed such an elaborate code system and be using it so casually in a public place. That's ridiculous.

"But...why my name? What does it mean?" Twilight resumed her pacing. "She said 'visiting in two weeks'...wasn't that what she said? Visiting from where?" She leaned against the wall. "Twilight Sparkle...visiting in two weeks...is that girl setting up some elaborate plan to kidnap me? Brainwash me? But that's...that doesn't make any sense...who would even know who I am? I don't have anything to do with..." She let out a frustrated sigh. "You need to calm down, Twilight. Focus. You're missing something obvious here. You just need to think..."

She dragged her rolling lab stool over to her desk with a foot, then sat down on it, spinning around to face her laptop. She grabbed the pad with her notes and looked it over. "Hmm..."

The name 'Celestia' seemed familiar somehow. She typed it into the search bar on her browser. "Principal Celestia, Canterlot High School."

But those girls had said Princess Celestia.

She typed that in, and got an autocorrect to Principal. "Okay, but that's a start. Hmm."

She started typing in other names she'd heard during the girls' conversation. Photos, blogs, and social media accounts of a group of Canterlot High students came up for each search. Some of the photos matched the girls she'd been eavesdropping on at Sugar Cube Corner. She sent those photos to her printer.

Typing in combinations of those names yielded more interesting results. The name "Rainbooms" came up; she quickly learned the entire group of girls from the coffee shop were a band. More interestingly, they'd apparently recently defeated another band, the Dazzlings, at Canterlot High's Battle of the Bands.

And going by what several of the pages she found said, said 'defeat' wasn't just referring to the contest.

She checked dates and accounts for several blog posts and images, then compared them to her Big Board. She frowned, chewing absently on the eraser end of the pencil she kept tucked in her hair. "The harmonic wave distortion event...it happened the night of that band competition. How did I miss that?"

She scooted back over to her computer and typed in 'Equestria'. The search attempted to autocorrect to 'equestrian'; she bypassed that, frowning and tapping a finger against her cheek. The results still weren't very encouraging...

With a frown, she typed in her own name.

Her eyes narrowed.

"Canterlot High Fall Formal Princess..." Her brow furrowed. "Cafeteria flash mob to support newcomer Twilight Sparkle's bid for Fall Formal Princess..."

There was a video. She watched it.

Someone was jerking their phone all over the place, trying to follow a group of familiar girls—the girls from Sugar Cube Corner—as they pranced and danced all over the cafeteria, singing.

After the second chorus, they threw open the cafeteria doors.

Twilight's eyes nearly fell out of her head.

On the screen, also dancing and singing, was...

"That's...that's impossible!"

The hairstyle was different and she wasn't wearing glasses, but...

There was absolutely no mistake.

The girl in the video appeared to be Twilight Sparkle.

"But...that isn't me...who is she?"

The girl with her face was happy, smiling, cheerful...

Another search found more videos of the same girl, dancing at a school dance, wearing a sparkly dress.

Five minutes' work had the entire Canterlot High School student registry on her screen.

There was no record of a Twilight Sparkle having ever attended Canterlot High School.

"What's going ON here, Spike?!"

Spike barked once.

"I need more data..." Twilight frowned. She looked over the names of the girls in that band, the Rainbooms, then delved into the arduous task of thoroughly researching them.

"Rainbow Dash...age sixteen. Captain of the soccer team, basketball team, softball team...lead guitarist and vocalist of the Rainbooms...below-average grades. Habitual class clown.

"Rarity...age sixteen. Manages a boutique? Keyboards and backing vocals for the Rainbooms...above-average grades.

"Pinkie Pie...age fifteen. Fifteen? Drummer for the Rainbooms...head party planner for every party and dance at Canterlot High. Above-average grades.

"Applejack...age sixteen. Family owns...Sweet Apple Acres. Bassist for the Rainbooms. Average grades.

"Fluttershy...age sixteen. Volunteers at the animal shelter. Plays tamborine and sings backing vocals for the Rainbooms. Above average grades.

"Sunset Shimmer. Age sixteen. Accompanying guitar and vocals for the Rainbooms..." Twilight frowned. "This can't be right. Retroactive history of disciplinary..." She pushed her glasses up. "Has won every popularity contest at Canterlot High School from freshman year to present except the most recent Fall Formal..." She blinked at the information on the screen. "Destroyed the front entrance to the school?!" She glanced at her half-asleep dog. "Does that even make sense to you?"

Spike yawned.

Twilight shook her head. "Decent grades..." Something caught her attention. She typed away at her keyboard for a minute, then leaned in, squinting at a new tab on her browser. "Sunset Shimmer...died at age three in a car accident...both parents dead..."

She jerked bolt upright, eyes wide, glasses slipping from one side of her face. "Wait, WHAT?!" She cross-referenced this latest information with the school records and photographs of the girl identified as Sunset Shimmer.

Fingers flying over the keys, she set up an extrapolation of the grainy old photograph of the dead three-year-old girl's image. She watched the computer render the toddler at progressively older ages, stopping at sixteen.

A near perfect match.

"Either this Sunset Shimmer survived that car crash somehow, or..." She shook her head. "There's one way to find out."

A search of vital records turned up a death certificate for one Sunset Shimmer, aged three, dated thirteen years back.

"No...it wouldn't still be in the archives if she'd survived..." Twilight frowned. "Unless somehow word never got out...no, that's impossible." She pushed her glasses up again, staring at the photograph of a smiling Sunset Shimmer, playing a guitar and singing into a microphone. "Who are you?!"

* * * * *

"I'll be right behind you girls!" Sunset Shimmer said. "I just need to freshen up a bit."

"Okie-dokie-lokie! Don't take too long!"

Sunset packed everything away in her bag, then pulled out her makeup compact. She walked down the hall and headed for the girls' restroom. She stood before the lavatory, peering at herself in the mirror. "Just a little touch-up," she said.

The door to the restroom opened. A girl walked in; she stopped in front of the stalls without entering one. Sunset glanced up at the mirror to see a girl in dark, baggy clothes leaning against the stalls, arms crossed. A black ball cap shaded her eyes, and the collar of her dark windbreaker was popped to hide the rest of her face.

Sunset raised an eyebrow. "What are you supposed to be, some kind of secret agent?"

"Could be," the girl said. Her voice was familiar, but had an edge to it. "I'd like to ask you a question, Sunset Shimmer."


"Would you mind explaining how a girl who died when she was three years old is attending high school?"

Sunset froze. "What?"

"Outside of this school, you don't exist," the girl said firmly. "There was a little girl named Sunset Shimmer who died thirteen years ago, along with her parents. There are newspaper articles, there's a death certificate. Sunset Shimmer is dead. But here you are. Thirteen years later, a teenager in high school, playing guitar and singing in a band. Pretty impressive for a dead girl."

"L-look...I can explain, really..."

"Good, because I'd love to hear an explanation," the girl said. "While you're at it..."

She took off her cap, turned down the collar of her jacket, and shook her hair loose, pushing her thick-rimmed glasses up her nose.

Sunset's eyes widened.

"You can explain who that girl that looks like me and calls herself Twilight Sparkle is, where she came from, and where I can find her," Twilight Sparkle said.

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