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The Society of Secret Sorcery. A domain of magic bent on helping Equestria in the shadows, or so its members believe. After causing terror in several cities, Twilight Sparkle takes charge in finding the culprits. The good news is Twilight doesn't have to deal with the society alone. Moondancer and Sunset Shimmer, one a former member, the other an infiltrator, are more than willing to help. Working together, they must find out the identity of the mysterious leader and put an end to the society.

Takes place at a random point after the Season 7 finale.

Crafted cover art by the wonderful Little Tigress!

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 16 )

This story idea is actually thanks to a user named PatchworkPoltergeist. I'll bet they'll never know they're the one who made this story possible! :rainbowlaugh:

Awww! Sad Minuette! :(

But interesting idea. ^.^

Points for initiative, and suspiciousness.

That Minuette apparently doesn't care about the ponies endangered speaks volumes about this secret unicorn society and its true intentions I suspect.

Well this fits right in with the previous shown no concern with the ponies they endanger or could have possibility killed...

In before teirek is actually the good guy

Your really good with writing

This has been SUCH a great reading! I am excited to see what happens next and I AM LOVING SUSNET SHIMMER IN THIS! Great job so far!:rainbowkiss:

Half expecting for Sunset to hijack the ritual.

And so... begins a new universe of chaos of which Discord would never had dream of achieving...

Alicornverse has been born :rainbowderp:

May all the residents of this world who isn’t a pony find peace with the new race... also rip Pony tribes

Well I do have to wonder how widespread the effect was. Really needs a epilogue though.

Or maybe a sequeeeeel? :) Just gotta know how the main six deal with it, after all.

Biggest issue would be political upheaval. What happens when the one thing that makes someone special, the Alpha leader, etc is now a common trait? When Donut Joe is a Alicorn is being a Alicorn now a leadership thing? Or even scarier, what if two of the new made Alicorns breed? Will Alicorns be born en masse? But the all important question will be, if everyone is now a Alicorn will that drive Rarity crazy as everyone is now 'special' or will she make a fortune selling princess dresses and gaudy jewelry to the new nobility?

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