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For someone named "TheTimeSword", I sure don't manage my time very well.


Quick Not Dead Post & The Alicorn Problems Preview · 4:29pm Sunday

Yo. Just wanted to say that I'm not dead and haven't quit. Not really much to say other than some of the stuff I've been working on. There's a new chapter to The Worst of All Possible Worlds dropping some time soon as a prelude to a sequel. Wasn't originally planning on doing a sequel to TWoAPW. Probably shouldn't do a sequel. But I'm going to because—eh, why not?

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New Oneshot Story · 6:29pm Feb 29th, 2020

Hey everybody, check out my latest story A Tree's Age! It's for the Season 10 Bingo Contest.

This is actually a story I wanted to make before I entered the contest, so the writing prompt I was given actually made it all the more easy to make.


New Story: The Alicorn Problem · 2:18pm Oct 20th, 2019

I've decided to finally publish something instead of holding onto it for eons out of fear of it being terrible. I've got to stop letting doubts and perfectionism cease my progress. Can't get better if there's no feedback.

So, here's the first chapter of this shortish story. My previous blog post was about this story. It follows three different viewpoints, and a variety of solo viewpoints. The three mains are Moon Dancer, Twilight Sparkle, and Sunset Shimmer.

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Upcoming Story with Preview! · 5:14pm Aug 27th, 2019

Hello fellow FimFic users. I've been busy planning my next work now that The Worst of All Possible Worlds has finished, and though I've just started the groundwork, I'd like to detail some information about it. I gained quite a few followers over TWoAPW's development, some of you more interested in my overall work rather than just the single story. I'd say this post is more for them, or anyone just passing through my blogs at a later point in time.

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Regarding the series finale · 2:16pm Aug 26th, 2019

So, the show is officially over. Its time has come. I'll definitely say this:

I can't believe they reformed Starlight. What a battle!


The Worst of All Possible Worlds (Update) · 2:20pm Apr 14th, 2019

There's no easy way to say this, so I'm going to come out and say it...

If you haven't read TWoAPW recently, or it's been a while, (especially since there hasn't been an update in months, and months before that update as well), then I have bad news.

You should probably go back and read it to get refreshed. Otherwise, you're going to be really confused when the next updates come.


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SO UNACCEPTABLE · 9:02am Jan 6th, 2019

It's three in the morning here and I'm about two months late to the matter at hand, but I have never been more inclined to bash FiM than I have right now. I stopped watching during season six, the season five finale just wrapped the show up so well for me, and I really disliked the season six finale.

However, I was browsing Derpi and randomly came across a tag, and then a set of images.

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Better Writing · 12:46pm Aug 25th, 2018

Huzzah! Now that I've got a job, I decided to invest in Grammarly Premium. That means a better quality of writing and fewer mistakes. It also means less passive voice, which is my biggest freaking weakness in the world. At least this job, as annoying and painful as it is, proves to improve my existence and my writing, which is far more important.

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New Story: Gods · 9:17pm Jul 30th, 2018

Boy howdy have I not made a blog post in a while. Shame that this is only promoting a new story of mine, but I suppose that's fine.

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Being Fired · 5:25pm Oct 12th, 2017

Today I was let go of my position as IT and Webmaster for my work. You'd think that'd be upsetting, and it is, but not to the extent other people would be upset. IT is a very easy job when you have the know how to do it, and while getting a job may be difficult without certification or a college degree, it's not as difficult as it was five years ago.

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