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Quick Not Dead Post & The Alicorn Problems Preview · 4:29pm February 28th

Yo. Just wanted to say that I'm not dead and haven't quit. Not really much to say other than some of the stuff I've been working on. There's a new chapter to The Worst of All Possible Worlds dropping some time soon as a prelude to a sequel. Wasn't originally planning on doing a sequel to TWoAPW. Probably shouldn't do a sequel. But I'm going to because—eh, why not?

Also, speaking of sequels. The Alicorn Problem sequel, The Alicorn Problems, is underway and will be dropping relatively sooner than the new chapter to TWoAPW. Yes, I know the name is relatively the same, but get this. The third story will be called The Alicorn's Problem. What? That's dumb? You do realize you're on a fanfiction website viewing a blog of the guy who only publishes a chapter every six months, right?

Anyways, there's not much to add after that. I do have a preview for The Alicorn Problems. It's a small preview from one of the beginning chapters. It's also completely unedited and is subject to change. Maybe not heavy changes, but be aware of grammatical issues, spelling, and yada yada.

Oh, but uh, there is spoilers for The Alicorn Problem. Since it's in the same world where everyone is now a—well, read the story or read the preview and spoil yourself. No skin off my teeth, not that teeth have skin??

Finally away from her parents, Rainbow Dash flew between the streets of Cloudsdale, avoiding what used to be only pegasi. There were way more ponies in the floating city now that everyone could walk on clouds and fly up high. Some weren't used to seeing such heights, and more than once she heard the screams of somepony falling to their doom. Rainbow Dash still felt the crawling under her skin to go and save the helpless fool, but more than once she had reached the pony in question just in time to see them figure out how to hover.

Of course, she'd rather have that than be around her parents for a second longer. It was incredibly strange to think that they were putting her as the number one princess—when in fact she wasn't a princess at all. Being an alicorn didn't mean she was a princess too. And she explained that to her parents, over and over, yet they still mired her in princess praise.

If she were to name herself a princess though, she would definitely be the Princess of Speed. The fastest princess alive!

Rainbow Dash quickly shook her head, loosening the thought. "They must've really gotten stuck in my brain this time. If I keep thinking like that, I'll be the Princess of Ego—and the girls won't ever let me live that nickname down." She already had one nickname that she didn't much care for. Rainbow Crash. And if she needed an arrogance check, the ponies who called her that were the ones do it.

Once she reached the outskirts of Cloudsdale, she made her way to the Wonderbolt Academy. Passing over the landing zone trainees used, she saw no one was in flight today. That made sense, there must've been a few meetings about how to handle the change. Rainbow Dash regretted not being there, but she might still make the tail end if she hurried.

Hurrying only led to surprise, however, as the entrance of the academy was a mess of bags and luggage. "Fleetfoot!" Rainbow Dash cried, landing in front of the mare.

Fleetfoot had two saddlebags on her back, and wasn't in uniform. Her arctic-colored fur was stained with sweat, as though she'd been working out for hours. Her mane was super slick too, almost flat against her skull, making her horn prominent. "Hey, look who it is, Rainbow Dash," Fleetfoot greeted, surprisingly with no nickname added for jovial banter. "You're a little late, but we haven't touched your locker. I bet I look a mess, but just wait till you see Soarin."

"Touched my locker? What's going on!?" Rainbow Dash asked, her eyes bulging.

But Fleetfoot's mouth twisted in a perplexed frown. Sweat dripped down her furrowed brows. "Right, I guess you wouldn't know yet. Uh—maybe skip Soarin and go find Spitfire. She should still be in what's left of the captain's office."

"What's left!?" Rainbow blurted, but didn't wait for another word from Fleetfoot.

There weren't many ponies inside the academy. Rainbow did find Soarin who looked like he was going to pass out from carrying six duffle bags at once. He tried to ask for help, but Rainbow Dash just went on past him. She had to find out what exactly was going on. That's when she noticed the walls were barren, banners had been rolled up. Tables and chairs sat against walls, folded and stacked as though they'd never be used again.

One table remained outside the barracks where ponies slept, however. It was the table used by the captain of the Wonderbolts whenever there was need to address the entirety of the squads. Usually there would be papers, mostly scheduling information or training duty operations, yet it was empty. Another bad sign to Rainbow Dash, who hurried up to the captain's office.

With a swift knock, Rainbow didn't wait to be called in. "Captain Spitfire!" she cried out, surprised by the emptiness of the room. The walls were undecorated, the oaken table paperless, and even the seats had all been dragged out. Only a few plaques remained—which the captain was in process of removing. "Captain! Reporting for duty!"

The yellow mare through a look over her shoulder. "Rainbow Dash? Duty's finished. Pack up your things and leave."

"Ma'am?" Rainbow Dash questioned. "What are you talking about? What is going on!?"

Spitfire blinked. "Right. Guess you weren't at the meeting—where have you been?" Spitfire shook her head. "Doesn't matter now that I think about it. You and your friends probably caused all this. Which means—" Setting her bag down first, Spitfire strode across the room to Rainbow Dash. With a grab of her hoof, Spitfire shook it with all her might. "I've got to thank you! I wouldn't have thought I'd be waking up yesterday morning to the sight of a new horn, or that I might consider myself a princess, but here I am!"

"Princess?" Rainbow Dash recoiled from the hoofshake. "Captain, what's going on? Why is everything being removed? Taken down!? What has happened to the Wonderbolts!?"

"We're finished, Dash," Spitfire stated flatly. "We've got new sights, and nopony wants to stay behind to continue the Wonderbolt legacy. Not that anyone needs to. It's a brand new world, and we're going to find out just what's in store for us. Blaze and Misty already took off. Soarin and Fleetfoot volunteered help dismantle some of this place before we leave it to whoever comes to claim it." She then threw a bag to Rainbow Dash. "You can help too, if you're so eager to do some work one last time."

Rainbow Dash threw down the bag in a fit of frustration. "No!" she cried, falling on Spitfire's hooves. "Please! You can't be serious! What about your cutie marks? You're really going to tell me the Wonderbolts aren't a place for you? That being an alicorn changes who you are?"

With a look of revulsion, Spitfire snatched back her legs from Rainbow's pitiful grip. "Get a hold of yourself, Dash! Being a Wonderbolt isn't my cutie mark, and it's not yours either. You can do whatever you want now. You're an alicorn. You don't have to follow my orders or anyone else for that matter."

"But my whole life all I've ever wanted to be was a Wonderbolt!" Rainbow Dash crawled on her belly, trying to touch Spitfire's hooves again. "Now that I am, you're just going to take that away from me!?"

Spitfire narrowed her eyes, and Rainbow Dash realized how pathetic she must sound to her superior. She almost wanted to stop groveling, but this was worse than the worst thing imaginable. If this was karma for being annoyed by her parents, she'd rather live with them again and be a Wonderbolt than never being a Wonderbolt ever again.

"So, you love the Wonderbolts that much?" Spitfire asked, and Rainbow Dash nodded her head so hard that she almost bruised her chin on the floor. "Alright then." Spitfire dug into her bag and pulled out a golden pin of a lightning bolt. "Congratulations, Rainbow Dash." She dropped it into Rainbow's hooves. "Or should I say, Captain Rainbow Dash."

There was no way. Rainbow Dash couldn't believe her eyes, refused to acknowledge what she heard. But here it was, the captain's pin! And her? Captain? Captain Rainbow Dash! "Me?" Rainbow said softly.

"I'll make sure to tell Soarin and Fleet that they can stop what they're doing," Spitfire said as she made her way to the door. "Oh, one more thing." Rainbow looked back just in time to catch a pair of sunglasses. "Captains always get the coolest shades," she added, just before ducking out into the hall and leaving Dash alone.

Rainbow Dash could see herself in the reflection of the sunglasses, her smile beaming ear to ear. "Captain Rainbow Dash," she said in a rush. "Captain Rainbow Dash!" she said, louder and prouder. "Me. Captain of the Wonderbolts!" Or whatever was left of it.

Yeah. If you didn't read The Alicorn Problem and didn't care about spoilers and read the preview, they're all a bunch of alicorns now. Everyone. All ponies—at least. Not all equines. The distinction? Well, you'll just have to wait for the story to come out, won't you? That's not a problem, is it?

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There's a new chapter to The Worst of All Possible Worlds dropping some time soon as a prelude to a sequel. Wasn't originally planning on doing a sequel to TWoAPW. Probably shouldn't do a sequel. But I'm going to because—eh, why not?


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