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Possible pairings · 3:56am Dec 2nd, 2015

Hey gang.
While I have some plans in mind for this, I'm curious as to who you guys think would be good pairings between my characters from the Shogunverse, and the canon series. I'm curious to see what people think, and then I get to cackle madly and show who's right, who's wrong, and who was crackshipping. :rainbowlaugh:

So hit me with your best guesses, peeps!

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Update about story and a smol question. · 7:36pm Jul 6th, 2020

Decided to inform that the next part of my current "big story" is in the works. At the moment the first chapter is technically finished, but it is rather short, with only little over 1K words at this time... Which brings me to the smol question in the blog title; How long chapters would you like? Or should I just put them out as they come, with no special-stress on the word-count?

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good robo pony stories? · 6:44am Jan 6th, 2018

looking for stories where the main character is a robot. I've been aware of this whole "sweetie belle is a robot" fanfic idea thing, but I've no clue how or when it came about or why. regardless of my ignorance, I'd like to know if there are any stories out there you guys would recommend. it can be any character, but if you know a good sweetie bell bot story that is positively rated i'll give it a try ^^

a note I prefer LONG stories. not one shots.


New Idea En Route · 8:29pm Oct 11th, 2016

So, I've got an idea running around in my head, though it'd be more apt to say that i've been thinking about doing this for a long while, of continuing one of my older stories that isn't MLP or posted anywhere. The idea is to convert it, as best I can (and remembering the absolute failure of my past attempts of converting an existing project of mine) and upload it here... Should anyone who actually takes the time to read these be interested, I'm going to upload a foreword and at least one,

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What moments did you enjoy? · 10:24pm Apr 4th, 2020

So I just wanted to ask you all some questions about my stories.

  • What moment in any of my stories did you find uplifting?
  • What did you find the be the saddest scene in any of my stories?
  • What is your favorite character?
  • Which story did you like the best?

I was just really curious so I thought I would ask. :pinkiesmile:


Full Story or Shared Stories · 12:33am Nov 12th, 2019

Which kinds of aus do you prefer?

Full story is, well, an au that's just one story.

Shared stories is one were the au is divided in several stories.


Babscon (and Tarot) · 7:28pm Mar 29th, 2018

I had hoped to have enough time before Babscon to write up the story of why I've vanished the last few weeks (tl;dr family medical issues), but I've been playing catch-up pretty hard and suddenly convention weekend is here and I'm scrambling to pack. So I'm going to defer the "how is Horizon doing" post for a bit longer (perhaps tonight, if I get the chance). In the meantime, here's what's about to happen!

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Interesting Pairings · 7:07pm May 2nd, 2019

So, I've been in this site for a while now, and while I normally wouldn't be asking this since I can usually think of odd pairings by myself, I want to try and get more involved with you guys, especially since almost everyone has been in this thing for longer than me.

What I'm trying to say is, do you guys have any interesting pairings you'd like to see being given a shot? Equestria Girls, the main show, the movie, doesn't matter what it's about, tell me your weirdest ideas!


The Worst of All Possible Worlds Sequel Questionnaire · 4:24pm Jun 2nd, 2021

Before I forget for the seventh time, I meant to create a post about the recent chapter for The Worst of All Possible Worlds. It contained at the end a request for answering a Google Form to help discern some questions I have about a sequel. It's short, and won't take up much of your time, but I meant to create a post about it so that those who want to give it some thought would have easier access than going back to the chapter itself.

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Should I put Screwball, Mothball and my DOD fan child I created for them into CreativeVerse??? · 5:15am Mar 5th, 2020

So years ago back when DOD was still releasing episodes on Disney Fanatic’s channel, I created a fan child for Mothball and Screwball named Moatha and now she’s just sitting around collecting dust, which causes me to ask and pose this question: should I use her somehow in CreativeVerse? I’d love the input and feedback on what to do as I absolutely hate seeing characters collect dust.


What Wouldn't You Do For 800,000 Dollars? · 1:35pm Aug 27th, 2017

What Wouldn't You Do For 800,000 Dollars?

Let's just say someone, hypothetically speaking, walked up to you and said they would give you 800,000 dollars with the condition that you would have to pass a series of 'tests' or 'challenges' to get the money. Think Fear Factor, but a lot darker (potentially).

The challenges would range from eating bugs to sleeping in a room filled with spiders to...perhaps even more sinister things.

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How Do People Who Read Fan Fictions Avoid Copyright Issues? · 3:12pm Feb 22nd, 2017

How Do People Who Read Fan Fictions Avoid Copyright Issues?

This is a question I've had for a while now. How do channels that read fan fictions avoid copyright issues on YouTube? YouTube has a large stick up its butt when it comes to that sort of thing so I am just curious how a lot of channels get away with it.

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What Fan Made MLP Items Do You Typically Buy? · 5:12pm Mar 10th, 2017

I was wondering what fan made MLP items people typically prefer to buy in the fandom. Do you like to buy custom plushies? Custom figures? T-shirts? Hats? Key chains? Necklaces? Bracelets? Earrings? Framed pictures or posters? Cellphone accessories? Ears? Tails? Cosplay items? Costumes? Comics? Games? Wallets? Scarves? Gloves? Socks? Shoes? Journals? Candles? Jackets? Furniture? House items (like bed sheets)? Pet items? Others?

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