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Takes place during the Season 5 Finale. (And hints of EqG: Friendship Games)

Sunset Shimmer is out of space in her journal for communicating with Princess Twilight. On a whim, she decides to return to her homeland for a replacement. Unfortunately for Sunset, a pony named Starlight Glimmer was busy enacting revenge, catching Sunset in the crossfire and placing her in a different timeline than she expected. With no Elements of Harmony, no Princess Twilight, and no clue, Sunset must reunite the main six, save the timeline, and find a way home... eventually.

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Updates will occur two to three times a month! If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors, please let me know! Thanks for reading! :raritywink:

Haven't read it but the concept seems interesting. Still just as personal preferences why can't Sunset fight these evils with the pony versions of the Shadow 5? I say it because i have been looking for something like that and no one has made a story out of it.

So this is the Sombra time line, I can't wait to see how Sunset goes about in the other time lines trying to fix them, and Sunburst being made into Celestia's student, man that is a curve ball out of left field and I bet no one saw it coming.

this is really good. everyone wants to know what happened in the other timelines, and we get sunset shimmer, it's the best of both worlds. but i still can't see sunburst as a alicorn.
i'm assuming six arcs for six timelines, and six elements right?

very good story so far thoe 2 things

1. there are no male alicorns

2. hatching the dragon egg is not ment to be passed it was shocking twilight could do it the test is just a fake test

still very good story i deeply enjoyed it cant wait for the next chapter

Seven arcs in total, actually. The seventh arc takes place in the desolate world. :rainbowkiss:

fun. looking forward to more

the only thing i don't like about this story is that it will take a long time to complete. but art takes time.

Ohhh, this is going to be awesome!! and its only arc 1!! out of seven!

very good chapter loved it cant wait of rmore

wait why does susnet have her journal that woudl close the portal

Twilight keeps it open using her side of the journal and the machine she built. Sunset's journal was just the connection to the other side. :twilightsmile:

This is a really good story! I hope it ends like the finale does, but then Sunset shows up and beats up Starlight in front of everypony, much to their shock.

8160978 well actually the book needs to stay in the human world for the connection but ok its your story was just an oddity i noticed

sunset felt out of character this chapter with wanting to abandone the ponies at that one point thats not in her nature at all she always does everything she can to help any one

Did I put a part where she wanted to abandon them? :rainbowhuh: It was the world she wanted to abandon, not her friends. If you could, quote the part so that I can fix it, as that's not the theme I was trying to place.

8196420 thats what i mean in general she saw ponies in trouble and wanted to just leave them which is out of character for her IMO

Oh, okay. I don't necessarily agree, but I understand where you're coming from. :twilightsmile:

Darn i was really hoping twilight-prime and sunset would have an interaction finally

Comment posted by aceina deleted Jul 16th, 2017

the first arc was good thoe one problem was you really downplayed sunsets skill in magic through out it and honestly i think you should have not used the elements at all just have sunset help the world save its self or maybe dont use the same ponies have other fill the roles instead

Um, I'll have to go back over the arc some time, but I have a couple of questions:

1) Even though Sunset is in the Changling timeline now, does the timeline she just left still exist?

2) Didn't you say that you would change the character box for the villain at the start of each arc?

sunset is awesome

1. That might come up later in the story, so I must remain silent on this question. :raritywink:
2. And thank you for reminding me! I completely forgot! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by RDDash deleted Aug 2nd, 2017

Just found this story and I been having similar ideas of what happens to Sunset Shimmer when the timeline changes.

So looking forward to reading!

Just found this. interesting premise. I'll have to give it a look at some point.


Well, this is getting very interesting. I wonder if Sunset and the Bearers will defeat Chrysalis with the help of a certain rouge Changeling.

Holy crap Cadence?!

Sunset needs to show up at the finale, looking like she's been through hell, and proceed to beat the :yay::yay::yay: out of Starlight to the shock of everypony and then go to Twilight and say "open the :yay::yay::yay: mirror Twilight, I'm done with this :yay::yay::yay: for a while."

Comment posted by Wysteria deleted Aug 2nd, 2017

Whew that last part was so sad!:raritycry: Sunset losing hope.


what is with these symbols

:rainbowlaugh: That wasn't there when I posted the chapter. Pretty funny, though. It's removed now.

ah and here i was thinking it was a equestrian curse word

Oh, god. The wasteland.
Why have an arc for that? It's the very definition of 'no hope left'; at least the other timelines had life and the Mane Six (though the Discord, Tirek and Flim and Flam timelines were quickly exited, so who knows what the should-be-Element Bearers are like in those).

“This journal was written into by Princess Twilight and myself, she spoke of the day she became princess along with the obtaining of her castle. She went through a lot of work to get to where she is.”

Uh...considering the two journals can remain connected even across dimensional realms (even when the realm it exists in is practically a magical dead zone), wouldn't the journals work across temporal shifts?
Why not just write in the journal to attract one of the normal, non-war Element Bearers? Explain what happened to you, try to get help, et cetera?

That's actually a plot point later on in the story - but not in the way that you'd think! :rainbowlaugh:

Also, thanks for favouriting! I'm glad you're enjoying so far. You actually started reading at the perfect time. Another chapter is coming out today! :raritywink:

When this s all over.....Sunset going to kill Starlight very very slowly..... Heh worst for starlight she can't redeemherself of ehr msitakes since Sunset be the one to do this for her.

a thought came to me wouldnt susnet having her journal in this world close the portal

Wow. Twilight has flipped and become paranoid.:twilightoops: I do pray that things won't come to resorting to that Changling bomb. I do wonder if Sunset plans to free Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy before getting the Elements. Also, from Sunset's inner thoughts regarding the Changlings, I still wonder if a certain rogue will help with that.

Still loving this. Keep it up

o they just have to break into the queens room sure no problem

they can pretend to be pony scouts selling cookies

I hope this goes all the way. I want to see the beatdown Sunset Shimmer puts on Starlight Glimmer when she finally returns to the base canon world.

:pinkiegasp:Sunset's in trouble if Chrysalis sees through that disguise. Let's just hope that she can keep her ruse going long enough to get those Elements.

There are times when you want to walk into a story with a sharpened knife and some plot armour. I killed Chrysalis too quickly in my own fic, a mistake I won't make again.

The Time Breaker needs to be punished.

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