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[Co-written by Onyx Archer]

The Memory Stone is gone, and Sunset Shimmer’s friends have regained their lost memories... but her own memory has not returned.

Faced with the reality that her friends would lose their memories of one another, Sunset Shimmer dove in front of the magic shot forth from the Memory Stone, and watched as her memories of her closest friends left her bit by bit. In the end, this act allowed her friends to come out on top, and regain what Wallflower had taken from them in her quest for revenge.

With the memory stone destroyed, the question now is how to restore her memories. After all, who was she without the memories of the events that had defined her? Could she still be the same Sunset Shimmer that her friends remembered, or is that Sunset Shimmer gone forever?

Twilight Sparkle of Equestria certainly doesn’t want to lose a dear friend. But, perhaps, some things really are forever; some things once done cannot be undone.

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Featured on 2/18/18!
Coverart by overlordneon

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Interesting start. I look forward to seeing what happens next. :twilightsmile:

Needs an alternate universe tag.

Technically, ALL fanfiction are Alternate Universes, so it'd be redundant to have this tag. It's not listed because, at the end of the day, it isn't something that is super far-removed from the main universe. The AU tag is more for things like Fallout Equestria, and less for things like this, at least as far as me and (presumeably) RQK are concerned. As the co-writer, I'd have veto'd the decision to use an AU tag had it come up in conversation. I'm not trying to be rude, I just think it's silly to bring this up when it technically doesn't fit within the realm of a full on Alternate Universe fanfiction.

Glad you like it so far!

Oh man sad times ahead! :fluttercry:

Well, that looks like it's gonna be interesting.

Whelp not like we didn't see this all coming. Sunset losing her memories of all her time at Canterlot high, someone was bound to make a story about it being permanent.

Now let's just see how this goes along.

This sounds really good. I can't wait for more.

Haha, you know it fam :raritywink:

8743006 8743075
Glad you like it so far!

Planning on it :twilightsmile:

This was something we've been planning since the special was announced, but I get what you mean! Hope you enjoy it either way haha.

i knew some one would write a story with this idea cus fans love to torment poor sunset do to how much they love her

thoe id like to point out sunsets memories seemed to be before she even left with what we got as she seemed to last remember being in canterlot

she likely lost her memories of pony high school as well

but that is me nitpicking

There really isn't anything to suggest that to be the case. Especially since what we know about the Equestrian School System is incredibly vague at best, so we don't even know if there's such a thing as "Pony Highschool." Still, glad you're enjoying it thus far!

I figured one of these would be popping up and fast. Good start so far, especially like the shattering of the geode possibly playing a part as to why her memories didn't return. I look forward to seeing how Sunset handles all this and how her development will go from here. Based on how she was right after she lost her memories, she was lost and scared, in need. Probably the first time around she became the alpha to avoid feeling like that as well as to plot how to get what she wanted. Now that she's back in that confused state, it'll be interesting to see how she develops now that she has friends who know how good she can be.

Poor Sunset couldn't catch a break. :fluttercry:

I'm anxious for more!

Kicking people in the feels: Successful lol (Seriously though, glad you like it so far!)

You have something to look forward to then! :raritywink:

Is this really a Princess Sunlight Ship fic? Really making sure.


It is indeed!

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention....

This is going to be interesting

Even though I haven't seen Forgotten Friendship, I'm a sucker for Pony SunLight. Keep up the good work.


Onyx is right. From the tagging guide (emphasis mine):

Stories that take place in a world significantly diverged from canon. Changing the outcome of major events, large setting changes, or anything else that represents a large break from canon, particularly if the change is something that does not happen during the story itself. Stories that start at a point in canon and diverge through character development or other in-story events generally do not qualify as AU.



Precisely. Although our response could have been worded better, the above definition is the crux of the matter. I too do not think that this fic meets the qualifications for an alternate universe fic.


Yeah, I could have worded it better for sure. Wasn't intending to speak for both of us (I did say "presumably" after all), but I find the act of someone telling me (or in this case, myself and RQK) how to tag something to be overbearing. Especially when, by technicality, it's commonly understood that fanfiction is always an alternate universe thing, because it ain't 100% following the canon.

To phrase it better though: I think that the AU tag is for when things operate outside of the realm of possibility of the actual canon in a way that changes things so much that it might as well be an original story. A more accurate tag for this kind of fic would be a "parallel universe" tag, since it's more... I believe the word is tangential? Either way, I think it's kind of redundant to have an AU tag for things like this, since by that logic, all fanfiction needs an AU tag.

And it was kind of redundant to shove this all down my throat when the argument had already been won with your first post.

It was for the sake of clarification.

Will this be updated weekly or daily?! So excited for more!


We're currently looking to publish new chapters on timescales of weekly to bi-weekly. Hopefully, we don't keep you waiting for too long~

This is interesting. I will have to keep an eye on this.

I hope they decide to head to the yearbook office for this explanation, also because Trixie is still there.

I certainly do like this story so far. Can't wait to see how the girls will explain this, and how Sunset will take it.

I love this idea so far, keep up the good work, and I am hoping to read more soon!:pinkiehappy:

Princess Twilight gonna want that Wallflower pressed. Hmm, hope Trixie helps.

Only ship better and more interesting then this is Starlight and Twilight, whow are practically made for each other. 😊

Umm.. little problem I noticed was that Sci Twi is a unicorn. Isn't she supposed to be a alicorn regardless like Princess Twilight? I mean she has wings in the human world so...


No. Those wings are the result of the geode magic. The mirror portal does not operate under the same proceedures.

Ok... that's actually believable! Hopefully Twilight fixes the memory stone and Sunset remembers.

the chapter was good but i feel you should be keeping the focus on sunset as she is the one suffering a horrid thing

8765388 Liking how this is going. :twilightsmile: I do have one nitpick although it's more of my own personal nitpick. I had this fan theory that if the humane 6 crossed through the portal the geodes will prevent them from transforming into ponies unless they want to willingly. Sunset is an exception to this condition being that she is originally from Equestria she returns to her pony form by default. Again this is just my own theory on the geodes, the story is going on great and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Well shoot, and I hope Trixie reveals she made better friends with Sunset or something soon. This one gets all kinds of complicated now and Wallflower is in it deep from Princess Twilight....I'm talking fire mane rage here.

great chapter :pinkiehappy:
I'm very interested to see where this is going :pinkiegasp::moustache:
please upgrade quickly:twilightblush:

She had wings before she got the geode.


My response extends to other forms of Equestrian magic that have caused transformations in the world of Canterlot High. Again, the mirror portal is exempt.

Very nice, seeing them all helping Sunset try to understand everything that happened and that they ventured to Equestria for help. It's gonna be fun to see Sunset come to terms with what has happened and how she takes it and how Princess Twilight will deal with this. I can't wait for the meeting between them.

I really like this!
Happily awaiting the next chapter ^^

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