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Twilight's world is what she could say... Normal. Her life as a scientist is not easy, but few can truly say their lives trulyare, and now, she's just trying to make her new experiment work.
But she did not expect that someday not only her experiment would work but would also guide her to an entirely different world inhabited only by monsters and a Beautiful and immortal girl.

Pairing: Sci Twilight x Sunset Shimmer

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Sure! And thanks for the support!

curious to see where this goes

thoe id like to ask why didnt twilight bring a breathing device just incase the air was toxic

Honestly... The writer never thought about that possibility, and you're definitely right...
Anyway, I'm glad the story caught your interest.

Well, English isn't my native language too, but i can tell there is quite a few of grammar errors in your fic. Mostly they consist of words in incorrect tense. You would greatly benefit from a proofreader. Still, this fic has interesting idea behind it, dont drop it.

Thank you, and you're right, I will ask for a help in the next chapters.

im a nerd who thinks of this stuff

I'm intrigued and excited for the coming chapters!

And I hope to achieve your expectations!

great 2 chapters sorry for late read i forgot to subscribe to you before

Don't worry with that, I'm just glad you're enjoying it.
And I don't think it will take much time for me to post the next one, so, I expect you like it too.

poor sunset hope this dont last long she needs scitwi

good chapter update soon

Before I read this, I must know: Will find out how Sunset became immortal?

In a way.
Spoiler alert: She was born like that, but honestly, I don't want to focus in "how she became immortal", but instead I want to explore "how she is still alive", but I will talk about it just at the end of the fic.

This...came out...gruesom-er? Than I anticipated,but still I'm already shaking with excitement for the next update.

I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying it!

Is there still a long way to go before the human celestial

I'm sorry, but the language barrier is present in me, and I do not understand what you meant.

When we will see to celestia?

..... That's actually a good question, but unfortunately I don't know yet.
Sorry for disappointing you.

There is no problem, only I have curiosity of since it was forming a part of the history

The sun's radiation peaks in yellowish-green, actually. That's why when you heat something enough for it to emit light, as the temperature increases you go for red to orange, yellow, white, blue. Our vision is adapted to sunlight, so we perceive the wavelengths produced by a green-peaking black body (like the sun) as a full spectrum (white light). The blue sky is caused by small particles in the upper atmosphere selectively scattering shorter wavelengths.

C'mon, Kingdom hearts lied to me...
Kidding, I am not expert, and my knowledge is pretty limited, but, that's definitely interesting!
My only problem in add this to the story is...
I have no idea how to add this to the story.

Eh, don't worry about it. That was just reflex. It might even be an addiction. I mean I don't really wanna be the annoying *pushes glasses up nose* "Well, acttually..." guy, but I have forty years of practice at it and to quit now would really just be a waste of all that hard work.

"but I have forty years of practice at it and to quit now would really just be a waste of all that hard work."
I totally agreed with that!
One of the best phrases I ever read, never waste a talent!

Interesting beginning, need to go back over it later...

very good chapter i loved it you cant wait for sunsets reactions to various things like TV

My current intention is to do just that in the next chapters, and a TV is one of the firsts of the list.

well with scitwis general mannerisms and sunsets naiveness im sure the 2 will reach the gently touch the others hand stage in 20 years

that or sunset will see something on TV with a kiss in it then just walk up and kiss scitwi causing scitwis brain to never work again

I liked your second option.
But I think 20 years will make this fic just too long, so I will speed it up after a few 'transition chapters'.


What I wonder is what would Twilight have done if she COULDN'T get back through the mirror.

The same as any normal person would ...
Sit, cry while freaking out and beg for forgiveness to any deity that you can remember in a moment of despair.

That's actually the best adventure, Sunlight fic that I've read. Keep going, I bet it's gonna be even more awesome than it is.

Thank you, I am glad you're liking it so far, and I wish to not disappoint you.

I do enjoy your story, and I intend to keep up with ^^
How it's going, the idea and the characters, that's enough to fav it, and then makes it worth to wait next chapters ;)
Keep going!

I'm really glad you liked it that much, I'll try to not disappoint you.

You know even if you would do something disappointing, I wouldn't put your story aside in a corner and forget it (or worse, acting toxic) ^^
I would talk about it, with constructivism.

I don't have that kind of time anyway, and I've done more supportive comments than any favourite story where there is a single thing I disliked.

Thank you,
Letting me know if I've done something wrong is definitely the best way to help me improve.

good chapter I will follow assistant

I am glad you're enjoying it so far, and I'm already trying to write the next chapter.

great chapter,
spike at the end was great, I wonder how much tv watching he does.
also look like twilight just gain a Sister,

Will this story have any sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work?

I don't think I can do any good "sex scene" so I do not plan to do it now, but I can't say it will not have any scene at all, but if I do any scene like that it will be in VERY future chapters.

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