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Sunset Shimmer didn't really like that stupid pegasus to begin with, and her distaste for her only grew after the day of Mi Amore Cadenza's coronation. That crown was supposed to be hers. Instead, it went to the stupid Princess of Love. Now, Celestia has arranged for Cadence to stay in Canterlot with Sunset, and encourages the two of them to become friends. But with Sunset's dour attitude, and her constant bullying, will the two ever become close?

Highly underrated and little-known ship I have dubbed "SunDance"

Rated T for pseudo-profanity and suggestive content.

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I love to see this backfire on Celestia somehow big time. Maybe she still goes thru the mirror but Cadence follows.
So Celestia loses them both.
why i never liked how Celestia screwed up raising Sunset, she handled things wrong, almost did it again with Twilight, and never learned after losing Luna.

Yaaas. I want this ship! :raritystarry:

Keep chapters coming!

I love it! I can't wait to see where this goes. Consider me intrigued. :heart:

Stories before Sunset runs off to the very timeline-confusing mirror world are always welcome.

Welp, another story to follow. I'll keep an eye on this and wait for more updates!~

Interesting start, can't wait to read more. This is a wonderful, and woefully underrepresented, pairing and I'm looking forward to seeing how you develop it. Even thought there's zero evidence to support this, I've always kind of imagined that while Sunset was Celestia's student she and Cadence were in a relationship, and that when things went bad between her and Celestia and she went through the mirror, Cadence was utterly devastated and that as one her guards, Shining Armor spent a lot of time trying to comfort her and that was how things started between the two of them.

Hmm. I'm interested to see where this goes.

Spoilers it will go to smooching

I wholeheartedly support this ship! Especially if it lasts long enough for Shining to make it a herd. Adding Sunset to the CadyShining pair and making them a herd makes me happy.

Ah yes, "SunDance", one of the most elite ships to have ever been shipped. Too few, FAR TOO FEW. I'm really excited to giving this a shot.

SunDance is legit one of my top five favorite ships, but there are just so little examples of it! Especially just Sunset and Cadence.

This actually makes a lot of sense.

I can picture Sunset being enraged that some random Joe got to be an alicorn by chance, while she is still a unicorn despite all the (in her mind) hard work she has done.

Putting them together will make things interesting, that is for sure.

Since this is alt-universe ill assume Cadance was a unicorn in this story, cause in canon she was a pegasus who earned a unicorn horn (and earth pony... whatever?) to become a alicorn. Her fandom wiki page supports this too btw.

I think that's just Sunset being a little wings-obsessed; she herself calls Cadance a former pegasus. :rainbowlaugh:

oof, still nonetheless im gonna enjoy the story

There's a reason this ship isn't a thing until now. There is nothing at all to go off of for these two interacting at all. I don't even think Sunset's prequel comic had Sunset's view on Cadance.

Everything we have on her views of Cadance is fandom made.

I think I've seen maybe 2 of these. For sunset/cadance. Definitely a ship that deserves more attention.

No. With that ship name the only logical possibility for a third would clearly be Rainbow Dash. Though, in a pinch, you could probably substitute AJ, Tempest, or Gilda.

Your writing is rough in some places, particularly descriptors. I believed you called Sunset a 'fiery-red unicorn' at least three times. But, it's scratching a Sundance itch I've been having, so I'll follow.

Cant wait!! Lets see cadence do a better job than Celestia

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into it.

Glad to have fulfilled that need :D

Or is it plausible to think other alicorns existed that weren't immortal or something?

I believe that it's been said, probably wherever it was said that Twilight isn't immortal, that Equestria has had several mortal alicorns, of which Cadence and Twilight are simply the most recent.

Mind you, this would be something said by the creators in the real world, so it's not something in the show itself and thus not canon.

Actually what was said: "Twilight will not outlive her friends". That can be interpreted in multiple ways:
1) Mortal Twi
2) Immortal other Bearers of Elements
3) Mortal Bearers, but Twilight will make other friends in time for all eternity
4) Show ends before death of any main character
5) Other variant at your choise

Celestia has a sucky family life if she screwed up three times.

If you could DM me those other examples, I'd be very appreciative. :twilightsmile:

It has been prophesied that the Element of Magic will simply die first. :pinkiecrazy:

I Love this
I never thought about seeing this ship without a doubt I wait more anxiously

Glad you're enjoying it! More coming soon! :twilightsheepish:

This kinda sorta falls under "Mortal Twi" category.:moustache:

And it's sequels are fun. Some minor Cadance/Sunset in there.
Is the big one. There's another one I but I must not have Favorited it because it's not on my list. Twin Twilight Tales is the only lengthy Cadance/Sunset story i've found though. Great story.

Thanks! I've only ever encountered the ship in LordBrony's Sunset Reset series, but there it's really convoluted (and not actually even... there? Idk, it's very love triangle-y).

Princess Celestia: “Once again I have a problem I’d rather not deal with. If only I had a purple unicorn to help.” Pink alicorn approaches. “Close enough.”

Sunset tsundere for Cadence? Makes sense to me.

Wonder how long we have before Sunset will have a full explosion at Celestia.

Note that Cadence in canon started as a Pegasus. So the section about her getting wings would not be so accurate. She got a horn as part of her ascension.

That very last paragraph seems a bit too soon to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm trash for this sort of thing but I feel like the slow burn is a part of it.

You ended the chapter a bit abruptly there. It was a little jarring. Regardless, looking forward to more chapters!

That "line" was from Sunset's perspective. She wants wings, so obviously she would view alicornism as obtaining wings. Cadence's inability to perform even some of the most basic tasks with her magic is because she literally just got her horn.

The suddenness of the "affection" will come into play later. Just keep in mind that Cadence is the Princess of Love who doesn't yet know how to accurately control her magic.

I don’t mean to imply I had problems with Sunset’s final thoughts. It’s normal to appreciate how others look no matter your opinions on them.

It’s just how the chapter ended felt abrupt. Like there’s content and suddenly it’s over. I dunno, maybe I’m just used to being eased into the end of a chapter.

The ship is strong in this one new OTP i just might have

Glad you're enjoying it!

And how does Shining Armor feel about all of this?

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