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I like pastel little horses. And Sunset Shimmer. Especially the human one. And I hack ponies into Final Fantasy - https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209828/filly-fantasy-vi


Luna awakens from her morning slumber and finds Equestria on the brink of chaos. She races to do what she can to secure the safety of her subjects before going to her sister to alert the rest of the country.

...why does Celestia not seem to be taking this seriously?

Set shortly after the events of "Luna Eclipsed"

Reading by Skijarama

Chapters (1)
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Extra! Extra! Moon Princess Freaks Out Over Snow!

This was a cute little story. Very well done!

One of the better reasons I've heard for why a nation with weather control would have winter, plus some fun royal sibling bonding. Thank you for it.

Who's a silly pony?~
She's a silly pony~

Who's a silly pony?~
Moony Moon~

Cold weather also kills germs.

“If the windigos appear they will come from the north. We should prioritize the northern settlements first. The rest, I think immigration to the south is the wisest course…” Luna paused. She slowly turned her head.
Celestia was laughing loudly, holding a hoof to her chest. Her eyes closed in her merriment, she threw her head back, her laughter filling the room.

:trollestia:: "Silly pony, everything worked exactly as planned. And now we windigos will finally have our revenge! (Had no one ever wondered why I have a white coat despite me being the princess of a yellow sun?)"

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it!

I had never considered that having a winter might freak people out if they barely survived the windigoes. That's a very interesting take. And a cute story, of course. Well done.

Helps keep the bug population under control too, and keeps a sense of rhythm to the year. I know I get bored when I live somewhere without seasons. Plus ponies are basically substituting for natural processes (possibly because they don't really work in Equestria anymore) so they need to keep it up for the sake of the animals and plants.

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