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I draw stuff, and read, then draw more stuff. Sometimes it's ponies.


A collection of short stories ranging from the random shenanigans of displaced predators from an entirely different land, to familial bonding lessons. Some of them are going to be very short, some a fair bit longer, most of them are going to be standalone.

Rated teen because they are all adults, and there will be swearing. Mostly from Aria. I may end up upping it because I have a hard time imagining Adagio staying PG-13 for very long. Currently set in the human world, but one or two of them may end up going to Equestria proper later. I'll add tags as I need to or am recommended to.

I've never posted any of my writing before anywhere, so please feel free to let me know how to improve. Politely, please dear god politely.

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Well... Sonata's math is not totally off regarding the soup, but maybe she needs a kids show about putting metal in the microwave or to at least watch Gremlins 2.

Hehe. I can totally see Aria preparing for scrabble by trying to "game" it. One must wonder what other giant words she memorized just to come out on top.

The kitten is intriguing, I'm guessing it might win one or two more hearts. I've thought of doing pets with the Dazzlings myself, though not quite the 'Sonata brings home random animals!' approach. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. :pinkiehappy:

I hope they keep the kitty.


I've got the horrible feeling that if she watched Gremlins Two after this, she'd decide to test it out again to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Adagio would simply make sure she did it at school instead. ... ... oh Principal Celestia is in for a bad day.

Well, not so much that it'll be a thing where she tries to bring home random animals... just the one. Like we've talked about before, I sincerely doubt the girl is stupid, she just doesn't think things through. Thanks for reading Justice. it means a lot. :pinkiehappy:


I'm honestly not sure myself if they will, the initial story had Sonata barging in with a karaoke machine. I'm still not sure how it morphed into cat from there.


Thank you very much, I hope I don't let you down. :)

7385330 Now I have this image of the Dazzlings coming home to see what looks like a post office box sitting in the corner, with the doors peeled off, and bits of cloth stuck inside, while the cat plays around inside. When Adagio demands to know where that came from, Sonata just casually remarks that she was going to look for a playhouse for the cat, but found something much nicer just down the street. She had to dump out a lot of dumb box stuffing first, though...

:rainbowlaugh: She would too. Either that or commandeer the neighbor's dog house.

"I decided I wanted soup, but I wanted a lot of it, so I put three cans in the microwave for seven minutes." Came the chipper and utterly oblivious reply, Sonata had since decided that cereal would indeed do and was shoveling in an alarmingly large amount at a pace that would make a golden retriever balk. Adagio was reasonably certain she wasn't even chewing. Like a duck.

"I'm gonna name him Zim, and he shall be mine, and I'm gonna feed him bacon, and waffles and burritos and -"

First of all , bacon would be a bad idea, waffles would kill it and so would burritos.

Very true, but Sonata doesn't know that. Yet. I imagine that will be rectified one way or another.

Sonata has that effect on people. :3

Bright red eyes stared back at her, surrounded by what appeared to be a black cotton ball. It was hissing. Cotton balls shouldn't be black. Or hiss.

... Are we certain this is a cat and not a possum? Or some sort of very large rat? :trixieshiftright:

Thank you very much, he's the one that encouraged me to post at all, so this whole thing is almost entirely his fault. :rainbowlaugh:


While I wouldn't put it past Sonata to steal Tibirius from Luna, it was indeed a kitten. :3

I was directed to this via a blog post from Justice3442. I am not disappointed. :pinkiehappy:

Please continue.

I'm curious to see how this pans out. Though, I would not be surprised to see that chapter two consisted of "The kitten died. The end." With Sonata in charge of it.

That's adorable.

No spoilers. :3

This is so sweet.
And my muse runs away with me all the frikin' time.

And if you want to embed the image, use this link
and the image button between the hyperlink and youtube buttons in the edit bar. To get links like that in the future, open the image in a new tab and use that URL.
It should work like thus:


Ooooh, that's how it's done! Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me! I feel like such an imbecile. :twilightblush:

And thank you for the compliment, I had some fun writing this one.

No prob. It took me a while to figure it out too the first time I tried to upload cover art back when we could do that from the net instead of from the device.

^That's Zim. He's based heavily off of my childhood cat, Vader.

That is the best name for a cat I've ever heard.

kavorkian scarf

'The daaaaaaaaays are so daaaaaaaaaark... but I have Kavooooooooorkian Scaaaaaaaaarf!' :yay:

~Around my neck!

You mean Vader? Yeah, the geek was strong in our household. She was a pretty awesome cat too.


Well, when you name your cat after a character voiced by James Earl Jones, I should think so.


Hehehe, my s.o wants to get a cat, and since we both prefer to adopt older cats well past the kitten stage, I've warned him that if we get a ginger tomcat, my nickname for him is gonna be Mufasa. Nothing could possibly go wrong there right?


Well, he IS voiced by James Earl Jones. That would give that cat badass credentials just based on that.

Fitting, although I always imagined Sonata as the cook of the threesome.

That was pretty early on, she got a lot better as time went on.

Does anyone else have their stories run off on them, or am I just way too lenient on my muse?

Always, almost every 'short, uncomplicated story' I try to write ends up double what I expected.

Well, Sonata showing some responsibility is not a thing I expected. :twilightoops: This is followed by Adagio going swimming... I mean... I understand the siren connection, but damn... It has got to be a PAIN to get all that pool water out of that tangled mess of hers!

Nice chapter! I hope they take the kitty to see Fluttershy. :fluttershbad:


Remember our conversation about the both of us not believing that she was stupid, so much as flighty and short sighted? This my attempt at dipping my toes into character development. Headcannon says the cat thing is set about three years before Rainbow Rocks, the first one shortly after microwaves became affordable in households.

I understand the siren connection, but damn... It has got to be a PAIN to get all that pool water out of that tangled mess of hers!

Two words. Swim Cap. Mostly because we have precidence that her hair compresses quite nicely, and the mental image of the mass sproinging out from under a cap makes me giggle like a mad woman.

7390519 Feed the muse. Even better, when the Dazzlings in your head stop in the middle of the scene you're writing, look over at you and say "That's not right! Do it *this* way...," that's when you've got something special on your hands. Or maybe galloping schizophrenia... But hey. As long as you're all okay with it, everything's cool, right? :)

and did something that she wasn't much accustomed to doing for long periods of time. She thought.

Cats are inferior and should be purged from the Earth. Now if Sonata came home with a dog...

The number of them that she went through was rapidly approaching staggering

But at the moment it's only alarming.

I don't read nearly as many siren fics as I should, but I'm glad Justice led me to this one. I can tell things are gonna be fun.


Nah bud, the "God help us all" comes into effect when Sonata gets her terrifying little hands on a vat of Chlorine Trifloride. The phrase "the concrete... was on fire" will be uttered... I just don't know when that particular instalment is going to come in.

I personally don't have any preference for cats or dogs, I'm currently living with two cats, but have owned dogs most of my life, I like them both equally for very different reasons. I just seriously doubt Adagio would tolerate a dog for longer than the amount of time it would take to feed it into a woodchiper, she doesn't seem the type to like 'needy' for long periods of time.

Thank you very much for commenting and the fave!:pinkiehappy:

Came the chipper and utterly oblivious reply, Sonata had since decided that cereal would indeed do and was shoveling in an alarmingly large amount at a pace that would make a golden retriever balk.

Is eating cereal quickly something golden retrievers are known for? Because I haven't heard this analogy before.


Less to do with cereal in specific and more about food in general, the presence of the word 'cereal' in the analogy is perfunctory at best. It just made the most sense given the narrative. :trollestia:

I've never met a retriever- Golden or Labrador; and I've known quite a few- that chewed as more than an afterthought, and every single one of them has been able to put away meals larger than what their stomachs should be logically able to hold at a pace best described as 'alarming'.

Hope the clarification helped, sorry for the confusion.

I Don't Look for Trouble

To quote a game of Mahjong I play: "Never trouble trouble 'till trouble troubles you."

Knuckle Dragger and his crew were; without a doubt, that type.

Jeez, how much did his parents hate him?

When the blue haired Siren's query was met with nothing but blank looks, she pouted and squeaked "What? They're good!"

She's not wrong.


You're not far off actually, the chapter title comes from a song (actually, all of them so far have) "I don't look for trouble, but trouble looks for me, it's been waiting around corners since I was seventeen."

Knuckle Dragger? About as bad as some of the cannon characters we've seen so far. I mean, Pipsqueak?

Of course she's not wrong, pancakes are delicious.

10:1 odds the thugs' Equestrian counterparts are diamond dogs.

Can we hit up a Denny's next?

No one goes to Denny's. You end up at Denny's.

"Waffles are better."

Preach, my pigtailed goddess

Upvoted for proper assessment of Denny's, :eeyup:


I personally pictured them as a mixed race group of thugs. But Knuckle Dagger in specific, yeah, he's a Diamond Dog.

Your point about Denny's is very accurate ... for most people. Sonata giggles at your reality and substitues her own.

I don't think very many ponies believe that their names are not at least somewhat prophetic, but it would be an interesting driving force for a character to have as a trait.

Honestly, bud? The structure is going to be one shots. Some of them will loop back and reference other chapters, but they're going to be episodic in nature and in no particular order. The kitten/cat will probably show up in later chapters, but he's not exactly going to have a main role.

Liking it, this is a siren angle we need to see more of!

I thought I might have been missing a chapter. The humor at the en:fluttershbad:d caught me off guard a bit. :derpytongue2: Nicely done and damn can those sirens be scary. :fluttershbad:


Sorry for the mood whiplash Justice. For them, it's just another Tuesday, and any potential threat just finished themselves off, so I really didn't see any need to make them any more serious than normal. If I decide to do the ever so cliched 'Just After the Battle of the Bands' then I imagine that one would be fairly serious in nature.


Thank you very much!


Oh no. I love me some dark sirens. I tend to focus on their "post-gem loss" stuff, but given there general attitude towards humans in general, I'm sure all three have done some pretty unsavory things that, if anything, made them sleep better that night.

...can bluster and groan and wail all they bloody want, but it means precisely bugger all...

British sirens are best sirens.

Jack Russel Terrier pumped full of methamphetamine.


I need to try that sometime.

promises of muscled men, surfing and all of the alcohol she could drink.

What more could you want?

To be honest, I don't remember much of the earlier chapters, but this one in particular made me laugh. I'm really loving the images of Adagio all bundled up in her blankets and Sonata stuck in a snowball.

Typos and such are below if you'd like to be corrected. If you don't, then they're still there. Just ignore them or something.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, she was an expert at ignoring nuisances.

This is a comma splice.

down your neck.” Snarled the disdain burrito

Needs a comma, not a period.

Sonata had ‘found a

Missing a second quote thingy.

implicate them… well, not for long anyway.

This would work fine in dialogue, but it feels a little weird to me in narration. I personally would have said 'implicate them. Not for long anyway.' Just a suggestion.

Poor adagio, all she wanted was some muscled guys. Instesd she got snowballs and sonata, and not in the Good way

Technically Canadian, not British, but yes, yes they are. :pinkiehappy:

She just can't win, can she?

Thank you very much, fixed what you pointed out. The feedback was much appreciated. I'm glad I could make you laugh. :D

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