Out Of Space

by Justice3442

Bonus: A Note, A Letter, and a Journal Entry

-~Shortly After the Portal Was Reopened~-

Twilight Sparkle opened a crystalline door with her magic and trotted inside a room as she levitated a silver platter with a teapot, two teacups, and a small pile of snacks and sandwiches occupying the top.

“Starlight?” Twilight called out. “I brought some tea and some food. I thought we could take a break…”

Twilight scanned the room full of charts strewn about, notes hastily scribbled out and littered all over the room's various desks, tables, and even the floor. Her gaze lingered slightly on a wall covered in detailed diagrams of the portal, some pictures from Canterlot High, and an alarming amount of Sunset Shimmer…many with the eyes replaced with ‘X’s and other unseemly doodles added such as noses and knives stabbing into the alicorn/high school student.

Twilight cringed slightly and looked away as she quietly trotted around tables and notes held up on ‘A’-frames. Truthfully, her own efforts on reopening the portal or keeping contact with Sunset had started to feel like an obsession over the desperate weeks of work. However, that was nothing compared to the energy in which Starlight Glimmer threw herself at the issue at hoof. After reading Sunset’s message to her, Starlight had launched into picking up Twilight and Sunset’s work with a single mindedness that was clearly steeped in madness. A pure, but dangerous focus that kept the pony going without sleep or even rest as she pored over the existing research in an attempt to break through the many dead ends Twilight and Starlight had found themselves in.

Admittedly, Starlight ended up offering some unique perspectives and experiments that neither Twilight or Sunset had thought of in their work on the portal. That being said, Starlight’s attitude on the whole matter made Twilight question if it was really for the best that the portal was reopened. Well, maybe I can get her to break long enough to at least quell some of her anger.

Twilight rounded another chart to the main work area of the room where the portal was set. “Starlight? I really think…” Twilight trailed off as she realized there was no pony in the room to hear her words. Furrowing her brow, she took another look at the surrounding area. Maybe she went to the bathroom? Twilight cringed. That’d be a welcome change from the chamber pot she’s insisted on using…

Something out of the ordinary caught Twilight’s eye finally. A piece of ripped parchment was taped to the portal itself, the penmanship of the ink was splotchy as if the note was written in haste and… one word was written in red… blood?!


The portal is now working. I’m going through to kill Sunset Shimmer until she is DEAD. I’ll be back before dinner.


Twilight felt her blood run cold and immediately jumped into the working mirror portal without a second thought.

~And Now A Letter From Mom~

My Dearest Sunset Shimmer,

First of all I just want to say how wonderful it is to write those words once more. Though I can’t say what prompted me to write this letter was entirely pleasant. News of your recent situation nearly put an end to the theory that alicorns are mostly impervious to death by natural causes until they are quite advanced in age. This is provided one counts ‘death by shocking news induced heart attack’ a natural death.

That being said, the follow-up information that the issue had been fixed managed to slow my ol’ blood pumper down long enough to get the whole story from Twilight. As I mentioned to Twilight, I insist you two come to me immediately if this issue or any other dire problems arrive that me or the resources at my disposal can aid in.

This brings me to the item delivered with the letter, a new journal that you can use to communicate with me once more. While you’re not of an age to need much of my guidance anymore, I’m sure this will be useful for checking in with you. A mother worries after all. Also, I’m always here if you need somepony you need to share something a little more personal than what you feel you can share with Twilight or Starlight.

Speaking of Ms. Glimmer. It is quite fortunate for her that she was the one who managed to get the portal working. Needless to say I was less than happy with her motivation and very unhappy regarding how she behaved after she traveled across dimensions. Thankfully for her, Twilight informed me that both her motivation and the eventual violence were orchestrated by you as a method to solve your problem and to get Starlight to release a head of steam that had been building for nigh two days straight. It’s for that reason I’m willing to overlook Starlight Glimmer’s assault this one time. I of all ponies understand how good you are at riling others up.

On that note, I suppose I should congratulate you for your rather unorthodox solution. I’m very proud of how clever you are and am overjoyed that I once again get to write to you and even see you once more.

        With Love,

        Princess Celestia

P.S. Please only use your powers of manipulation for good. My sense of motherly pride is almost rivaled by feelings of dread as a ruler should you decide to use your skills for anything nefarious, especially if you are able to direct and predict someone with as much power, skill, and rage-filled determination as Starlight Glimmer.

-o~And the Response~o-

Dear Princess Celestia Mom,

It took several drafts and a few false starts for me to finally write you back because I was overwrought with joyous feelings. Please consider that last admission of emotion an early Hearth’s Warming Eve present.

I’m sorry I gave you cause to worry, but I knew the second you knew about my little transportation and communication problem you’d drop most your royal duties and throw yourself into helping Twilight. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate your zeal and help, but as you might imagine, I’m a little wary of being the cause of any strife in Equestria, be it temporary and even indirect. Besides, I figured if my last plan failed (which I knew it wouldn’t ;P ) that Twilight would reach out to you and you’d get the benefit of work from three magical users before you had to go about busying your horn on portal maintenance. All that being wrote, I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop from now on. This book should make it a lot easier, and I guess we should both agree not to stop writing in them for long periods of time if we make each other mad. ;)

Thanks for cutting Starlight some slack. She usually means well though she’s also easy to frustrate or straight up push into a blind, seething rage. It’s also in this rage she’s at her most capable, magically speaking. I suggest you use this information wisely, perhaps the next time Equestria is under threat by something extremely dangerous. Starlight Glimmer is not a pony you want to be on the wrong side of if she has a working horn.

Also, thank you for the words of encouragement. I’m very happy I can make you proud of me again and I’m looking forward to reading journal entries again and visiting you.


Sunset Shimmer

P.S. No promises. ;)

Centuries later, most entries of Sunset Shimmer’s communication journals would be made publicly available to the ponies of Equestria. Many critics would call the entries to follow, ‘The most heartwarming collection of kind words, insulting and obscene doodles, and colorful vulgarities ever to be penned’.