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An Asian-American brony who is a fan of Spike, Discord, and Jackie Chan.


Rated for some innuendo. Inspired by Wildcard25's Ladies Man on Campus and WinterSoldier's Casanova Student.

Spike Scorpio and his guys are in for a shocking news. Phoenix Academy, an all-male boarding school is conducting a month long co-ed experiment in hopes of merging with an all-female boarding school to become co-ed. This has the hormone-driven, female-deprived male body of the academy thrilled, as the experiment will take place at their school.

It wouldn't be so bad for the boys, if it weren't for three major problems in the form of the Three Stooges – Snips, Snails, and Zephyr Breeze. It's up to Spike and his guys – the Five Guys(Button Mash, Rumble, Tender Taps, Pipsqueak, and Featherweight) – to make the experiment a success and to keep the stooges in line.

To further mark the occasion, Spike finds himself reunited with a group of special girls from his forgotten childhood.

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Love the opening. I can't wait to see how this goes, and hope the three stooges don't ruin everything or the Dazzlings.

That was an amusing tour, but Spike can't remember them? Well, that's a shot in the girls hearts. Hopefully he'll remember eventually, but when he does will it only make things more complicated for him and Gabby

Classical case of amnesia.

Right off the bat, we are given this idea of what we the audience can expect going into this story. In a way, it's like those classic harem manga series where a typically all boy school is suddenly turned co-ed and introducing a female cast that'll make up the most popular protagonists and at least one male character caught in the middle of it all. As far as these 'Three Stooges' go, while they seem to come off as unlikeable side characters made to demonstrate the common criticisms of men only wanting girls for 'one thing' this could stem from the fact that we are well aware they are not the most popular students and were only in the school out of some higher-up power. It could stem to reason this would make them appear as trying to act cool as if self-aware that they aren't popular and merely put on this front as a means of hiding their own insecurities.

As for Spike in general, for him there is more to this going on than making sure that certain boys keep their place and maintain respect for the arriving female students but an also deeper tragedy which as it appears will make up a majority of the arc for this story. This will definitely leave fans curious as to what they can expect moving forward.

One of the big cases that can stand to reason as to why Spike wouldn't normally remember the 'Mane' group of girls he is usually associated with could very well be connected to this tragedy where in this story cost him his parents. To remember his friends, he'd also have to remember the deeper meaning behind the accident in the first place and given what a painful endeavor that was it is possible that Spike has suppressed all his memories of the past because to remember the ones closest to him would mean facing a past he doesn't want to think about. It's not to say that Spike himself was to blame for the accident unless a certain scenario may reveal otherwise.

Still, would remembering all his old friends truly make things complicated between him and Gabby? As part of this recent 'Spabby' deal that's going on, Spike definitely loves Gabby and perhaps she's been a source of comfort for Spike provided she hasn't asked one too many questions about his past. If anything, having Spike being pen pals with Gabby may in some way be a form of recovery process so that he doesn't just have guy pals to talk to given that most male characters don't usually handle emotional stuff.

I think the real question we should consider is: If Spike finally decides to remember the girls, what's the price he would have to pay?

All I can say is really good job on this story start-up. I love the little AU details (including the "real names" of the main character and his friends) , plus the work that has gone into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up.

James P. Jameson, huh? Well, I suppose it's a good thing his middle initial isn't a "J." or he would probably get A LOT of "don't get him started on Spider-Man." jokes.

All in all, not much I can say that other reviewers haven't already, but on to the next chapter.

Very little I can say that other reviewers haven't already, but I DO love the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations, humor and future chapter set-up. And, yeah, the general tour DID, indeed, provide a great deal of laughs. I particularly liked Rumble, Tender and Button around the Crusaders and the irony of Feather actually BEING the ladies' man that Zephyr only THINKS he is. And Spike's interactions with Gabby and Twilight were both great in other ways. Of course, all these interactions makes me think it's only a matter of time before this universe's versions of Flash Sentry, Sunburst, Cheese Sandwich and Discord are somehow worked in.

I feel bad for Spike and the girls right now (owing to the former's apparent amnesia concerning the latter), but I know that will get better eventually.

Very definitely looking forward to more of this.

Awesome. Loved the girls actual names, and it looks like Spike has to find some lost memories.

Call me paranoid, but I got a sneaking suspicion that someone might’ve killed Spike’s parents and then used a memory wiping device to make sure Spike doesn’t remember the truth. Revenge, paranoia, power, greed, or something may be the villain’s goal.

Excellent work on this latest chapter. Particularly the girls' real names and the reactions to Spike's amnesia. the "Stooges" antics, Spike's friends being understandably tired because of the "Stooges" keeping them up entirely too long as well as Rumble, Button and Pinkie's dust-up.

All in all, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations, action, humor and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this.

At least a piano didn't drop on someone's head.

Something definitely happened with Spike, to have all those random headaches every time he tries to remember the last time he met those girls. Whatever the case may be, it's only Day One of this little 'experiment' of turning this school co-ed and frankly it's not a smooth start. The 'stooges' making fools out of themselves and breakfast barely even ended, it'll be a miracle if Spike's experiment works by the end of the month. Either way, it's unique to see the kind of identities established for the Mane Six to set itself apart from a ton of fanfics that have gone around with the girls over the years. Perhaps if the girls can't convince Spike to remember them from the past, maybe they could at least use this time to reintroduce themselves to Spike until it all comes together naturally (Perhaps even solving the mystery as to why Spike can't seem to remember anything since... 'The accident').

Again, you did a splendid job on this latest chapter. Took a while, but was WELL worth the wait. Great job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Still laughing my rear off at Snips, Snails and Zephyr continuing to embarrass themselves and I certainly enjoyed the guys and girls continuing to get to know each other better. Though, I have say, between Cozy and the Dazzlings, I have a bad feeling this is going to get REALLY ugly REALLY fast (especially with how devious both Adagio AND Cozy are).

But, yeah, very certainly going to be looking forward to more of this.

That was perfect and hilarious with all the references. And nice seeing Wallflower and Spike bonding so well, and the boys getting a face full of Whoa Nelly changing, but it was more funny to see her overpower Zephyr. and Cozy... Oh dear Spike is really going to be dodging her for awhile.

And loved the Anime Wow sound effect. Here's one you should use when Spike sees something super sexy or one of the girls naked.

Always knew Cozy Glow would be Spike's pervy stalker.

Well, well, it's been a rather eventful day for Spike and his friends in maintaining the peace amongst two groups of students. Course, it's one thing to keep an eye out on 'The Stooges' for their nature, but it's another thing to note that even Spike has some girl troubles of his own. And I don't just mean 'trying' to remember the group of girls who claim to know Spike from way back, but there's also the matter of Cozy Glow (Who blindly thinks she's his girlfriend) and the Dazzlings (Who have issues of their own with Twilight and her friends). It's only Day One of this little experiment at this moment and yet I feel like we are just planting the seeds over what's still to come during the events of this story. It's going to be chaotic, both humorous and disastrous, all we can hope for sure is that things find a way to work themselves out.

Well I can safely assure you that this won't play out exactly like that shrewd lewd anime that stars three idiots, with an equally annoying heroine, with a bland protagonist caught in between, not to mention the over the top fan-services, crude humors, lack of character developments that had given me a huge migraine.

Hmm... Nope we definitely don't want that. It's one thing to grant an audience what we come to expect from the 'Harlem' side of anime because it's so easy to accomplish that to satisfy their innermost desires. But not too often is there a story that while it 'shares' the same elements and won't shy away from certain traits, being this is no 'family' style story, it's one thing to consider if this should be a story that has 'heart'. Amidst the comedic elements and the nature of men's desire to get to know the girls one way or another, there is a tragic element involving one of the major protagonists. A dilemma that will nearly take 30 days to resolve and barely a day has gone by. Not to say that 'every' day needs to be covered, but more than enough to work out a few things while maintaining the balance between the male and female demographic alike.

Whoops... I meant to say 'harem' anime, which refers to those stories where it's either the male protagonist in between a whole swarm of female characters within the same location or sometimes it's the other way around where it's a female protagonist and the most allies and such she meets are all males. Or, to provide a more specific definition and I quote:

Harem is a subgenre of light novels, manga, and anime involving polygynous/polyandrous relationships. A polygynous/polyandrous relationship is a relationship in which you have one person at the core of the relationship and two or more members, often of the opposite sex, devoted, often romantically, to the one person at the center.

Awesome job. Nice Spike dodged Cozy, but I know she'll be on the hunt for him again real soon. And hopefully Spike can remember the girls before they give up any hope they have

Something tells me his amnesia might’ve been intended. Like, someone wanted to make him forget in order for him to be used in a sinister plot.

REALLY good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. The antics involved with dodging Cozy were certainly entertaining, I continue to sympathize with both Spike AND the girls concerning the former's amnesia (and I hold on to hope that Spike eventually gets his memory back). As for the security guard, I have a hunch it's going to be either Shining Armor or Flash Sentry. Of course, keeping the Stooges in line will be, unfortunately, easier than dealing with Cozy.

And, yeah, it IS possible that his amnesia was somehow deliberately invoked by somebody, but until we have proof either proving or disproving it, I won't jump to conclusions.

Anyway, definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

Well at least we know 'The Three Stooges' are not the only potential threats to this experiment, if anything Cozy Glow herself may pose a problem due to her obsession with Spike. As for the Mane Six and their other friends, they do have the evidence that Spike does know them from ten years ago. But whatever happened during that time, it's like something is 'forcing' Spike to not remember them for some reason. Then again, it's only the first day since this 'story' began so of course nothing is going to be resolved that quickly. But it seems like Sunset Shimmer may know more about Spike's dilemma than she is letting on, as if she might have had something to do with it. Until we know for sure, we can only hope that Spike can focus on putting down the good aspects of turning this school co-ed for his essay and not so much on any forms of negativity that may strive from this.

A/N: "I don't know the name for this background character, nor was there an EQG counterpart of him, so bear with me. I named him after the famous 20th century artist, Jackson Pollock.

That pony is actually modelled after Salvador Dali

Why do I feel like someone's about to do a Darkwing Duck catchphrase?

Great job on this latest chapter/start of the second-day in this story. You did a really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I especially enjoyed seeing that guard giving "the stooges" the business, Spike and Twilight's brief scene, the scene in art class (especially with Spike getting caught singing by Wallflower and the ideas for the group project and Wallflower complimenting Starlight's plant friend) and the scene with Spike and Sunset on the way to Woodwork.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Awesome. Love seeing the Stooges once again get tormented, and the way they get ready in the morning. Jeez they need their mothers to do that for them. And I loved Spike interacting with Sunset and Starlight

All Three Stooges tormenting aside, it was nice for the girls to recognize that possibly the best way for Spike to truly get to know them is not 'forcing' him to remember who they are. Whatever magic or traumatic turn of events has caused Spike to suddenly not remember his old comrades, at least we know this second day marks the start of some form of recovery. But in the meantime, it seems Spike has been getting some infatuation from some of the girls. Specifically a certain shy green haired girl who was known for tampering with memories. Could that mean anything?

Probably not. But we'll just have to wait and see what the other parts have in store.

I mean human is ok dont get me wrong but anthro would be much better and i gonna treat it that way :D

Yeah I remember how math was for me back in high school. Torture. And I loved the idea of Spike and Sunset putting together a Puzzle Box. And it was funny of Spike hiding in Adagio's hair. Honestly, it's like Pinkie's and makes me wonder what she could hide in all that.

If you call 'Calculus' a simple task... I must have taken the wrong math courses because I could never pull off any of those formulas. I was always more of the 'English' and 'Art' kind of guy myself. Thus far they did manage to get through this one day of school with minimal setbacks, if any at all. There is definitely some heavy tension between Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings, Zephyr is driving Fluttershy bonkers with his slacking habits (Hence why I have no respect for this guy), and it seems a certain 'Wallflower' is jealous that Spike has all this attention on a ton of girls when it seems she wants it on her. Which makes me puzzle even more about Spike's amnesia and if it would have something to do with Wallflower to some degree.

Of course, until we know for sure we can only hope this experiment is proving to be a big help to have boys and girls together without all the stereotypes surrounding boys being around girls or vice versa.

I like the concept of this story and how the school scenario is somewhat reversed

I fucking died as soon as I saw the words 'Im NOT your boyfriend' let alone watch the video. I can tell you this much, I am now hooked to this story. Thank you for the childhood throwback.

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