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Anon and Fluttershy get into a fight. Furious, Anonymous decides to go to a bar to cool down for a bit. While he's there, he meets a Diamond Dog named Ruby. This is how her heart breaks.

This story is contained in my book "Dash Tries to Win Your Heart and Other Short Pony Stories"

If you have interest in purchasing this non-profit book, check out my online store at this link: https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&q=flutterpriest

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4607961 I bet that is playing in his head at that very moment he woke up in a bed that wasn't his.

Anon, you are screwed. On a side note Im interest in this story. Keep up the good work.

Yup:scootangel: thats it we're done:yay: Twilight and her gang of misfits is gonna lynch mob us:ajbemused:

On another note this is awesome:rainbowkiss: keep it up, but do try and look for mistakes here and there. Its not totally glaring, but its there:twilightsmile:

Thank you for giving a Diamond Dog some love. Bonus thanks for it being a female.

Sorry Flutters, but it's time to throw the dog a bone.

If you know what I mean :rainbowwild:

Sweet, a female diamond dog story. Consider my interest piqued, gotta keep my eye on this one. :rainbowdetermined2:

Though I have to wonder why the text suddenly switches to being centered all of a sudden...

Unfaithful pony lover discoverd, prepare nuclear friendship ray cleansing.

Side note: NOW YOU FKED UP!

Crap. Thanks for pointing that out. I have no idea how i missed that.

Just in case someone was wondering, this is what those whiners sound like.

You know it would be funny if Fluttershy was the first to cheat in the relationship. Actually I was hoping it was Fluttershy being the bad pony not Anon. Either way this is getting great and hope Ruby will be some stalker trying to kill Fluttershy to get the love of Anon.

I honestly don't like it either so I just replace the name (in my mind) with a generic name (I dunno Joseph maybe?) and imagine him as a generic guy unless the author depicts him in the story :eeyup:

My opinion still stands :twilightblush:

Anon is the new Vincent Brooks.


4608808 You know, normally I'd sometimes downvote comments like that. But, since it was YOU that said it, sarcastically I might add, I'll upvote it. I too grow tired of these pointless debates over a simple name and a story's POV.

He dun fucked up, but can't wait for more man seem cool.


Wait. You think it'd be funny if Fluttershy cheated on him. Why would that be funny?

4610093 it would be totally out of character for her to be cheating on him. She was also the reason for Anon to drift away from the relationship so the blame is not all on Anon. It would really suck if the story follows just Fluttershy crying over her boyfriend cheating on her since it is mostly her fault.

Anyone thinking that Ruby took advantage of him while he was drunk?

The dude on the cover looks like slenderman with the way its drawed


I wouldn't really say so, after all it's not like she wasn't drinking. He just fucked up, was upset, decided to make the same mistake so many others do. Right when he's at his most upset, decides to screw up his ability to make good judgement calls by getting drunk. Didn't just have one drink or maybe even 2 just to cool off, but went full on shit faced. Something about Ruby rubs me the wrong way, but I'll keep my wild delusions to myself until I know more about her. This story is really quite interesting, can't think of any story I've read in recent memory with a plot quite like this, so that's always refreshing. Looking forward to more, and best of luck in all your endeavors.:eeyup:

4610784 Whiskey dick for the win! :rainbowlaugh:

This is pretty fuckin good. I'll keep reading mein freund.


Faved for the unique story. But not upvoted. Not quite yet. :unsuresweetie:

Gonna stick around for a bit and see how well this idea gets done, and see if it's done well enough to overcome the 2nd person PoV annoyance.

Y'know what? This is what is known as a sign from a higher power.

If Fluttershy wasn't such an overpossesive girlfriend (we're rolling human, fuck the conformists) about Anon having a possibility of cheating, he wouldn't have gotten drunk and cheated.

And now Anon has to break up with Fluttershy, deal with her friends' shit, and start up a healthy relationship with Ruby the diamond dog.

Stay away from Twilight's horn, mate.

...Maybe cut it off and turn it into a lance just to be safe.

4610784 Possible, but they were both drinking quite a bit

4612704 even anon has a face cause he can be EVERYONE

Gems are drugs for Diamond Dogs?:rainbowhuh:

If I'm Annon here, then given my past luck,there was no sex, he passed out right before they did the deed.

A Diamond Dog and a human with a romance tag? I've not seen that before. And I gotta say...

I approve! Great work. Looking forward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Honestly? I would've told Fluttershy why I didn't come back during the night. I mean, she's nice, she'll forgive me for taking so much of that whiskey, right? It's just the anger that flooded my memories. However...I fear what would've happened if Fluttershy decided to tell her friends why I disappeared that night. You know...Diamond Girl and such.

I hope Rainbow Dash gets to me first if she did. I don't want Applejack to buck me in the groin. Or Fluttershy to use that stare of hers and make me do painful things. To painful.


Your body also isn't quite ready to move yet, after what he did to you last night. He lasted so long... You've never felt pleasure like that. How can someone like this be single?

What...did I just do?!

4614035 Wait a minute...if gems are drugs for Diamond Dogs, then what's has Spike been doing?!

Well shit that just happened, damn anon, you cold

Shit hit the fan at approximately mach eight, let's see what happens next.


Come on, Anon, don't be Fluttershy's bitch! Escape with Ruby!

Don't give up now- freedom is within your grasp!

4615231 Technically, you're cold too. You ARE anon :rainbowhuh:

Don't be fucking deadbeat dad Anon. You knocked her up, you can't run away from that.

The only way I leave this fic feeling good

Anon gets with ruby
Anon gets castrated
Ruby marries Lebron James and gets all the moneys and penis
Ruby steals fluttershy away as a revenge lay

I really hope he mans up and admits what he did to Flutters.

That's not to mean I hope he stays with her, I really want him and Ruby to get together. But if he can't find the balls to confess, then this version of Anon has none of my respect, and I hope he get's what's coming to him. :ajbemused:

*(reads argument)*
Oh Snap!

At first I was on Anon side but now I hate him with all my hate.:twilightangry2:
I hope everything will work out. I will be following this.

It may be a plot mover, but why didn't anon just tell ruby what happened? I mean, the only way to get a worse punishment is to keep it a secret for over a month

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