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Holieeee shieeeeet. That was a twist.

Nicely done as usual, Priest. I know he'd appreciate it.

This touched my broken heart.

There are moments where men have to hold tears back for the sake of others, but this?

Me cryd vry much. Hurtz lke a b1tch.


My feels were not prepared for this.

Wait did anon like die in the human world so he then ended up in equestria as his personal heaven??


You should go and read his blog here. :twilightsmile:

Wow. That's... wow.

Hope you get over it I read your story in honor of him and even though it's not my normal read it was still nice

Neat wait. Anon didn't have any real friends?


WHAT!? WHAT HAPPENS!?! (and sorry about your friend.)

He went into the light.

Oh.. Until the author's note, when you said that your friend passed away, I didn't understand it. Then I had a sudden flash of clarity, and then I felt so sad...
Limbo. The space between what is, and what will be. It is not part of life, nor is it part of the afterlife. It is the in-between.
It is a stopping place, a world that is yours and yours alone. In it, you are presented a choice. One can choose to stay there forever, or they can go on. I love how you've depicted it here, brilliant job.
I hope that you've come to terms. Your friend is in a better place now, free from the filth and pain of this world.
If you need to talk to someone, I'm open.

That was the closest I've ever gotten to tears on this site. Well done.

My condolences. I'm sure your friend would've appreciated this fic you wrote for him. We can see that you cared for him dearly.

*Sigh* That hit home... like, really hit. Sorry, Addie.

Rest in peace stranger. Bang!

The dark side has taken me. This story doesn't give me any feelz. Where is the bloodshed?:twilightsmile: i guess i been on the dark tag too long.

Wow quite sad. May there be a peaceful after life for us all.


My condolences. This story was a great, for your friend and for the readers.

Oh god. I realized it mitway and it hit bad. :fluttercry:

TGM #29 · Jan 13th, 2016 · · 5 ·

This was sweet, but the impact was lessened for me with the second person and the anon format.

Coulda done a lot better with an established character and a bit of character building, imo

Still, I understand, a fic made for a departed friend will always be special to its author.

Holy crap, the feels...

If Rod Serling was a brony, he might've written a story like this. Very classic TZ-esque.

This is wonderful and you should feel proud. You really cared.

The feels... why you make me feels??? I no have feels, so why do I have them now?!?

This story activated something in me, something that rarely comes online nowadays. That thing is sadness.

I really appreciate what you've written here. Thank you.

I think I understand the message behind this story. Eat bite represents life becoming harder and more difficult as time goes on. Then, before you know it, all that time is gone. Also, I'm sorry to see that your friend has passed. My condolences.

:fluttercry: Holy fuck, ow.

My sincerest condolences, Flutterpriest.

I'd rather go to Equestria than heaven. Equestria is a world of tolerance, of fun, of individuality. Christianity is all based around judgement, purity, justice - and I don't give a damn about any of that. When I go, I'd rather go somewhere full of cuteness, happiness, friendship. I wouldn't want to live in the knowledge that anyone who didn't meet God's arbitrary standards was burned in agony, I'd want to live somewhere with REAL forgiveness.

Not to mention that some perfect, cloudy place would actually be quite boring. I want to go somewhere with big open farmland and busy cities and a whole race of adorable creatures, all with their own personalities, and strengths and faults. A place of organic, natural love, not a place of cold, sanitary purity where everyone is God's slave.

And of course I want to meet Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, Scootaloo, Derpy Hooves, Fluttershy - because in my eyes, they are so much more lovable than some God who was just given his powers for no reason. Twilight and Fluttershy and the others - they EARNED their powers. And they have made mistakes but they've always done their best to help others, and most of the time they succeed. It's so much easier to imagine a friendship with those cute, tolerant and most of all imperfect ponies, not some boring, all-powerful God that no one is allowed to question.

I would fight and die for Twilight if I had to, I would fight and die for Equestria. I simply don't feel loyal to 'real' countries or religions. I just understand ponies much better than I do humans. I don't get why humans find arbitrary categories like "black" or "gay" to be so important, I don't get why humans want to just take over everything and expand instead of just being sustainable, I don't get why humans think they're superior to other species and think they have the rights to use them like resources. I understand ponies much better, I just do. I've never heard them call themselves the ultimate species, I've never seen ponies paid less for being a particular gender, I've never seen them building huge new housing developments. They're just minding their own business and doing what they can to make life nicer for everyone, and I relate to that SO, SO MUCH MORE than humans, or God, or any of our weird politics or mythology. Humans are a messed up species and the last thing I want to do is spend eternity with them.

So uh yeah, most likely there's no afterlife at all - but I really want Equestria to be the afterlife, at least for me. I just want to live somewhere where I belong, where those around me think like me, and I don't feel like some alien who got planted here by mistake.

Wow I just poured my heart out into that comment X'D I guess that's a testament to how emotional this story is huh? ^w^

(Prepares for 1000 dislikes from angry religious people.)

6832649 I am religious but I liked your comment. I have thought of this myself, being a slave in Heaven? That would be an ironic, and terrible.

Simple, uses anon, Fluttershy; an easy entry into the feature box for sure.

The story itself is interesting in itself and I would imagine it to be a good send off to a departed friend. I don't know what style of writing they liked, so I can only imagine they would have liked it.

All the same, well done.

6832649 If I ended up in Equestria, my first thought would be I ended up in Hell. An eternity with four legged animals and a new villain-flavor-of-the-week to put up with? I'd rather end up in a white void space where nothing is bad or good and just so-so than a land populated by horses. Or if I woke up in Tales of Symphonia, that'd be great too.

Seems you have more judgement and disdain than the religion you're turning your nose to. But, that's my opinion.

6833047 It'd be kind of fun really, not just worshipping every day forever. Something interesting needs to happen right? And the fun natures of the ponies would more than make up for the danger. Besides I prefer four legged creatures to two legged personally, they're cuter x3 Maybe that's just because I've had nicer experiences with other animals than with humans as a child, idk XD A generally good life with dangerous moments (Equestria) is very different to never-ending agony (Hell) and to never-ending boredom (Heaven). Still going to like your comment for the first half of it though, because I agree that the story was very well done.

6832705 Yeah, I find it hard to trust God. I don't have anything against people who do trust in him, but to me someone saying "hey, I'm all powerful because I said so, I love you because I said so and everything I say is true because I said so" makes me a bit suspicious XD

Generally the nice people in life are relucant to praise themselves, sometimes the smartest and most compassionate people can be depressed because they feel they have failed. Hearing someone call themselves the greatest thing in all existence, who literally gets to decide on the definition of good just doesn't sit right with me. It sounds more like the language of a villain than a hero.

6832649 I Agree completely, If there is an afterlife I hope to Celestia that Equestria is an option, a place of friendship and harmony. You put that into better words than I ever could. xP

And Flutterpriest, If your friend were here I'm sure that he would be proud of the story you've written, I sincerely hope that you can come to terms with this, I'm sorry that all we can do is write words to try and make you feel better. I hope that he's in a better place.

I'm sorry about your friend, mate. Good story. :pinkiesad2:

This was great
Anyone would love to have this written for them
Nevermind the quality, it's nice
But just to let you know, I thank you

I usually avoid second person POV and Anon stories like the plague. I was very glad to have made an exception in this case. I think this was a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing this with us.

it doesn't matter about the quality (which is good by the way) its about writing what you want, what makes you feel happy/better. This is a beautiful gesture for someone you love who has sadly passed.

I wont say I'm sorry for your loss because that's not quite right. I'm happy for all the memories you shared together and all the laughter you gave each other. don't mourn their death, honour their life and always keep them in your heart, I know what its like all too well to lose good friends way too young.

I lost one of my best friends when we were only 12. I have lost many good friends over the years, some to death, others to drugs and some for just completely changing who they are. I always remember the happy times we shared and keep them in my heart, I will remember them how they would want to be remembered.

You literally brought a tear to my eye....thank you for the feel...


This presents my thoughts so clearly I'm actually a bit terrified...

I would fight and die for Twilight if I had to, I would fight and die for Equestria

I feel the same. Except replace Twilight with Rainbow.

6835907 Heh, glad I struck a chord with someone I guess XD Yeah, really Twilight is my fav because of personal preference but all the MLP characters are great, they're just so loveable. The characters are really the highlight of the series - and of the fan works as well :rainbowkiss:

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