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This story is a sequel to Fluttershy Wants in Your Pants: Vol. 1

Equestria has almost everything that Earth can offer, except sign language. Fluttershy wants to have a very important conversation with you, but she just doesn't seem to be making any sense. What is she trying to say?

Narration by ShellyDawg

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What in the actual hell dude :rainbowlaugh:

Overall, I liked it. It was short and silly. But, you really need an editor. I suggest the Proofreader Group or the Looking for Editors group. However, the former is more reliable than the latter. Also, Fluttershy is acting a bit out of character. I simply cannot see her to ask a random person (Anon no less) to sleep with her. However, I understand why you chose her for that role. I also understand that I probably shouldn't take this story too seriously.
Anyway, it was good, but there were some grammatical errors and typos. I give it a 6/10.

Has he literally ever seen someone say "sleep" before? And while we're on it, how did he become deaf in the first place? It's implied that since he's able to speak he knows exactly what sounds to make, so he wasn't born deaf. Was it an accident, a disease?

Am I thinking too hard about this silly little one-shot? Probably

Ah misunderstandings, one of the few things that can be both hilarious and frustrating at the same time

6660859 Can't fault him for misunderstanding horse lips.

Lol funny. I've had the idea of making a deaf character in Equestria since i haven't seen that explored as much as just the average joe in Equestria.

Probably for the best that it didn't happen

"What was that you said, doctor?" .... "Oh that's wonderful, I've always wanted pony helpers!"

why does he not have a small black board with chalk he could get people to
wright to him instead of guessing what they are saying?:facehoof:

Hahaha this was funny.
I dont think ive ever seen a deaf human in equestria fic before... thats rather different

but her mouth is completely covered by her face

think you meant mane here, unless her face was melting.

and puts brings her hooves to your face.

extra word perhaps?

with very hope left in her face

This one, well the whole thing is a bit odd

Fluttershy shakes her read and rises from the table

head, cause I dont know how one would do that

6661238 That would be to easy, and nothing can ever be easy for the human in equestria

Wow! Thanks so much for pointing these out. I'm going to fix them immediately. This is what I get for editing after midnight. :twilightblush:

ooh yeah brother!!!! i thought this story was great actually

6660835 the way fluttershy is acting is a fan cannon thing, i think it commonly goes by the name fetishshy there is one for each of the mane 6. skipping most of the details it is fairly common for nothing to happen in those stories and they tended to be fairly funny atleast to me, so if you run into one of them don't let it scare you off.

AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Ahhhhh! I can't breathe! 8D LOL

I think we all want to....SWEEP....with Fluttershy. :eeyup:

......What? *grabs broom* My house is a mess. :trollestia:

I feel like there is a lesson in this, but for the life of me, I'm just not getting it.

Just in case sexy time....bah humbug.

At the second time, I'd just ask her to write it down.

6666316 That would probably get you flayed.

[think about it]


It's called Flutterrape, it was a type of greentext.

Poor Anon.

*"is" my friend. Our thread is not dead. Not yet. :yay:


All greentext is dead to me.

...Okay, not really.

How can she be disappointed when she sees him wearing the maid outfit?

Sweetie O's.

I'm more fond of Scoota Puffs.

:rainbowlaugh: Also, I love what you did with this story. I haven't seen a Flutterrape story in ages and I kind of miss them, I always liked that gag. Having it foiled like that is hilarious. I have to say though, the cover picture looks less like Flutters is frustrated and more like she's about to barf.

He is well versed in the ways of pinkie pie

6738917 Or perhaps Apple Flakes?

6661833 Lewd

There's this thing called body language. I'm pretty sure Fluttershy should have just used that.

"The Duck King? Is he one of your animal friends? I'm not ready for a pet."
"Spearmint or cinnamon?"
"Snap my grass? Are you one of those paleo-ponies? Fad diets are a scam Fluttershy!"
"My aunts? They're here too?!"
"Bake you some bread? Shouldn't you be asking Pinkie Pie?"

This is too fun.

"No. Uhm. I want you, to count me."

You look down at your fingers, then back to her.

"Uhm. Okay," you answer, unsure of yourself.

Her face lights up and she begins to dance in the air. Finally. Something you can do right. You point at her with a proud smile on your face.




The. Fuck. xD

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