• Published 27th Jun 2014
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Man's Best Friend - Flutterpriest

Anon and Fluttershy get into a fight. Furious, Anonymous decides to go to a bar to cool down for a bit. While he's there, he meets a Diamond Dog named Ruby. This is how her heart breaks.

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Part 1: The Fight

"I'm getting so goddamn tired of your shit Fluttershy," you yell at the yellow pegasus, who sits calmly on her couch. She probably talked to her friends all day to work up the courage to have this argument.

"What! I don't see what the big problem is Anon," she retorts, her voice firm. You stomp across the room and try to control your breathing as your voice is becoming more and more heated.

"What the big problem is?! What the big problem is?! You are telling me to just stop hanging with my friends. For no better reason than 'You're worried.' Reality check Flutter. You are always worried."

"Oh! So you just don't want me to miss you? What's wrong with my company? What's wrong with -my- friends?" she asks, her voice on the defensive and with acid on the tip of her words.

"There is nothing wrong with your friends!" you clarify. "I just need my -own- friends too. Guy friends. Guy time."

"Why?! You should be spending time with my friends instead. Like Rainbow Dash. At least they are positive influences!"

"Positive influences?! What does that even mean?! What's wrong with my friends?! They don't do anything wrong," you growl. You can't fucking believe this. Weren't these ponies supposed to be encouraging friendship?

"I've seen how they treat the mares in town, Anonymous. I'm not blind. They are terrible stallions and you know it. It's appalling that they-"

"Yeah. They make mistakes and I don't agree with what they do, but it doesn't mean that all of a sudden I'm going to get some wise idea to do it too!"

"How do I know that?" Fluttershy spits out. You stand with your back to her, but you freeze.

Did she just...

You slowly turn to her, as she looks at you sternly, hooves folded and sitting on her couch. "You... think I would -cheat- on you?"

Her eyes shrink to the size of needles as she searches her mind for how to take back her words. "N-no. I just..." Fluttershy's hoof covers her mouth and looks to you with worry.

"What the hell do you think I am? Some sort of fucking animal?"

"Anon, that's not what I-"

"Do you even trust me? At all? What the hell, Fluttershy! I can't- I don't-" frustration vomits from your mouth and you run your hands through your hair. Your words are clenched in your throat as you feel like you could spit fire. The muscles in your shoulders tense up as your anger rises.

"Anon, please-"

"No!" you shout. "That's it. I can't fucking talk about this anymore."

You walk to the front door and growl under your breath. If you say one more thing, it will be something you will regret. Fluttershy always has had her feelings easily hurt.

"W-where are you going?"


"W-when will you be back?"

"I don't know."

"Anon, please..."

Ripping open the door, you turn to her.

"I'll be back, and when I get back, we will talk through this calmly. Right now, I need to cool down."

The yellow pegasus leaps off her couch and flutters to you by the door, tears forming in her eyes.

"Please don't go," Fluttershy begs. "I didn't mean-"

You turn and slam the door behind you.

Walking down the cobblestone path in the orange glow of the sunset does nothing for your reeling thoughts, and quickly mutes the quiet sobs from inside Fluttershy's cottage. She thinks you would just up and betray her. What the fuck? It's like she thinks you are some sex crazed animal that can't make your own decisions.

You've learned by now that if you don't take the time to calm down, she'll be sad for days. This is just the better way of doing things. You don't hate your relationship with Fluttershy. She just smothers you to death. You need to have some sort of freedom.

Hell, she gives her animals more freedom than you.

She's terrified of losing you. You get it. Yet there has to be a better way of doing this than having a curfew and having her know exactly what you are doing all the fucking time. It drives you out of your-

Kicking a stone violently down the path to Ponyville, you stop to take a deep breath.

Calm down Anon. You just have to build trust with her. Somehow. Help her face her fears. There has to be some way. If the two of you can't trust each other, this isn't going to work.

With a sigh, the very thought of breaking things off with Fluttershy makes your muscles ache. There has to be a better way. You don't want to lose this.

Ugh. You need a drink.

As you enter Ponyville, you look carefully for somewhere you can get your mind off of the argument. Equestria might as well be a dry country, because there is hardily anywhere to find a good drink outside of cider season. You've tried almost everywhere in town, except for the place you are going to try tonight. It's on the far edge of town, but it's not like you intend on coming home soon.

Hell, maybe even tonight.

Alcohol and an angry mood is something you want to spare Fluttershy from. Maybe the bartender will listen to you. They are proven to be the most effective therapists in existence. Cheaper too.

The brisk fall wind nips at your skin and causes you to shiver. You probably should have brought a coat, but you're too angry to give a fuck. The quiet establishment looms on the horizon and you quicken your pace. Fucking wind. Fucking Fall. Fucking Fluttershy.

You pull the door open with too much force and it makes a loud thud when it reaches the limit of it's hinges. Stepping inside the bar, you scan the room for any possible third parties. It looks like there is some girl diamond dog at the bar, and a stallion in the corner, nursing a drink. Most importantly though, none of Fluttershy's friends.

You'll take it.

Quickly, you move to the bar and plant yourself on a stool. Rubbing your forehead, the barkeep approaches you with a light smile. He leans up on the counter and instantly knows what he's dealing with. You wonder if he thought to himself, "I gotta help this kid," or if he thought to himself, "It's going to be a long night." However, he opens his mouth to his ever practiced "What can I getcha champ?"

"Whatcha got?" you answer snottily.

"We have whiskey, bourbon, wine, some cider and wheats on tap."

"What would you drink?" you ask without even looking up. The barkeep sighs to himself.

"Would you like rocks in your whiskey?"

"No and make it a double."

"Yessir," The stallion answers as he pulls a glass from his rack and reaches for a bottle of golden liquid from the top shelf of the bar.

Looking back up, you try to take an interest in your surroundings and get your mind off things.

The bar could have probably won an award for 'Shady as fuck.' Not only are there hardily any clients, but it's complete with old, patched up chairs that have probably been here since it opened. An outdated and probably out of order jukebox sits the corner, covered in dust. A dark brown tile floor that has clearly has had it's own fair share of washings and while the bartender is by no means -old-, he's been around the block a few times.

Glancing over your shoulder, you see the stallion sitting at the table alone, sipping his drink and looking meaningfully into it. You can only wonder what he's thinking right now. Is he hoping that at the bottom of his glass lies the answer to some problem that he so desperately needs to fix? Has something impacted his life in such a way that he wonders how he should move forward? While a part of you hates imagining what other people are thinking and feeling, you find it at least a little fun. What would his story be... The lone stallion sitting in the corner of the bar, alone...

You got it.

He just lost his wife in some sort of accident. So now he sits, alone at a table, nopony else in his life to fall back onto for support. You blink to yourself and shake your head.

That's morbid Anon. You really need to get yourself checked out by a real therapist. The barkeep places your whiskey double in front of you and you nod to him.

"Thanks, man."

"No problem," he answers, grabbing a glass and beginning to dry it carefully.

"Is this place usually this packed?" you ask with a touch of sarcasm.

"It picks up on the weekends... but it's usually pretty quiet. I know all of my usuals by name," he answers confidently, moving away from you to his other customers.

"Must be nice," you answer taking a sip of your drink.

The sharp, bitter liquid moves into your mouth and burns down your throat. Hardily what you would call a top shelf, but you're not going to complain. You've got much bigger issues on your hands.

How are you going to deal with Fluttershy when you get back? There is no way you can just ditch your friends. Sure, they are assholes. Sure, they may act like major dumbasses sometimes. But, they are your dumbasses. Nothing is going to change that.

Another sip of your drink and you exhale and look up at the bartender, who is talking with with the diamond dog at the end of the bar. Her smooth, flowing brown hair reaches down to her mid-back and she sits at the bar with her arms in front of her, quietly conversing with the barkeep. Just cause you are taken, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the scenery, and damn that is one fine view. Her light blue turtleneck sweater covers the upper half of her torso and hugs in all the right places to grab a man's attention.

Or a diamond dog's, you suppose.

However, what stands out the most to you, is her light crimson eyes, which contrasts wildly with the rest of her outfit. It's nearly as if she wants her eyes to be noticed, begging the crowd to give her the attention she craves. That's when her's connect with your eyes. Instantly, you look back down to your drink. That's enough sight seeing for today.

You may be mad, but you aren't vengeful. At the end of the day, you love Fluttershy and that's all that matters. Taking another healthy sip of your drink, you ponder how the two of you met.

It was really quite simple. When you arrived in Ponyville, you really didn't remember who you were or what you were. Even where you were from was beyond any idea you had. Twilight Sparkle took you in, interested in this new life form that suddenly arrived in Equestria. The first few weeks were grueling, considering they didn't know if you were poisonous to the touch.

Or if you would explode.

Or if you would erupt into a poisonous explosion.

But, eventually after you were deemed neither explosive nor poisonous, she introduced you to her friends. There was something about that little yellow ball of shyness that you couldn't shake out of your head. You wanted to bring her out of her shell and watch that tiny little smile curl on her face. Things were great for the most part.

Hell, are great still for the most part.

She just gets so... scared. Scared of the things she can't control. On one hand, who doesn't? On the other hand, scared to the point where it hurts others wasn't what you signed up for. With another healthy sip, you rub your temple with your hand. Maybe... the best thing to do right now is to just give in. Twilight and the others are easy enough to get along with... it wouldn't be so bad. On the other hand if you don't get some guy time here and there, you will probably need to be re-evaluated for explosive tendencies. You sigh and rub the back of your neck.

Anon, relationships are a matter of give and take. If you don't give once in a while, then you are taking advantage of her love. So... what have you given her in a while?

Well... love, but that doesn't really count. You do some chores for her... but you don't really bring in any rent. Not that you didn't want to, but rather she refused to accept it after you moved in with her. So instead you spent your money in other ways. Poker night, food, personal enjoyment. Maybe a flower here and there.

When you remember it.

With another sigh, you take a sip of your drink. You look back up to the bartender, who leaves the bar to check on the guy in the corner. Scanning your eyes back, you notice the diamond dog looking at you, with a slight smile. Removing your hand from your neck, you straighten up. You probably look like crap. She quietly gives you a little wave. A wave? What? You politely wave back. To be nice. Do you know her from somewhere? Shit Anon... think... Grocery store? Nope. Pinkie's parties? Nope.

What about... uhh...

Anon. You've only met ponies since you've been in Ponyville.

Oh. Okay. Thanks brain.

She smiles and stands up. Maybe she's leaving? Who knows?

You look back down into your drink and take another sip. The drink goes down smoother than the other sips and you feel your muscles begin to loosen. Oh yeah, that's the stuff. You will have to figure out what the name of-

"Is this seat taken?" asks a shaky yet cool feminine tone.

Turning your head, you see the light crimson eyes looking into yours. "Uh. No. Go right ahead," You answer.


She sits down and gives you a light smile. An awkward silence sits between you two as you look into your drink. Well, you waved at her. You kinda did this to yourself.

"I'm sorry for asking... um, but I've never seen a creature like you before in Equestria..."

Perfect. She has no idea who you are.

Now you don't have to pretend like you know who she is.

"Oh it's fine. I get asked that all the time." Not anymore, but whatever. "I'm a human. I'm actually not technically from Equestria." She looks at you with pure fascination. "But, I'm sure you don't want to hear that story. It's long, convoluted and honestly kinda boring."

The diamond dog shakes her head.

"I've got all the time in the world... that is, if you want to tell it." With a smile, you shake your head and down your drink.

"You know, I didn't get your name."

"It's Ruby... just Ruby."

"Well then Ruby, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Another sir?" the bartender asks, approaching you.

"Yeah! Sure," you answer, preparing yourself to tell your signature tale of how you got to where you are now.

"I'll have another wine as well," Ruby tells the bartender.

"No problem," he answers happily.

Interesting. Those two talk to each other as if they were friends. Oh well. It's story time.

"Alright. So there I was, just minding my own business on a planet called Earth, when..."

"So there I was, honor on the line. The only other human standing across from me in the field of battle. Princess Twilight staring down at me as judge for this battle of passion." After at least a solid hour, you build to your crescendo. Ruby sits on the edge of her seat and even the bartender has stopped to listen to your tale. "I lunge, I kick, I dodge and fight as hard as I can... but the guy is too strong for me. It all came down to one good hit and I had him pinned. He dared me to kill him. To end his life on the spot." The diamond dog puts a paw to her lips and shakes her head. "But, I didn't... I couldn't. It wasn't worth it. Twilight teleported him away, I went to the hospital and it's just been history ever since."

"Oh... wow," Ruby says. "What a hero..."

The bartender smiles and goes back to drying glasses.

"It sure is quite the story, Anon." he adds.

"And what about you and the mare... Fluttershy? What happened?" Ruby asks. A clenching in your chest makes your gut turn over. Grabbing your third glass of a double shot of hard liquor, you take a hard sip.

"Uhm. Well..." You begin. "You see..."

Ruby places a paw on your arm. How in the world do you word this? You love Fluttershy. The tightness in your chest tells you that you will always love Fluttershy.

No matter what.

However, sometimes... she just makes you so... so...

"I suppose you could say that the grass wasn't quite as green as I thought,” you say firmly. Her paw rubs your arm in sympathy.

"That's terrible... and after everything you went through..."

"Yeah... I guess. Honestly, I just try my hardest not to think about it. You can't get bitter, you know?" you reply.

"Of course... of course." Ruby says assuredly.

Taking another sip, you make a wide stretch. Did you really just talk for that long? You're honestly surprised they aren't bored to tears. Quick, change the subject.

"Anyway. What's your story? I haven't seen a Diamond Dog in Ponyville before." The smile on Ruby's face quickly fades.

"Oh, um. Well, that's it's own long story... it isn't nearly as exciting as yours." You turn in your seat towards her, drink in hand.

"I love stories," you explain. "Try me." Ruby swirls the wine in her glass, staring into it.

"It's... not really a happy story."

"Only if you want to share it, of course."

The girl looks into her glass and contemplates. You take a sip of your drink and take a look at the clock. What time should you get out of here? What were you going to do after this anyway? You can't go back home drunk... Maybe one of your friends?

"I suppose... it's good for healing... if you share it. Right?" Ruby asks.

Healing? Your attention is refocused on the Diamond Dog.

"Yeah... You're right."

Ruby takes a deep breath and shakes her head. She downs her drink and sighs. The bartender, who turned out to be named Cider, quickly refills it.

"Life never really was easy for me. My father had a serious gem problem, which was why Mom left and took me with her at a young age. Ever since then, we jumped from town to town, trying to find a place to settle down." Ruby rubs the back of her neck. "We did a lot of work, my mother did three jobs just so we could have enough to get by. It was hard, but we did our best. That seemed to work for awhile. Then one day she just... didn't come home."

A cold chill runs down your spine. "My God..." Ruby takes a sip of her wine and sets it back down.

"I went to an orphanage... and arguably things were great there. I made friends, went to school... arguably I was normal for the first time... Until Dad came and got me." You take a drink of your own remedy and feel it's warm numbing powers wash over you. "He took me home... and for the first few days he just, didn't say anything. At all. I went back to my old school, but my old friends wouldn't talk to me or anything, but I suppose that's getting sidetracked... isn't it?"

She looks up at you with the faintest glimmer of a smile, that gets quickly extinguished at the thought of continuing her story. You place a hand on her paw. "Hey... if it's too much, don't worry about it."

"No. It's fine," she sighs. "If I don't tell someone, then nobody will know." She sighs to herself and takes another sip. "When my Dad finally did talk, he said it was all my fault that Mom was missing. For a while I didn't believe him... but when you start hearing it every day for a long time, it begins to take hold. I kept going to school and went home every day to lock myself in my room."

Your ears are hanging on her every word, but the bartender continues about his business, as if he has heard this story more than once before. “I just lived my life day to day. I went to my room so I didn't have to see my Dad with his gems. One day I asked him to stop... but he just got mad and yelled at me. That was the first time he hit me." With a shudder, you take another healthy gulp.

You can hardily believe what you are hearing right now. How could something like this happen in this world? Equestria was supposed to be such a happy and peaceful place. Not... this.

"There reached a point where I couldn't take his abuse anymore... and I just ran away. I jumped from town to town, doing odd jobs... finding odds and ends to get by. I've been to Appleloosa, Canterlot, Manehattan, Tottingham... but I just can't find anywhere I can call home." She forces a smile and straightens up, turning to you. "So, I guess now I'm here in Ponyville. It's not a bad place really. Maybe a bit... happier than I'm used to."

You chuckle to yourself.

"Ain't that the truth. It took me months to get used to that." She turns to you, and a smile forms on her face, as she notices your hand hasn't left her paw yet.

Not that you noticed.

That alcohol is really beginning to take a toll on you.

"You know... I think I could probably get used to it though..." With a nod, Cider refills your drink and you thank him. "That's all you can do. Move on and keep looking forward. No going back and no giving up." You turn to Ruby with a smile and you notice she has her glass raised to you. "To a fresh start and never looking back," she toasts.

"I'll drink to that," you answer cheerfully.

You raise your glass and the the two drinks makes a light chink sound when they collide.

"Cheers," the two of you say in unison

Then what happened next? What happened next?!

God damn it Anon, you have to remember.

You keep running the memory through your head over and over again, but your aching head and blinding light streaming through the windows prevents you from thinking much past that moment. That's all you remember. That's it. HOW CAN THAT BE IT?!

It doesn't explain why you are laying in a bed that isn't yours, naked next to Ruby and in a place that you don't recognize.

Her face is resting gently on your bare chest and her arms are wrapped around you tightly. What have you done?

You have to remember. All signs are pointing to that you slept with this girl, but there is no way that can happen. You try to regulate your breathing and try not to panic. There is no way that Fluttershy can ever find out about this. Your pounding head clouds your vision as you desperately try to think of a way to fix this situation. How did you get yourself into this mess? What are you going to do?

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This story is contained in my book "Dash Tries to Win Your Heart and Other Short Pony Stories"

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