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The Remnants of Humanity, we've all thought about it. What will happen when Humanity is long gone? Forgotten to time and age, but even if we... as a species fade away, our monuments, our creations linger... buried deep underground, in the depths of space, or elsewhere.

This is a group for such stories, in which ponies find these remnants of our existence on their world, which used to be ours before our... passing. Whatever the remnants may be, weapons, our history... perhaps something...


I welcome you...

To the Remnants of Humanity.

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Late comment is late but go right ahead!

Hey, Just found this group and I’m planning on trying my hand at a story, I was wondering if I could try the Atlas-vers?

Holy ass this group kind big... :pinkiegasp:

Curse that Archduke for shooting your bestie :raritydespair:

Really? Well welcome!

Now, this is a group I've been hoping for a while.

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