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A modiste is like any artist, needing both skill and inspiration in order to work their craft. Rarity, unfortunately, finds herself in possession of only one, and when the normal avenues to awaken her muse fail to produce results, she decides a change of scenery is in order.

Her trip to the coast and the sleepy village of Portside begins as expected, but she rapidly finds herself stumbling into something far more embroiling than she had ever anticipated of her simple holiday.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 21 )

Nice to see new material from you. So far a good setting, though you are missing the sounds and smells of the surf. Sounds especially. Even on the great lakes around where I live it's some always there

I really enjoyed the premise. Keep up the good work!

Nice to see things finally getting interesting.

All right. I was wary to leave a comment because I am biased toward the author (in a positive way) and wasn't sure if my feedback would be seen as earnest or not. I was also going to wait until its completion because I had the pleasure of pre-reading and can't contain my thoughts very well without spoilers. Ehh... What the hay. :raritywink:

I enjoyed this. I don't read nearly as much as I write, and honestly, I pretty much don't read something unless the author specifically asks me to. Sometimes it's an obligation I smile through, and sometimes I frown at the nearly missed opportunity. This was a frown-worthy read, and if my playfully worded phrasing is too subtle, I mean that in a good way.

Rarity's characterization feels spot on to me. I could read her not only saying the dialogue, but regaling the narration as well. I enjoyed that first and foremost. The word choice, the sentence structure - it's all in Rarity's tone. Very well done, in my opinion.

I also found myself giddy at the mere idea of Rarity falling for a changeling. It's so polar to everything she believes she stands for that it forces her to reevaluate herself. It's a great character development and depth that I sincerely enjoyed.

Anyway, I've been checking this several times a day since it launched and my heart sinks at the lack of deserved positive attention... and the downvotes that I wish I could thwap on the knuckles. But alas, I cannot, so I hope my meager praise can encourage someone else to voice what they liked. Because I liked this. :heart:

I'll be honest here: Reactions to my stories seem to be, in almost all cases, either totally positive, or almost 50/50 positive/negative. I have absolutely no idea why, and so far, no one appears to be forthcoming with an answer to why. I assume it's either because I'm shipping Rarity with someone who isn't Fluttershy or Applejack, or because this isn't the story of a changeling who hides in constant disguise while struggling to find his place in a pony's world (or is it that kind of story? I'm not telling, and you'd better not either, missy, or I will look at you disapprovingly and possibly off your wizard with a complete transparent "explanation", probably involving a trap of some sort).

Or I suppose I may have accidentally irradiated someone's gonads and they are exacting their revenge.

Since I'm being honest, it's probably that last one; gonad irradiation is a very serious issue, don't you know?

Good story, should get more attention.


How sweet those two are. :heart::heart:

Royal guard here to stop your happiness.

psh, I don't mind who rarity is shipped with, it's usually reasonable.

I'm enjoying this so far.




This is sweet/fluffy (?)

......I don't know if I like that or not...
I do wonder what it is.

It's complete? Not gonna continue with the meeting with Twilight?

I have to agree; this is it?

I know we haven't seen Twilight in AMoI to judge her attitude towards Changelings so we can't definitely guess the outcome, but I mean come on! That is a heck of an evil cliffhanger.

5777161 5777241
Yeah. You see that blog of mine? Where I askfor input on which story I ought to complete next?

You see that part where I say not to request AMoI because I already have something planned?

I never said that plan was for AMoI specifically, now did I?

Have fun with that.

No... you just said it was for anything already in progress but AMoI specifically (as per the Mar 23rd blog). But that's action way out on the west coast, not the midlands where Unicorn was moving. And it's not like we've seen action outside of the core cast of that story. And that blog had nothing about new material, nor has anything else been hinted at that that there will be a followup to this anytime in the foreseeable future.

That's... actually completely fair.

Well, that being the case, there will be a follow-up; the only issue is that right now, I have only a very vague idea of what I want to do, since that follow up (which is tentatively titled) will finish tying everything back to AMoI and lead into a third story that will take place concurrently with AMoI (which, as of this moment, has no ending).

In hindsight, not having an ending in mind when I started AMoI might well be the source of several of my current problems.

The Unicorn and the Stranger will remain complete; that story is done. The story, however, still has some telling left.

A decent, story, all told. It leaves more than a few questions, but with a sequel out, I imagine some of them will come to be answered.

I do have some workings for a third installment, too, so by the very end, I think it'll be wrapped up pretty well.

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