• Published 11th Dec 2016
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Armoured Hearts - Milo_Chalks

Silver Heart, a royal guard gets reassigned to the Equestria Games in the Crystal Empire, he never expected to find love there.

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3: Revenge

“So what is up with those big assholes giving you a hard time last night? That was so random.” Silver Heart whispered. Not saying any more until the sergeant had turned the corner and gone off to inspect another part of the castle.

“W-well, nothing, they just... they think I am a colt-cuddler. I’m not one, but they are part of some group that goes around demonstrating against the ‘scourge of ponykind’ which is basically anypony they think are different. It’s stupid… I mean, how could they even think stuff like that… I-I don’t get it. It makes me so mad and frustrated and stuff.. Cause… I’m not a colt-cuddler...” Starry looked down to the ground and sighed. “I wish that they would not be so… mean I guess.”

Silver looked over at his friend shuffling his feet nervously, “So why do they think you are a colt-cuddler?” Silver asked. Starry did not expect this question at all, looking up in shock.


Starry Scroll tripped on his own hooves and landed face first on the hard marble floor.
his armour clattering as it hit the floor second. Near sending a shockwave from the impact. He quickly picked himself up off the floor, getting back into his position. Terrified his commander had heard the commotion. After a couple of stunned moments of silence, both stallions let out a large breath they didn’t realise they were both holding in.

Silver leaned across in a smirk, “Jumpy aren’t you?”

“Sorry.” Starry tried to make himself as small as possible.

“So?” Silver asked.

“What?” Starry asked back.


Starry shrunk yet again, attempting hide deep in his armour.

“Why do they think you are a colt cuddler? Gay?” Silver asked again.

“Oh, umm, well I kinda.. They kinda, saw me doing… something stupid.” Starry looked down at his hooves, not wanting to say anymore.

“What did they see you do?” Silver Heart pushed.

A long pause as Starry thought about his answer, eventually working up the courage to speak, “they saw me write all that romance stuff…”

A dead silence, one that made the meek guard want to crawl away and hide in the smallest space possible.

“Yeah?” Silver looked confused.

“Yeah?” Starry looked over at him confused, not attempting to hide in his armour anymore.

“Well? Have anything else to add? I don’t get how romance makes you a colt-cuddler?” Silver asked, sincerity evident in his tone.

“Well, it’s… girly and stuff, I’m a guard, and I shouldn’t need to write romance to get my feelings out.” Starry looked down, worried he had said too much to his new friend.

“Pfft, seriously? Okay, look. Those stallions in the guardroom clearly have only gone as far as their front door. That is so not how Equestria works, they are going to fall behind on the times and not a soul in Equestria will care,” Silver smiled at his nervous friend. “I wouldn’t worry about them too much.Keep your head low and you’ll be fine,” He finished.

Starry Scroll smiled at this thought, “Thanks, Silver. I wish had some friends here like you.”

“Well, you have me, and even when I leave we can write and stuff…” Silver’s ears twitched slightly as he caught a faint noise from beyond the castle’s walls “Wait… Do you hear that?” Both stallions went quiet as they strained to hear what Silver had heard.

They eventually managed to make out the faint sound of cheering and Shining Armour making his speech in the opening ceremony.

“The games must have just started, I can’t believe we got put duty during the opening ceremony, it’s one of my favourite parts.” Silver commented as the audience quieted down so all they could hear Shining Armour’s muffled speech from the stadium.

“Unno, as a colt, we would get up really early in the morning to see the opening ceremony in front row seats, it was so exciting, getting to wake up extra early and get the best view.” Starry Scroll added as Shining Armour’s speech began to conclude.

“How sweet,” His colleague smiled. “My parents were late sleepers, we would usually join after the opening ceremony had started, I do want to get to an opening ceremony one year.”

They stood there for a while in silence as the commentator went through the first half of the list of competing regions.

“Hey Starry?”


“After our shift, do you wanna go down to the stadium and watch some of the games? We can steal the night shift’s seats in the Crystal Empire section and watch some of the main events,” Silver smiled getting excited and loud.

“Oh… oh yeah. That sounds really fun actually. Can we share some popcorn?” Starry beamed.

“Sounds like a plan, Starry.” Silver smiled at his friend and returned to his guard stance. “Oh but hey! Just before we do it, do you mind quickly stopping off at the Crystal Dormitory?” He added, looking back at Crystal Heart.

“Uh, sure I need to get my coin purse anyway, but, why?” Asked Starry Scroll.

“I don’t take kindly to cowards attacking my friends while they are alone. I think we show them a bit of love in return…”

Both stallions shuffled along into the booth for off-duty guards, filled with enough snacks to feed the battalion sat in front of them as they found their seats.

“I can’t wait for those stallions to get what is coming to them. I just hope it works,” Starry smiled as they settled in and began watching the events they hadn’t missed.

“Oh, it will, have no fear of that. But for now, I am just keen to see the events with my new friend! I am so glad I found a Crystal guard to talk to. I was scared I was gonna get some rule stickler who has no sense of fun. it’s amazing how many of those types end up in the guard,” Silver rolled his eyes and jammed a hoof-full of popcorn into his mouth.
“So, Starry, tell me: You don’t exactly look like much of a guardspony, so why did you take the job?” He asked after swallowing another large hoof full of popcorn to resume talking.

“Well, I never really wanted to be. I just kind of need the bits until my writing takes off. what about you?” Starry replied as he got significantly less popcorn and began eating.

“Yeah well, I don’t exactly a huge ambition in the guards either. I am actually a bit of a jewellery maker, I wasn’t too bad at it either.”

“What happened?” Starry asked a little louder, trying to speak over the crowd cheering for a record javelin throw.

“Well, competition got tough in Canterlot.A lot of fine art there and a lot of ponies ready to make it. I am contemplating moving to Manehattan -- ponies are in need of a proper jeweller there. Wouldn’t mind the scene change either.”

“Yeah, me too I guess.” Starry finished.

“That was so cool! I had no idea you could even do the things some of those unicorns could do with their horns, let alone well practice. And wow, those pegasi! I wish I could fly sometimes. They make it look so easy!” Silver chuckled as Starry continued to get more and more excited.

Finally, he stopped chatting and let Silver talk. “I am glad you enjoyed the games. I am making a mental note to definitely not let you have energy drink. Have you ever even had that stuff before?” He tilted his head in interest as they walked down the dark stretch of road at night. They had meandered around the same block three times chatting about the games.

“Weeeeeell, no, as a colt I never really got into that stuff. I just kind of drank tea and water, I didn’t even drink juice. I was a lot more chatty with my parents over other colts. Hey, do you think they have a toilet at that corner grocery store? I reallyreallyreally need to pee… in fact never mind! I will just check, obviously you don’t know,” He quickly spouted off as he dashed towards the corner store.

Silver raised an eyebrow and trotted along towards the corner store at a much slower pace. He sat on the steps leading up to the entrance whilst he waited for Starry to find a toilet.

I can’t believe he has never really done those things as a colt. I mean, he is a little bit odd, but in a cute way…

Silver nervously looked around as if someone nearby could read his thoughts. He raised an eyebrow at nothing in particular and shook his head.

Cute? I meant nice… a bit of a slip there. Oops… why am I still thinking about this? For Celestia’s sake, how long does it take to pee? This is a really weird conversation I am having in my head. Can I think of something else now?

I wonder if he is a colt cuddler? I mean… He said he wasn’t, maybe he was lying. Not that it wouldn’t change anything. He sorta does give that vibe though, that’s bad to think about… He is a great friend. And I guess if he was gay that would explain some of those cute little things he doe- GAH!

“Hey Starry! We should probably head back to the castle now, I think I need a break from my own head…” Silver muttered.

“Huh?” Starry asked furrowing his brow in confusion having returned from the toilet.

“Just got a bit lost in thought is all.” Silver shrugged off.

Silver Heart and Starry Scroll sat down at the end of the small jetty, their hooves just reaching the cool water. The harbour of Manehattan was lit up with brilliant orange and red rays of the setting sun, sinking below the calm waves of the Equestrian ocean. The city behind them slowing down in preparation for the night. Leaving the two stallions in the quiet cool air together.

Silver shuffled closer so the two stallions were near touching, turning to his friend their eyes locked, Silver’s glistening it’s brilliant green hue.

“Look Silver, there is.. Something I need to tell you.” Starry started nervously.

A long pause followed, nothing but the gentle splash of the waves against the pier daring to break the moment.

“Go on Starry.” Silver smiled.

“I… I’m scared,” He choked as Silver quickly hugged him with a smile.

“You can tell me anything Starry Scroll. Please, what’s bothering you?”

“Well… I uhh, I like stallions and I don’t know how to feel and-” Starry was quickly cut off as something warm and soft pressed against his lips and Silver’s grip got tighter. Silver’s eyes widened as he saw Silver’s lips pressed against his own.

“It’s okay Starry. I… I do too, and well, I’ve been scared to ask but, I have been so in love with you.” Starry teared up as the two locked lips again and clutched each other tightly under the setting Manehattan sun.

Silver suddenly broke the kiss, looking up. Starry looked in confusion as the world around him was suddenly shrouded in a giant shadow. There was nothing around him casting it, it was an open area. Not before long, the entire ocean was covered in shadow-like darkness, the world turned dark.

Looking across Silver was still in a trance looking upwards, following his sight Starry Scroll looked directly above him. His skin turned white at what he saw. Above them, the face of his fellow guards, the ones that bullied him filled the sky, blocking the sun. Floating past their faces skewed in a sly grin looking directly at the timid stallion. His heart stopped as his coworkers looked down on the scene below.

Starry Scroll traced their heads down to their bodies further down in the sky. He screamed in sheer terror as he saw his poetry in their grasp. The guards in the sky opened the book and began reading the contents. Starry was in tears as the guards snickered and laughed and read on.

As quickly as the giant co-workers appeared they were replaced with a giant alarm clock floating along peacefully. Starry looked on in pure confusion.


Starry jolted awake in bed, panting hard. He felt around frantically in the pitch black to find his desk. Opening the drawer he felt his poetry book, still unopened and intact. He sighed relief and looked around.

Manehattan was gone, as was Silver. He sat back in bed and contemplated the last fifteen minutes of his life. Sinking into his bed he clutched his pillow tight.

“Damn...” He whispered under his breath.

Author's Note:

Well... it's been a while, hasn't it...

I am really starting to feel this story now, hopefully, it doesn't take over four months to the next chapter :facehoof:

Hope you all enjoyed though! Big thanks to Vivid Syntax for giving me the motivation to keep going!