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Big Mac had seen this all before. The anger, the bravado, the attempt to prove himself. He knew what it all really meant, he knew what that little guy was trying to do. It was time Big Mac shared what it really means to be a stallion to look up to. And it was certainly time for a very lost colt to receive a talk amongst the apple trees.

A fic about masculinity, for all the guys out there that feel as insecure as I did. Be confident and let us stand strong together.

Cover Image edited by myself and Link4, thanks, dude, you did an awesome job!

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This is so beautiful and relatable. You are an amazing writer and have found a way to connect to others through your work. All of your stories I have read connect to the reader in ways that even well known authors have trouble with sometimes. You give a sense of depth and character that the reader can relate to, or know someone that relates to them. Your work is breathtaking and always inspiring. I truly hope you never stop or lose you light of writing.
When the world is dark and all seems lost to the shadows, hope exists within us and burns away the night showing us we are not alone and we are strong enough to endure until the sunrise. Hope is having the courage to believe, and when you believe you are strong.
"Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there's no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic"-Laini Taylor.

Wow... like. Wow. I'm speechless, really.

Your comment really warmed my heart and whilst I still think that I have a long way to go, words like that are what push me to keep getting better. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that because it has not only made my morning, but given me confidence to keep going and making my stories better.

I definatley look forward to seeing you around and your sensationally sweet and heartfelt comments. Because you have no idea how much that means to peop like me :twilightblush:


I'm so glad that I took the time to read this finally. Once again, you reminded me why I follow you as a writer. Even when it's not a romance, you can paint with conversations to make something deep, poetic, and thought provoking. Don't ever let the low views get you down. I can tell that you wrote this story firstly for yourself, because that's the first and most important audience that you need to please. Thank you for sharing this gift.

Beautifully written man! wow...
in love between brothers dusk shine (I should point out that even though it's r63 name for twilight sparkle...this version of dusk is his character!) who has very sad past...Adopted unicorn into a Pegasus family! he's friendless for like opera, remains that way throughout middle school. he gets depressed but isn't suicidal his hair grows out. skips gym/p.e cause no picks him so he goes to the library. until a teacher concerned for the colt's mental state tells the principal, he tearfully laments that no pony likes him. the principal responds with "if you take extracurlicue activity to make up the grade in gym. he'll never take it the remaining years at school. so there's a dance studio in town and takes up ballet. gets made fun of it, dusk doesn't care about them at all or his parents (especially the dad!) anyways signs up for the school talent show but requests he'll go last. it's slightly scandalous brilliant performance to this song https://youtu.be/hLcLckQ51Fo
gives most of the prize to small dance troupe and keeps a small amount for himself.
also big mac wrote a book & isn't publishing it. twilight would freak out of her ever loving egghead mind!
p.s: Pm me if you wanna know more about this story!

Thank you for the warm words, and is that your story you have mentioned?

yes it's one of them & part of it. I don't wanna mentioned it in here. i'd rather speak of it in a pm. i'll feel more at ease doing that than in your comment sections of this story. Please message me i'm never offline on this account. i'm a night owl!

This was a beautiful story. Probably one of the best portrayals of Big Mac I've ever read here. :twilightsmile:

Wow, from the bottom of my heart, thanks! That really does mean a lot!

Your storytelling and character behavior skills are quite good. Yet should you choose to write about any more ponies with Southern accents, take my advice as a Texas brony.

"Y'all" is plural, never singular (it's a contraction of "you all"). It's a small mistake, but it is a bit distracting.

10/10. Well done, good message for all of us males.

Awww thank you! I tried really hard to put that across without being too preachy. Im glad you enjoyed :heart:

Thanks for that! Seriously I didn't even notice what I had done untill it was pointed out. I'm an Aussie and southern accents are as foreign as cold weather!!! It's good to be able to understand it a bit more. I'll definatley be remembering that for next time :raritywink:

Hey, no problem. If you ever want more advice about how to write the Apples, just ask.

I have reviewed this story as part of the Reviewer's Cafe Creator's Library. As always, thank you for the time, effort, and hard work you've put into the creation of this narrative, and I hope that you find this review to be at least somewhat helpful. :twilightsmile:


praise be to the mother night owl!! may she bless thee in the dark of the night, for she will find yoouuuu!

I have nothing clever to say to this. These are just some damn good horse words.

Still, those words alone just plastered a huge smile on my face! Thanks a lot, I'm super glad you enjoyed!

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