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Thanks for checking me out, if I've not posted in a while it's because I'm working on one of my other 300 hobbies :P But if you have some feedback please don't hesitate, cheers :D

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Woah! A huge thank you for the fave and follow! I actually have a new chapter coming out soon so don't expect to wait for too long. But seriously, that is huge that you have watched me and I hope you continue to enjoy my stuff past, present, and future :twilightsmile:.

I did! Sorry I haven't responded yet. I'll send a PayPal invoice this weekend.

Well that's another thing fixed, didn't realise it would be so easy to fix my name, I've not used Ponyeen for about 6 years now :P (did you get my last e-mail btw?)

Oh, ha! Thanks for clearing that up! I've finally put a field on the form for people's FIM Fiction names, so hopefully I won't make that mistake again.

Oh silly me, my account here is so old it has my original brony tag. This is actually Bumper, we've been in touch via email, I'm the Aussie bloke

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