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Sunburst, enjoying a night alone is suddenly disturbed by Crystal Guards immediately seeking his presence at the Crystal Castle. For a strange package with Sunburst's name and no return has arrived. Surely the gift couldn't contain anything too out of the ordinary. However what was inside was much more than what was to be expected.

I would also like to thank the amazing Alternate Universe for doing all the editing and proofing for this fic. It has been an honour working with you!

This was not just made by me. This was in actual fact a collaboration experiment I conducted with the fabulous CrackedInkWell. This is equally mine and his story, so please please check out his amazing titles. We both placed a fair chunk of work into this. I will hopefully be doing more collabs with CrackedInkWell for which we will share publication of. The next one you will be finding on his own page. He is very talented and I am honoured to be working alongside him.
This fic is not MxM but it is in fact a prequel of "The Regular". However you do not need to read that story in order to understand this one.

That is enough from me, enjoy!

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That was certainly different, but definitely enjoyable.

It's also nice to see that you paired up with CrackedInkWell. Judging by this, I think you two play well off each other. I can't wait to read any other collabs you plan to do. :twilightsmile:

“Well… heh, I mean, I have a conscience, and... hopes and dreams, desires. Just like anypony. I still have... well... drive… and whoever made me was very detailed in pony anatomy. In fact it isn’t half bad in size, if you know what I mean,” Time winked, simultaneously making Sunburst bury his head in his hooves and Ristretto’s cheeks turn crimson.


Dr. Piece pushed the door to the amphitheatre open. His students were making small talk to each other or looking through their textbooks before they noticed him. Time marched forward towards the desk in the centre of the room. “Good day,” he began, “Welcome to Equestrian History 1801, my name is Professor Time Piece, and I will be your teacher for this semester.”

Begins chanting. "SEQUEL, SEQUEL SEQUEL!"

Woah! Thanks for love in one of my older stories. Unfortunately this was moreso done as a little side story to a main series I'm doing. But if you wanna see more collaboration with CrackedInkWell and I, we have another two stories up on his channel currently been put through the cycle.

Thanks for the fave and I really hope to see you around :twilightsmile:



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