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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



Chartreuse Le Feu, a filly with a knack for shield magic, decides to become Shining Armor’s apprentice. She has plotted and planned for many years on how to accomplish this goal. Now, having finished primary school, she works to make this happen.

Shining Armor is in for surprise.

An entry in the Weedverse.


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I can't help but worry that Chartruese 'plan' is more of a bullet list than an actual check list that might impress the likes of Twilight's BBBFF.

That colt needs a Rainbow Dash. Desperately.

Or maybe even a Cadence.

Well no, i say Cadence because he got into her school. So you know, right there.

8294302 It's, like, 12% of a plan. Barely a concept.

She certainly has confidence she is just going to be accepted as Shining Armor's apprentice despite him having other things to do with his time like say help run the Crystal Empire. Hope her abilities are as impressive as she seems to think.

Well, Shining is trouble, no doubt :rainbowlaugh:

Also, ye olde fireball is still the best spell to know. Even the minor flame-thrower spell is usefull in detering the annoyance that is The Random Stranger.

Wish I could cast fire spells. So many uses!


In fairness she did spend years saving for this. Not many youngens have the disaplin to do so.

great fic i love it

Oh come on Rocket.:derpytongue2:

Description sounds cute

I like this new character. Her working noble family and job experience working for Rarity gives a solid background for her. Makes me wonder if Rarity might know about this Shining training plan and if she might have done a little work of her own behind the scenes.

“I don’t believe you.” The colt took a few steps forwards, smiling, and he nodded, tossing his head around, no doubt trying to get his mane to have that perfect, messy, bedhead look. “I could make you change your mind—”

I may be jumping the gun a little, but this colt just screams "future rapist" if someone doesn't take him in hand right quick.

Oh you mean Michelandjello (Mich-Eland-Jello), the famous savanna antelope, Equestria renowned painter and jelly connoisseur.

As someone who is waiting for you to finish the romance between celestia and lunas colt friend it makes me sad to see new storys uploded, never mind skyreach and winter break are not even finished......

As a person who has need for a creative outlet, and sometimes writes a short story to satisfy that itch, it makes me sad when people think they can guilt me or shame me into doing what they want.

Now we can both be sad together. :raritydespair:

I'm looking forward to seeing how Cadance and Shining Armor run their kingdom and school in the Weedverse.

Sorry, the love of your stories is so unreal. As a fan I find it frustrating waiting for a story line to finish and then see that three or four new stories are added. Yet I am sure these ones will be awesome also, so sorry I need more patience,

also congrates on getting on the front page

Chartreuse's family would probably be "gentry" rather than "nobility" by my classification, but the two classes blend into each other in any but a very caste-oriented culture. Historically, even in Ancien Regime France, let alone Britain (and Equestria is more Anglosphere-like than Francosphere-like) the noble and gentle families would be intermarried, second children of nobles would wind up gentle, and meritorious gentry would be ennobled back and forth (the French were a bit prejudiced regarding the last-named, calling them mere noblesse du robe).

The colt sounds creepy, rather like the famous Airplane child seduction scene would have been more likely to play in real life. I do think he was trying to get under Chartreuse's tail, to use the SWSV term for it. And felt as if he was being denied something to which he was entitled by virtue of his ineffable me-ness.

Though I might be wrong, and he could turn out to be a reasonably nice guy who was just having a very socially-awkward moment. Who knows? Well, you do.

The gentry is a good term for it.

Much of Canterlot’s nobility are made up by the gentry, but they are still considered nobles. Just poor ones.

It's okay Chartreuse, you can have both tea and coffee. :twilightsmile:

Let's see what the Crystal Empire's been up to! And how quickly our intrepid protagonist will encounter a brick wall.


take him in hand 

Nonononoo! My mind is in the gutter. Please only contemplate methods that keep him at a flame-spells distance!

Is it just me or is this going way to painlessly for a weedverce story? And yay dim gets a H.E.A.

"Hey Dim, get a load of this… little Chartreuse here, she wants to be Shining Armor’s apprentice.”

I wonder if Sunburst hid Charteuse's family name here intentionally.

It just wasn’t mentioned, that’s all.

Although, her last name is interesting, to be sure.

I agree with Dim, the color just ingraines into your brain. It shouldn't exist!
You mean like Celestium, Lawsuits & Lawyers, Dear Aggy, and some others im forgetting? Besides, im sure she'll be hurt. I doubt Shinning will just be like "Okay, no problem, works starts next morning."

Chartreuse is a fanfilly. That's pretty hilarious, especially given the treatment of the sleazy colt.

For some reason, I feel he's gonna come back. As like the villain of the piece, except like not nearly as cool. Or as villainy. More of the jerk of the piece.

Currently waiting for the shoe to drop.

Comment posted by Jacktank10 deleted Jul 13th, 2017

Although I realize that it's not the point of the story, it is nice to see Dim in the Empire, with friends, and people sapients that appreciate what he does.

There's sort of an odd feeling, having her reference the Sumac Hypothesis and other things as though they were such great, world-shaking, historical events. Which of course they were, but when we were first exposed to them as part of a smaller, more intimate story, it was easy enough for me to not consider that the rest of Equestria might have viewed that as the opening movement of a new Age, in which once again mighty wizards (and indeed, vizards) walk the earth.

I just hope she remembered a letter of introduction from Rarity.

That'll at least get her a fair hearing.

Ah, one of my favourite colours.

Chartreuse, the... Fire? The Flame? Interesting name.


From Old French feüz, fadude (“one who has accomplished his destiny”), from Vulgar Latin *fatutus, from Latin fatum (“destiny”).

It can also mean fire, or flame.

Her colours are certainly bright enough to burn you.

I'm glad to see Dim again. He's quickly become one of my favorite ponies in the Weedverse.

8295613 We've only just begun. Flicker's story started out pretty smoothly

Agreed with other comments waiting for the other shoe to drop. Shining is a soldier he isn't a wizard he trains recruits. Wouldn't be surprised if ponies already know. Starbrust doesn't seem overly surprised by Charteuse's declaration up to welcoming her into his home

“And then Dim does what he is known to do?”

Make enemies explode? :pinkiegasp:

Well, nice to know that Dim's future is looking bright.

Or melt, burn, fall to pieces or any number of unfortunate things.

A lighthouse? Oh Dim! :rainbowlaugh:

Chartreuse sure has gumption.

Would be nice if you'd put a short sentence here and there to better ground the readers in the timeline, so we know where and when we are at the moment.


Hey, I'm not saying that it's bad that Dim does this, provided that he's careful with his targetting. A tonic contrast to the other, more forgiving, Ponies.

Cadance herself isn't all the most forgiving Pony when it comes to real malice directed against herself or her loved ones. Sure, she's a Love Goddess, but more one of the Mesopotamian ones who also doubled as War Goddesses, if you ask me.

The forums, listed in the description, has a guide! :pinkiehappy:

People work very hard on maintaining it.

“What happened to the Equestria shattering kaboom?”

Setting his ennemies on fire. :coolphoto:

Children are so horrifyingly excitable.

Rarity had tried to teach her poise, how to be ladylike, and more importantly, when to abandon ladylike behaviour for savage barbarity. These lessons, and there had been many, Chartreuse liked to call them The Barbarity of Rarity. Lifting her head, she looked at a mare sitting on a bench while she passed, and the mare was hugging a small doll to her barrel.

The Barbarity of Rarity, nice.


I have video evidence of it in action. :duck:

Still trying to get a read on when in the timeline this is. I am guessing close to the same time as Ink by how well lnown characters are for her to have grown up studying them.

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