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P&R Volume 1
Rumble is a late teen. Finishing school, going on to better places, yet he would be most thankful for his special somepony he will be spending his future with. Moving out, easy, starting his new ambitions, a piece of cake, being the best brother ever? Yeah, it's alright. But setting up a romantic date with said special somepony? It's amazing how difficult that can be.

The first of a one shot series featuring the adventures of Pip and Rumble.

A huge thanks to my friend TK for the amazing cover image. An ENORMUS thanks to the stunning Alternate Universe for being my editor and making my work somewhat acceptable.

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Finally more Rumble/Pip. I've been waiting for another story for what felt like a lifetime, and liked on that merit alone.

I thankfully didn't regret my decision after reading. It was cute, the strange kind of humorously romantic that I have yet to fully grasp, and just strange in a good way. I'm not sure about the pacing, it felt a bit weird at points, but it's still a good story. 8/10

Now I just gotta read the rest of what you've written. I've been putting it off for a while.


Thank you muchly! If you like Pip/Rumble then you're in luck because I am planning on making it a mini universe I'll write about (not always necessarily Romantic comedy). In fact, I have another one planned soon so stay tuned. :raritywink:

Also thank you for the criticism, I would have to agree that pacing is something I gotta work on. I am still a bit new to the game but I can only get better... right?

Thanks again and I am super glad you enjoyed!

Awesome :rainbowkiss:

Cute, just completely cute. Haven't seen much of this ship, but you made me interested in it.


Really, Milo? Really?

8099259 I actually have to agree with you on the pacing, it felt a little awkward as I was going through it, but I was never really sure how it could be fixed.


Well, it might just have to do with many things being put into a short story like this. It's not a bad thing, but maybe something to avoid next time.

Still, it does represent a hectic date going wrong very well.

8100458 i didn't write that :moustache:
That was testing you to see if you got everything :duck:

P&R stands for Pipsqueak & Rumble, right?

Yes haha sorry, I don't think i will continue with that trend though, I am intending to write more on these two though!!

Cute story! I haven't read one with these two before, but it was a great introduction. :twilightsmile: I'm looking forward to more! I'm hoping for a Thunderlane cameo at some point. :heart:

I gotta know, though: what was the gift that Rumble got for him?

Thank you so much for the warm words! I'm glad you liked the story :twilightsheepish:

As for the gift... the class clown side of me would say a fuse box connector or a mop. But the romantic side of me would definitely say a locket with their initials in it. I know which one I would much prefer anyway.:raritywink:

That's adorable! Hopefully we get to see it referenced in another story. :twilightsmile:

Freaking Murphy. These two are cute, and cutely written here. The little brother was a bit over the top but then again, little brothers kind of are over the top. And Pip really did handle Cloud well. All in all, a funny and endearing story. 👍

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