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This story is a sequel to Soap Suds and Scary Movies

Part of the Pip and Rumble Anthology
[Prior reading of the first one is not required but does help]
It's been over two years since Pip moved out of Ponyville to study with his boyfriend Rumble, and he hadn't visited much in between. But after finally returning he gets a surprise from an old friend he completely forgot about.

Except his old friend hates him, and Pip has no idea why.

A fic on friendship and hardship.

Thank you so so so so much to the amazing people who helped edit and make my aussie drawl somewhat bareable Bumper, and Maxwell Edison ! You guys are the absolute bomb!

Chapters (2)
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This is off to a promising start. Good job! Keep it up!

Fuck that’s a lot of swearing. Teenagers, amirite? Can’t imagine what I’d do in Pip’s horseshoes. You think you just fell out of touch and then boom! Turns out your friend has been dealing with some serious stuff by himself.

Honestly very interested in where this goes.


Thank you both! It's finally coming together now, I should have this up this week in actual fact! Sorry for the wait, been focusing on finishing university and everything but back on the saddle! and keen to finally finish this two-parter!

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