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This story is a sequel to Austraeoh

As Rainbow Dash Flies East, those left behind must endure.

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Set in the Austraeoh universe. Written as a love letter to the Colon Most Imploded and the sweeping journey he has carried us on, and posted with his permission.

Special thanks to Klamnei and several Noble Jurors for pre-reading assistance.

Oh shit. I’m actually here at the start for this one!

Mmm, this was a nice little piece. Mourning is a rough process, twice as rough when a loved one meets an unexpected end, four times more when it's someone young doing the mourning. But as rough as it is, it's necessary to start healing.

Many thanks for the warm fuzzies Army Guy. Now go bug ):( to do more pushups.

Good, Jake. Very good. And it's good to see you writing more, too.

Y'know, I keep putting it off, but someday I've really gotta get around to reading Austraeoh and its sequels. I mean, I've known the bare basics of the storyline for some time, but this is technically the first story in its universe that I've actually read.

And I must say, this is quite the note for me to start off on. An emotional gut-punch in the best possible way. Kudos, Jake!

Very awesome story. Looking forward for more!

It's not something you think about, 6 books in, but Spike has to have as much horror at what happened as Rainbow does.

Rainbow might have been the cause and now had to shoulder the journey to the Dark Side to get them back. What happened is her greatest mistake and regret. But Spike? Spike had to watch Rainbow's worst mistake. And he's just a kid.

stares at parts

Uh...spoilers oops? (Nah, that's on me fam.) (But yeah, I also had the feeling that Rainbow wouldn't be able to talk to Luna once she crossed over to the Dark Side of the Plane.)

But it's good to know Spike does understand eventually. Poor kiddo.


I'm pretty sure it was established even before Ynan that they would lose contact should she actually make it to the Dark Side, because there's no moon there.


Probably! I took waaaaay too long of a break in the middle of reading Odrsjot, so a lot of stuff kinda leaked out my brain.


I hear that. What actually inspired this was I've been re-reading the whole series, so I can get caught back up for Oflrodi now that it's back in action. As I read the chapter in Eljunbyro where the girls dies, it just sort of... hit me.


I definitely get you.

Also congrats on being a kick flank moose!

I always speculated on how things were going for those who stayed. This was good.


I know what you mean by taking a too-long break, I dropped off at the end of Innavedr, as at the time, I was having a hard time focusing on such a tremendously long series, and countless other stories that I was checking out. And, if I am to be completely honest, I also was kind of put off by all the spelling errors and stuff I was noticing. My mind is weird that way.

I'm currently waiting for a couple of excellent fics to be finished on my tracking list. But, perhaps it's time for me to get back up into the saddle, as it were, so I can see what RD's been up to starting with Odrsjot. (I might want a brief recap, but I don't exactly want to start all over again from Austraeoh).

I am always amazed at how much power can be put into short stories. It doesn't matter how many I read or how frequently I read them. Yours is no exception. I'm glad Spike got this closure and in a matter of speaking, a happy ending of sorts.


Thank you for the kind words, good sir! I am an absolute slave to a happy ending, but what people sometimes forget is that "happy ending" doesn't always mean "everything is fixed and perfect."

yoooooo you're in for a treat!!!

Sometimes mending starts on it's own, other times, we need a little push to have that vent we truly need to start coming to terms with things.

I saw that picture in your post and I totally missed what it meant, and now I'm kicking myself. :facehoof:

Awesome piece, Jake. Didn't really reveal anything that wouldn't have been obvious (from where I'm at, at least), so thanks for the heads-up earlier. I've got 64 chapters left in Ynan and then I'm gonna keep going. It's been one hell of a binge for the first time I've read this series, and I cannot WAIT to catch up to Oflrodi. Then I can comment in real time with the rest of my fellow jurors! See you there!

Verily good sir, you make a good point. Methinks that such a wise observation would make Luna and Celestia Proud.

I’ve never read the eastward series, mainly cos it just seems so damn intimidating and it takes me ages to read anything anyway.
But this was really sweet, and even had someone who hasn’t read the main one you easily got across the main bit of the story, at least the reason of why Rainbow is flying east. In other words, this was great


Thank you very much! It sparks great joy to know that even someone who isn't an East Hoers fan can still enjoy it. :pinkiehappy:

I would love to read it, and maybe I should have started back when it was smaller, but it’s 3,00,00+ words. I ain’t got time for that lol.
Anyway great work with this, it was a treat to read either way.

Aww, that was really sweet. I hadn't ever thought about how Spike would feel after The Incident.

One of my dogs literally dropped dead in my arms.:fluttercry:

I just hope the other one, from a pup as a child through school and university, also did. :pinkiesick:

It made me wonder, to get back, did Verlax mess up The Great Blight so much, that even unpowered ballistics accross the edge of the chaos field itself, wouldve ended up plummeting into the unfloatable ocean beneath?:pinkiesad2:

I know I'd probably love it, but it's such a massive undertaking that I keep putting it off.

Damn my dauntability, amirite?

You conveyed the angry kind of grieving and dealing with loss really well in this. It was rather cathartic to read that. As I said before, I think it fully works without knowing the East Hors storyline, but it's great to hear someone else feel that way too. Thanks for writing this, seriously.

By all means, there are so many other amazing stories and things to go through instead, you don't need to make that investment. Still I feel the need to recommend treating it as a series where you don't have to read the entire thing. You can quit after the first book (which is also the shortest one) in my opinion to get the general flavor of eastscenery, eastheadbuttery and - as you can tell from this story - eastgrievery. You get a reasonably sized adventure that has it all and then you're free knowing that everypony and Spike and Rainbow Dash will be fine!
... I hope it's clear that this did not work out for me at all I went in completely blind thinking it's just one book shorter than some other big poni pages it should have been fine oh god it's been 8 years I spent 11 months on this read-through what a lovely ride it is easthors onwards or bust.


Read a little bit every night. Maybe like 1-2 chapters. Make it part of your schedule, a tradition of daily Austraeoh reading before bed. Just take it at your own pace and you'll get there eventually. That's what I did.

The chapters are short. If you’re like me, the hardest part of getting some thing done is just starting it. Once you start it, you’ll find it goes pretty quickly, especially the first story which has a much faster pace. By then you’re hooked.



I love this and wonder why it took anypony so long to make it happen.

Congrats on the feature!

Read it yesterday, and you earned it.




Thank you very much, kind sirs!


Well, I think we were so caught up in Dashie's epic adventure that we... kinda forgot about the homestead.

Awww, dude if I did read the first story I wouldn’t be able to help myself in trying to read the rest. Lol
Maybe one day

Never read the series, but loved this story.


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

Man the allergies here must be intense, my eyes kept tearing up.


Damn onion-cuttin' ninjas man, I swear...

This hit way harder than expected. Realizing who sent the letter really set me off. Spike failing "the loyalty test" has got to be the worst possible trauma for his character.

I atarted reading and well its certainly awesome. After ten chapters. Its just not for me.

"gives Spike the biggest hug ever"
I love Austraeoh and I love this story :heart:

This is amazing work :heart:
You wrote something very awesome and all kinds of heartfelt. I gladly welcome this into Austraeoh canon. And I hope to continue reading your stuff in the future. You're very talented :twilightsmile:


D'aww, thank you so much! :twilightblush:

While I would never deign to claim this as canon, I feel it's the most likely thing that would happen with regards to Spike after Dash left. I'm quite sure the families of the rest of the girls had similar stories, but for reasons I have spoken of ad nauseum, I chose to focus on Spike. Fun fact: a while back I toyed with the idea of doing another pair of chapters involving Shining Armor finding out that Twilight died, and learning that he could speak to her via moon mail.

Anywho, I truly thank you for the fave and the watch! I hope I can continue to be worthy of your attention! :twilightsmile:

A harsh breeze had kicked up from nowhere. The rubied necklace around his throat sat inert, but the other Elements blazed with radiance as the strangely grey-looking girls rose into the air. He just assumed this was how it always went, until a powerful flash made him turn away, blinking rapidly to clear the blobs from his vision. A deep, thrumming tone began to vibrate the air around him. A pained grunt from above him. "Augh!" Rarity shrieked, her mane returned to its purple shrine. "Twilight! Something... is wr-wrong!"

You might mean “shine” here.

Jesus Hotdog Christ, this story is like being run over by a semi-truck of pure feelings.

It's hella good.

Do you think we will ever get more of east horse ?


I always say to keep hope alive, but the Imploding Colon account has been offline since March of 2021. Sadly, I think it's safe to say the journey will remain unfinished. :fluttershysad:

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