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Dreams of Ponies

I believe if there's any kind of god, it wouldn't be any of us. Not you or me, but just, this little space in between.


Loss is as much a part of life as breathing itself. Now the Apples lay down another member of their family unto their orchard.
Art by Loveless Nights

Editor: Level Dasher

Prereaders: Toasty

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Even though it was short, I could feel the emotions of each character all the way through. I salute you. This was a very short, sad, yet well done one shot.

I appreciate the comment, friend. I put my heart into it, regardless of length :applejackunsure:

Well written!

I feel for both you and the Apples. I teared up when reading Apple Bloom's words about her grandmother. This also reminded me of the time when I almost lost my mother to a stroke in her colon.

This was well written. It was short and sweet, but to the point.
I liked reading it a lot despite it being sad.

I read this fic out loud. Upvoted.

Very well done. Appreciate you writing this heavily.

Very well done, got the tears flowing for me. Is perfect as a short, much longer would just make the effect less effective.

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