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Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?

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Thank you for adding FoE: Borderlands to your list to read. I hope you enjoy it once you begin to read it.

Sokay on the late response and I am glad to hear the game is being played :)

It's great! My friends and I have had our own simplified FoE campaign for about 2-3 years now, and we've always wanted to try to make it into story form. We kinda thought that it would be hard to translate some of the more game-y aspects.
But seeing you turn the game you played into story format has actually encouraged me to start writing ours if i can ever stop procrastinating lol.
And composite bows are definitely my favorite.

Also, sorry for the late response. Been having a busy week.

I hope you enjoy Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree !

Feel free to join me and it's community on Discord ; come bug me if you wish I encourage it.

If you find a grammar or other mistake, mention it in the comments and I will fix it or address it immediately.
Leave a comment on your thoughts and I'll shoot you one back too ;)

I hope you enjoy it enough to leave me an upvote because that is how FiM determines if more people see it (Yes, just like YouTube; Likes are the lifeblood of authors).

Thank you again,

Curious question: What is your bow strength? And also what do you really like to write?

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