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Love is a verb, not a noun.


“Please look after my children.”

Pear Butter’s last words were spoken to the stranger who found their crash: the cruel, otherworldly siren named Adagio Dazzle, who sees in her death a golden opportunity.

What starts as a plan to raise willing minions for sustenance and protection goes… a little differently than Adagio had in mind.

Cover art by Uz Naimat!

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I like the premise. I'm interested to see how this goes.

Uh oh... eventually, an Apple's innate deception senses will tingle somethin' fierce!

Regardless, Adagio just saved a family, even if it was for ulterior motives.

Seems interesting. And in a good way.

Less than 2kw in, and already this is SO GOOD!

I love the ways you show us how Adagio's siren powers feel to Adagio herself, how Adagio thinks about the world of humanity, how she schemes and 'operates' to get what she needs...and what the downsides are for her.

Her reactions to a tragic automobile accident and two deaths, practical and cold (yet VERY capable)...so different from nearly any normal human (at least, from most humans who aren't very close to sociopathy.)

How she lays the groundwork for the budding 'auntie' relationship; how she thinks and feels about that, as opposed to the Apples' takes.

So good I almost forgot to pop a 'like' on it.

(edits are in italics)

Wanderer D

Yeah, I'm hooked!

Fantastically written, Rune.

Adagioʼs cold, man. That was to be expected, of course, but still. Hot damn.

Intrigued to see where this goes.

And it was an absolute pleasure to assist you with your cover art.

Oh, this is going to be interesting.

Very interesting so far. Would start reading a story with this or similar premise even if it would be written with much lower skill, certainly a must read in this case.
No doubt that it's gonna be a good story (given that it would be written), though I can only hope it would one suitable for me as well.

Never seen this idea before. Let's find out where it goes.

One day, some biologist might learn sirens and changelings held a common ancestor, though their evolutions took vastly different turns. Changelings adapted to life on the crowded land by becoming parasites for affection, while the unforgiving ocean turned sirens into predators who drank on fear, despair, and hate. Love was strange to the siren palate, and not in a good way. While changelings tasted negative emotions as uncomfortably sour, love to sirens was like reheated mashed potatoes and plain chicken.

I really like this paragraph, coupling both a nice look at the lore with excellent use of language, weaving the whimsical, the poetic and the coldly scientific into a nice balance.


Her reactions to a tragic automobile accident and two deaths, practical and cold (yet VERY capable)...so different from nearly any normal human (at least, from most humans who aren't very close to sociopathy.)

I find this statement to be curious. Is Adagio’s reaction truly that unordinary? Sure, a family dying is terrible, but logically, it has no effect on Adagio as a person, and it’s not like she knows them. Why would she show any reaction, or feel any sympathy? It’s the equivalent of hearing about a tragedy over the news, across a country. It is an understandably poor situation for the victim to be in, but logically has nothing to do with you. 

I feel like this is a completely human reaction, and that possibly, the majority of people would have a similar reaction to a situation like this. You could even argue that it's Adagio's way of coping, as she was distressed by the gore that she witnessed.

Ageless monster she might be, but she was a dainty one and gore churned her stomach.

It is not strange or deviant to possess low amounts of empathy, and it definitely should not be equated with a serious mental disorder. Not everyone is a super feeler or even a feeler to begin with, and I think that's ok. Choosing to think logically in an emotionally charged situation, or even not feeling anything at all, does not mean you are mentally ill.

I actually had an extremely similar idea, but tragically never had the time to write it. Really interested to see where you take it!

oooh, this is going to be good. well written, interested in seeing more!

I'm glade to see that you still can wright more positives things than The Splendid Panzers of Miss Harshwhinny despite the war.

That remember me that in addition of the Hunt the Undeads trilogie you have published so many more ressent and anciens story that I should read...

So many fimfics and never enough time...

Fascinating. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this, especially since it isn't clear how many of the other would-be Rainbooms are even in town yet. And there's the question of what Aria and Sonata have been up to in the meantime...

(And leave it to the Apples to offer Adagio hearty, filling, and plentiful portions without even meaning to. :ajsmug:)

Looking forward to seeing where you take this idea.

I wonder where is Aria and Sonata?

Just when Adagio was slowly embracing this new life...

Thankfully, Applejack has reinforcements under her Stetson.

This is so beautifully written, I’m looking forward to seeing how she interacts with Aria and Sonata.

I can't wait to see how the dishonest siren interacts with the honest apples.

I wonder how Adagio will deal with the return of magic and her own immortality...

Hay, don't make me cry over here! Not even a little! I mean it!
That very end of the second chapter!
Portenting the story's next turn at us and all.

“We know you’re gay, finish your peas.”

:rainbowlaugh: Pitch perfect.

Excellent timeskip, capturing all the joy and slow-building heartbreak of some of the best years of Adagio's life. But everything comes to an end eventually. Time for her past to catch up with her. (And speaking of pasts, there's the question of how much she suspects about that Sunset girl...)

This is so beautiful...

And also: #RariJackForEver and ever and ever!

To quote FiM's Sweetie Belle:

"Dawwww, what a sweet story!"

Touching stuff. I'm a little miffed that Sunset missed out on her moment of glory, but hopefully the others thought to drag her on stage. Besides, this isn't about her. It's about a family and the best aunt they could ask for. Thank you for a touching tale told quickly yet spanning generations.

…. Holy Glob… I uh… I didn’t expect this. I genuinely have a few tears going down my face after reading this chapter. Bravo! Just, bravo! That ending was certainly something…

Have a great day!!!!!

Adagio brought both hooves down squarely on Aria’s head. The eyes rolled up and the purple form went limp.

For a moment there this line made me think that Adagio had just killed Aria.

Just a lil' thing that came to mind while chatting with PaulAsaran about possible AUs where the sirens encounter Rainbooms at a much younger age.

Now the question is, will we get something similar but with the other sirens?

That was beautiful, huge thank you for writing it.

I don't know how you consistently knock it out of the park but hoo boy do ya. That last scene especially. Your work is always worth the read

Everything moves fast and punches good.

Fitting for one who is immortal.

I really love how emotionally captivating this story is! Nice work, Wordsmith.

I was expecting this story to last longer. Still, great story tho.

I can't remember another stories that short that make me crie.



Because I have a great deal with coherence...

Just a tiny little detail: the giants sirens are magical projections, but they are not the same as there physical bodies, so at maximum Adagio could had here translucent bat wing and poney ears growing up, but trauma of the projection obviously could not have ben directly repercuted on the physical body without a proper wording that there is repercussion.

For me, it would have been ether a fight only with the projection, or a fight simultaneously on the two levels, like with Bayblades spinning tops, if you catch the reference.

Well, don't tack it too at earth, AU and free interpretation exist for a reason. This is me that it scratch the most here.


I'm a little miffed that Sunset missed out on her moment of glory, but hopefully the others thought to drag her on stage.

This does create a bit of a spiraling AU, doesn't it? :twilightsheepish: I feel that with Sunset in a less directly saved-the-day role she develops more as the Starlight Glimmer of the group than the replacement Twilight. This means that in the Friendship Games she isn't irresponsibly ordered to solve it all herself, allowing her to not explode on Twilight and instead handle things as two nerds putting their heads together.

Things probably proceed fairly normally from there: just no getting around those Everfree gems. Although Rollercoaster of Friendship might go a little differently when AJ has a strong female role model encouraging her to not just let the obvious lesbian tension build up forever and ever...


Now the question is, will we get something similar but with the other sirens?

No plans from me, but fwiw this is inspired by discussions around another motherly siren fic along the same vein, specifically the interesting potential in Dazzlings-adopting-Rainbooms scenarios. The fic itself is much more light and irreverent but here it is if you'd like to take a look: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/536430/aria-blaze-mother-of-rainbow-dash

Please just tack that onto the "AU" creative license, and certainly not that it's been a decade since I've seen the movie and I don't recall the exact details. :twilightblush:


:flutterrage: You've not re seen my favorite EG movie before writing a fanfic about it?! Heretic! You will be purified by holly fire for this blasphemy! When come the hour of you death and your immortal soul will be judge by our Lady and Savior Fausticorn she will sentence you for an eternity of suffering in the lower circle of Tartarus!

No, seriously, I understand :twilightsmile:. I'm many more a fan of the fandom than a fan of MLP. At first I seen the wool show to understand the context of a fan comics I started reading by pur chance. If now I pass an huge part of my time on the fandom and define myself as a Brony, un important part of the official MLP content is just "meh" for me.


I did see it, just a while ago...:fluttershysad:

I think the ability to be a Brony has far outweighed the show for some people. I know people who are very active posters who never watched past S4.:derpyderp2:

Absolutely wonderful story!!

This was a fantastic read. Now I want more

What a wonderful story about love and strength and how the two relate!

This was amazing! Now i kinda wish we had some side stories detailing more of adagio's time rasing the Apple kids. Heh and just imagine Celestia and Luna's reactions to learning a Siren is living a happy life in the human world, heck ole Starswirl would probably be all O_O

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