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When the Rainbooms beat the Dazzlings, the sirens became normal girls.

Nobody except one of the Dazzlings could really understand what this meant.

Some people thrive when handed unexpected adversity. Some people grow. Others fall into a black, bottomless pit. Sometimes they never crawl out.

Written for the Thousand Words Contest 2024, in the Drama category.

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Damn! Saying so much with so little.


Damn... this story shows precisely how I would imagine the 'aftermath' in the case of failure, and it hurts :ajsleepy:.

Nice story, but a painful one...

I know this is likely isn't canon to Rekindled Embers, but it says a lot that this is the mind that organized the rise of the Diarchy. Adagio is literally making herself sick with hatred and suspicion. And she doesn't care. And what sucks all the worse is even if a miracle happens and she opens up, who would believe that she's a siren banished from another world?

Good job, Apple.

This story is not, in fact, part of the RE AU, nor is it's prequel

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